Oct 26, 2005
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saving hot chicks

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    saving hot chicks
    Oldenburg horses, flying
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG k340 modded, Beyer dt990/600Ω, Darthbeyer v.3 32Ω Antique BirdsEye Maple, Darthbeyer v.3 figured Zebrawood, X-Deep 600 ohm Darthbeyer figured Koa, X-Deep 600 ohm Darthbeyer Toned Korina, X-Deep 600 ohm Darthbeyer figured Zebrawood, Darthbeyer v.4 Terminator figured Koa, v.4 Terminator "Blister" Koa, Grado RS-1/flats - Vintage with wood Grado box, Grado RS-1 semi-vintage/flats, Joseph Grado HP-2 w/ reference cable, 3x Vixen/HF-2 (Waterfall Bubinga, Deluxe Ebony/Swirly Bubinga, Deluxe Amboyna Burl), Senn. HME25, Senn. HD25-13, ...2x iM716 de-poded, Ety. er6i, 2x Klipsch x10 Images.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    ASL MG Head OTL Mk III/NOS tubes, Blue Circle Audio SBH custom, Corda HA2 Mk II SE, Corda Prehead MKII, E.A.R. HP4/Tung Sol NOS, K.I.C.A.S. Caliente, Ming Da Mc84C07-EL84 Mullard/5751 Raytheon windmills,..... Pico amp/dac, RSA P51 Mustang, Xin Supermini IV upgraded 2/09, Xin Reference 2 in's/2 outs version B5 upgraded 2/09
    Source Inventory:
    iModded 4th gen.40gig, iModded 5.5 30gig, iModded 5.5 80gig/ALO Auricap Dock, 1st gen. Nano, iPod 32gig Touch, MPio FL100, 2x 1 gig, 1st gen. iPod Shuffle (1 jazz, 1 classical)........2x Pico dac., 2x ESI Juli@, EMU 0404 /Headphile breakout, Audigy 2,
    Cable Inventory:
    Corda 25" RCA, Corda 1m RCA, Zu Cable Gede 4' RCA, Blue Jeans 1' RCA, Zu Pivot RCA/mini, Cardas mini/mini for iModded iPod, SIK for Nano, 12' Moon Blue Dragon for MacBook
    Other Audio Equipment:
    PS Audio Integrated amp used with Vandersteen 2C speakers, sub-woofer, Philips standalone CD player, Onkyo tapedeck B&O turntable w/upgraded cartridge
    Music Preferences:
    girl jazz singers, instrumental jazz, symphony, opera, golden era broadway
    a conservative intellectual bon vivant


    German engineering in the haus..........Jah!

    Man is an animal that makes bargains; no other animal does this. No dog exchanges bones with another - Adam Smith
    Nature's laws are the invisible government of the world - Alfred Montapert
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