1. Dongle

    Looking for something a lot like the A900X but more comfort and bass

    I love the sound signature of the A900X. I want very badly to be happy with it. But it feels bulky on my head. Don't get me wrong -- it's not uncomfortable. There's just room for improvement. I've done the rubber-band mod for the 3D wings and it helped quite a bit with sliding. Now it's just...
  2. Stalinski

    Full-sized headphone that does metal decently?

    I'm looking for a headphone that does well with metal/rock but it certainly doesn't have to excel at it. I also don't listen to any extreme metal so the headphone I'm looking for doesn't have to be any good for that type of metal. (So don't mistake regular metal for extreme metal in this case...
  3. genclaymore

    Any openback headphones that sound slimar to A900X or better?

    I thinking about moving back to open back headphones mainly because closed back makes my ears sweat and I miss the sound stage of open back headphones.  I have the Audio Technica ATH- A900X which I enjoy alot but I don't really like the loose wing design, I thought about the AD900X's i know it...
  4. Squrre

    Closed headphones for competitive fps gamer $450 and rock music

    Hi i am seeking a pair of closed headphones for competative gaming. fps games.   Preferences:   Good isolation, gonna use them on lan events.   Good soundstage, i know its better on open then on closed but i want as good i can get. Really need to hear footsteps and details.  ...
  5. gpk kuji

    Need help buying first pair of Headphones or IEM for almost all genre of music!

    Hello! (I am Korean so bare with my horrible grammar)   I am very new to the headphone world and would like some help from the experts here on the Head-Fi forums! I love listening to Classical, Rock, Alternative, Pop- Punk, Hip hop, rap, r&b, kpop, soul, dubstep, and basically every kind of...
  6. SoundsGood

    Closed cans for classical - options

    Looking to upgrade from my current pair: Denon D1001.  I know closed aren't preferable for classical, but I need to keep them closed to block external noises.  I use them mostly out of my MacBook listening to lossless files or streaming from MOG.   So far, I've been thinking about the...
  7. L7D4N

    Assistance in picking a suitable pair of Headphones

    Hello Head-Fi!   I've been a long time lurker, but recently joined the Forum to see if I could get assistance in selecting the best suited pair of Headphones for my Setup.   I will be purchasing a Schiit Magni Amplifier in the upcoming days, and have drilled down to the following...
  8. Mink

    Head-fiers are spoiled

    So, I have said it. Who agrees? Nowadays you can get yourself a pair of headphones for very cheap.  For 150-200 US Dollar, think of Audio Technica A900X, AKG K550, Sony MA900 you can get a pair which sounds very very good and it would cost you at least 15 times the budget when you want this...
  9. slytherin

    best headphone without and amp

    So basically I want to know the best headphone I can buy without an amp, it has to be better than the m50s and cheaper then 250 dollars, thanks guys
  10. dominicanyunior

    Need help choosing headphones

    Here my story. I really own a couple not so expensive headphones which includes  sony xb500 apple earbud  Astros a40 ( yes I used them for music even though i bought them for my gaming rig)   So here is where I need your help I'm going to buy 2 pairs of headphones one for gaming and...
  11. kcorj2244

    Looking for some good closed headphones for music and computer use (100-$250)

    Title says all. Im thinking I probably need closed cans, but then again I mainly use them in my room, so perhaps open could work. I've looked at a couple like the 250 ohm beyer's that people post a lot. Any recommendations for closed/open that would really blow me away in sound quality. I...
  12. mvrk10256

    [COMPARISON REVIEW] Best Sub $100 USED Headphones !

    There are a lot of people (myself included) that came to this site looking for information on how to get into the audio game. We see these threads all the time. People want to know what the best bang for the buck is... usually under $100. Generally they get pointed to the M50 or whatever...
  13. kskwerl

    Best closed headphone for movies?

    I want a different pair other than the M50s to watch movies at work. I'll be using either the Fiio E10 or E17. 
  14. Plexon

    Schiit Stack + New sound card?

