1. CrakkerJakk

    Closed & Open Complimenting Headphones

    I want a pair of amazing closed headphones for when i travel on a plane or want isolation while gaming. I also want a pair of open headphones for those warmer days and when my house is actually quiet while I am playing Battlefield on my desktop. So I have ordered both the Audiotechnica M50s and...
  2. N9ne

    Under $200 over ear headphones

    i'm looking for some over ear headphones for under or just over the $200 dollar mark, i'd be using it mostly with my desktop and ipod i listen to rap most of the time but i also listen to some classical music. prefer a pair that doesnt need an amp but i might consider getting one any...
  3. deadly55

    Wanting some new headphones.

    I have about 200$ Canadian to spend on new headphones. I really like the sound of my shure SE215-Ks and would preferably find something like them  headphone sized. I've been looking at the m50s and the a700. I listen to rock and classicalish music.
  4. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  5. BetaWolf

    Ear and head coupling confusion

    No, this is not a debate between circumaural and supra-aural. This is about how different brands conform to the head.   So, I went into Best Buy yesterday to try on some cans. It was much to my surprise, and pleasure, that they had several high-performance pairs to demo: the Sennheiser HD...
  6. RockClimber18

    Headphone that is best for Alternative Rock!

    I am new and looking for a headphone that is best for Alternative Rock that is around $300 and is closed back. I mostly listen to Four Year Strong, Rise Against, New Found Glory, A Day to Remember, and such. I am looking for headphones that would be best for this type of music, I also listen to...
  7. Rivalyn

    Down the Path of No Return (My First Headphone Search)

    [Writer's Note: First part is mainly flavor, feel free to skip to the 2nd post to actually read content]   See, I always knew there was more out there... something just around the bend that as you turn the corner you get that "Aha!" moment. In that second you realize that you'll never be...
  8. redzilla500

    Best headphone under 300$? (my first thread :) )

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here, and I finally decided to join head fi!    I recently received a best buy gift card with 160$ (so unfortunately im kind of tethered to buying from best buy :/), but i also have some cash to throw down on top of it. And I thought what better way to spend it...
  9. Mexicanu15

    Best headphones under 250$

    I want to talk about beats,why i shouldn't choose them...I m listening a lot dubstep,rock and hip-hop,especially dub.Anyway,i focus on powerful bass and sound quality...give me about audio teh ath-m50? or..the orhers  under 250$..thanks!:)
  10. iEar

    Recommendations please

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new set of full size phones.   I've read all about and sort of fallen in love with the Shure SRH940 but think the romance is doomed failure if the plastic cracks up - that would completely piss me off after spending the dollars on them!   So, it...
  11. BillardFan

    [HELP REQUEST] In Ear Module for Work, Loud factory with Hearing Protection [Mostly Classical and Rock Music]

    First of all, I must say that when I joined first here, Iv got recommanded the Audio Technica A900X with a good sound card and for be honest, Im 100% satisfied with my gaming rig now. Thank Head-Fi. But I'm still here my need changed a bit and Im currently looking for a pair of IEM that could...
  12. acti0n

    Best unamped for $300?

    I have a $300 budget and want to upgrade from my JVC RX700s. I generally listen to Trance and other electronic music streamed from Rdio while plugged in directly to my Macbook Air.   I've been considering the following headphones, but I haven't reached a decision:    - V-Moda M-100 -...
  13. AzureBeat

    $200 for one can to rule them all. Sub $300 shootout?

    So, that's my objective. I currently have $200 for headphones. I may get more sometime, but at this moment I'm not sure. If I do get more, than I'll have $300 to play with, so I'd like to see a sub $300 can shootout. (I did search for one, and didn't see such a thread.) So here's what I'd love...
  14. mikewr

    D5000 like sound?

    Hello all, just trying to find a headphone that suits me.   The main thing I'm concerned about is the bass and mids.  I'm looking for headphones with some mid bass hump, but is also very well extended.  The mids I'm looking for could best be described as the mids of the Denon D5000...
  15. manive

    How good are these headphones?

    My Dad brought me up to audio store today. They had these handcrafted in germany open air headphones German Maestro GMP 240. I was trying to find review but hadnt any luck to find any. Here is some flat review + specs.  ...
  16. Aelemar

    Need Advice: Audio Technica ATH-A900X - Creative ZxR built-in Amp, or Schiit Magni Amplifier?

    Hey guys, I need a bit of advice on the title of this thread. I just purchased the ATH-A900x from Audio Technica, and I have the Creative ZxR sound card installed on my PC. I use the headphone out for the headphones, but I would be very interested in (possibly) getting more sound quality if...
  17. Aelemar

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X and Creative ZxR - Will 600Ohm setting damage the headphones?

    Hey guys, thank you for looking at my thread. I searched around for similar questions but had no luck finding any answers for my specific set of cans with my specific sound card, so here is the question: (quite simple, really)   Will setting the ZxR settings to the 600Ohm setting damage these...
  18. kajira

    Really big headphones

    Hi! So I am looking for some headphones that have really good sound, really good bass... I like a lot of stuff like excision and DJ s3Rl and stuff =).. and I want them to be BIG! I do not know why, but when I see really big headphones I love them... I had the Skullcandy Mix Masters and I LOVED...
  19. spenny91

    Looking for a good pair of headphones ( over ear) for outside use !

    Hey my name is Spencer Gorman I am looking for a good pair of headphones around 200-500$ I bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558s I absolutely love them. I have a hearing loss in my right ear and I just got a hearing aid so I cant use my earbuds anymore. As much as I would love to use the...
  20. acti0n

    $400 budget for *comfortable* closed headphones + amp (if needed).

    I've been on the hunt for several weeks for a headphone that is both comfortable and sounds good for vocal trance and other electronic music.   I've already owned or demoed a number of headphones in this price range:   Sennheiser Momentum - owned for about a week - loved the sound...
  21. manive

    ATH A900X on laptop

    I will state that im new to audiophile stuff. This is going to be my first audiophile level headphones – the ATF A900X. I havent ordered havent ordered yet but looking out for good deal on it.   The concern i have now though is weather i need dac/amp and if ill get much of upgrade from it...
  22. izver

    Need input choosing headphones. (Sorry for spamming, but I really need help)

    First of all, I'd like to say hi to this forum. I've spent quite some time reading it now, and I've come to the point where I think I do need to post. And to be sure, I did read the announcement saying I should try and refrain from posting these kinds of threats, but I am afraid I am at an...
  23. adazz

    Advice for headphones purchase for gaming and movies (budget $200 to $300)

    Hi,   There is a lot of information on these forums and I am thankful for it. Having done my research I am a bit more confused on what I should buy and wanted advice from this community.   My usage would primarily be for PC gaming and movies with some light play on PS3 (I primarily play...
  24. Valaire

    Good Office Headphone

    I decided to get a pair of decent headphones for office work.  I use HD598's at home and enjoy them, although I do get some clamping pain unlike most people.   Here's what I need:   1.  Closed 2.  A respectable amount of sound leakage (co-workers are about 15 feet from me through a...
  25. StringBoi

    Help finding headphones for Dub/Electronic please

    I know this has been asked before, I've searched around...but I have a few special needs on my search.    I'm looking for a decent pair of headphones for my electronic music.  I own the HD600's and think they sound pretty damn good for just about all my music, but I bought my HD600's for...