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Apr 3, 2004
Well, it’s been 14 months now since I first purchased the Senn HD25-1, and I just have nothing but love for these headphones…

These’re the only headphones that I definitely use every day…at the office & on my commute.
They’re virtually indestructible. I toss em in my backpack everyday without fear or worry.
They sound damn good stock…with the hd650 cable upgrade, even better.
With the velour pads, they start to approach something like comfort. They clamp pretty snug, but I’ll take the tradeoff for the isolation.

IMO, the hd25-1 is the undisputed champ in the portable/sealed/sound quality/light/rugged category. I keep trying to find something better sounding with the go-anywhere attitude of the hd25-1…but it’s still not out there, not that I’ve found anyway…


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" the hd25-1 is the undisputed champ in the portable/sealed/sound quality/light/rugged category."...........absolutely right!
In terms of fit - it is easy to adjust fit by using a little heat from a hairdryer either to widen or tighten..........there are some good things said about AKG k181DJ, but I haven't been able to try them.......yet
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i love them and use them every day
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We need a HD25-1 smiley.

It's too bad I have almost maxed out mine. The only thing remaining to do is having the cord shortened and terminated to 1/8". But then I was thinking about persuading one of the cable builders around here to make me the perfect HD25 cable...
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They are indeed great headphones. Besides the "closed" factor, they are also portable, which is a great advantage.
The sound is also very good. Not the best around, it's really good, and the cable mod should help improve this even more

I thought about trading them at one time, but I don't think it'll happen. I really like the way they sound especially with the music I hear, and it's been improving with use (burn-in).
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That's another gem from Sennheiser that's somewhat underrated on Head-Fi.
This is a recording industry standart since more than 15 years, made me discover Sennheiser tonal accuracy 13 years ago, so they have a special place in my heart. These are true monitoring class closed headphone not far away than HD600 in pure sound quality. Should be mandatory in any serious recording studio, especially for the drummer. Also one of the very best for any portable situation, recording or listening.

Clearly the best Sennheiser closed phone by a wide margin.
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the hd25-1 is the undisputed champ in the portable/sealed/sound quality/light/rugged category

TOTALLY agree. I LOVE them for taking on trips. They go with me everywhere. I prefer them to IEM's in every way. And with the Headphile cable upgrade, they sound awesome.
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Sound quality is grossly underrated here. Agreed these are a great set of cans.
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Just playing with the search function... extremely few hd25-1 for sale in the For Sale / Trade forums... Lots of WTB though...

I also like how the hd25-1 looks so unassuming. To the uninitiated, they look like pretty common, black, plastic headphones...zero wow factor. The stealth quality factor is pretty high.


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Originally Posted by BluesDaddy
Sound quality is grossly underrated here. Agreed these are a great set of cans.

i can't say much about the sound quality as i am not qualified, but i can say that i prefer them to my 595's for metal and other music that requires .. impact
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I think the HD 25-1s suffered from FOTM backlash. There was a point in late 2004 when these were getting talked up a great deal. HeadRoom had a *very* positive description of them on their site and called it one of their favorite cans, IIRC. Etronics (again, IIRC) had them in Sept. for $119 and a bunch of people bought them. Then, boom, backlash and they started to be talked down. I think those who have listened to them over time appreciate their sonic qualities. No, they don't have that warm mid-range of grados (but neither are they mushy in the bass), but they are no where near "sibilant" as some of written (at least to my ears). I *do* find myself listening to my 501s more, but when I need the isolation, I don't feel like there's any drop-off in sound quality.
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My #1 portable, gotta love 'em!
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#1 portable can. I use them daily on my commute through NYC subways.
They perfom as designed VERYwell.

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