    Hey everyone,   Planning to get either the AKG 550s, DT 770's, or the ATH-A900X's fort gaming purposes soon.   I was just wondering:   Is it better to get both the schiit stack and, as an example, a Sound Blaster Z?   Would that benefit the sound at all? Or should I get one or the other...
  15. Plexon

    NuForce HP-800?

    Heyo everyone.   I have the chance to get the Nuforce HP-800 and a Nuforce UDac3 for free.   If you look at my account, you will see that I have been looking at these 3 headphones for a while.   AKG 550   ATH-A900X   DT 770   I will be using these headphones for gaming/mumble...
  16. Kevbo


    okay im really pressed for time as im going on a trip in 3 days   i need to order now     im looking at the AKG q701 for ~160 usd   the ath 900x open air for ~130 usd   and the beyerdynamic custom one pro for ~140 usd       any help would be apreciated   i already have a 24/192...
  17. BiffZiff

    New headphones and Dac+Amp hurt ears. What's Up?

    Recently coming from closed cans Audio Technica ATH-A900x I purchased AKG K712 Pro's. With them I got the Shiit Magni and Modi.  The sound is really nice it seems especially for electronic music.  Only thing is my ear drums hurt after some use.  I think I used them for about 2 hours yesterday...
  18. Abouna

    Git ideas: upgrade from ATH-AD900X

    My family constantly harangues me about not knowing what to get me for gifts.    I like my current cans quite a bit (AD900X), but do feel they just a bit thin.  I'm no basshead by any means, but I would like a fuller sound.   I only listen at my computer and am running everything through a...
  19. Cocoflojo12

    Portable Amp/DAC

    Hello everyone,   As the title says i am looking for a Portable Amp/DAC   Nothing too costly i would like to keep it under $100   Here is what i've been looking at considering:   Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro   Fiio E07K Andes    and Fiio E17   I already have my headphones picked out and...
  20. Baten

    Closed can with good sound stage

    My main desktop headphones are discontinued ATH-AD700's.   I'm looking for a closed solution with decent sound stage. I'm too used to the 700's.   I'm currently gravitating between the Beyer DT-700 32 ohm, or the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X, leaning slightly towards the A900X. I'm probably...
  21. viperlt86

    m4u 1 vs. a900x vs. t50rp

    I tried this post in the recommendations forum and got no help. So, I thought I would try here. I have recently made a little extra money and it is burning a hole in my pocket. So, I figure, what better way to get rid of it than spend it on headphone stuff! I currently have some 7506's that I...
  22. Hudson01

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 - How much do i need to spend to get a LOT better ?

    Hello all,   I have been using these excellent headphones for a couple of years now to list to my Ipod Video 5.5 loaded with all my ripped CD collection which has been uploaded in Apple Lossless....... it all sounds just fine. But i now notice that you can pick up my headphones (brand new) for...
  23. KevinHNgu

    Sennheiser HD 598 vs Audio Technica ATH-A900X

    Hello all, thanks for looking at this. I have the Sennheiser HD 598 and I do know that open headphones tend to have more soundstage. I want more quality for music more than isolation, but if the quality is close enough, I'll get the ATH-A900x. From what I've read, the HD 598 has a wider range...
  24. Jin092

    Headsets or Headphones + A Desktop Microphone

    Headsets i'm currently thinking about G4ME ZERO Build quality looks awesome. I love the volume control on the side of the ear cup and the microphone mute system (how you can just flip the microphone up and it's muted) ATH-AG1 Somewhat Interested in the 3D wing support. Not sure if it's just a...
  25. racounter

    Substitute for ATH- A900X ?

    Hi everyone,   I really love with closed back design  ATH-A900X. The criteria really does fulfill and satisfied me. Honestly i havent try them by myself, but after a survey and read tons of review, I think that is the headphone i wanted.   But unfortunately, it does not available on my...