1. YOLO

    The best detachable headphones under $170 on Amazon?

    Hi guys! I have had many headphones in the past where one cup has stopped working because damage was made to the cord. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't know how to solder, I would have already chosen the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X when they were $170 on Amazon (they're back now at $199..)...
  2. Christo4

    150 Euros balanced headphone recommendation

    Hello guys! After some time thinking about it i have decided that it is time for me to buy a new pair of headphones.   The price range is around 150 euros.   I already have a Senn HD 380 pro and a Fischer audio eterna, but i am looking for something full-size and with a little more...
  3. LostMySelf

    Good Over-Ear for Dubstep/Hardcore?

    Interested in some Over-Ear headphones since I cannot always use my speakers at home. I want a pair that can be driven without an amplifier or any other equipment. Price range something like $150-200 maybe.
  4. huxley1

    New here, Looking for closed warm headphones...

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker making his first post here! When I say warm I mean what you normally think of as being warm, but still good all around,  and pretty good detail. Would like it to have not much leakage, or at least not nearly as much as the vmoda m80's or ibuds. Would like to be...
  5. Retrias

    Dear Head-Fi Help me Kill my Wallet

    Dear head fi , I am pretty new here , just getting into the better part of the audio world , so far I have a beyer dt 1350, and a fiio e 17, so now I want something to use at home, something that maximize on comfort, you know like a full size headphone, so I am looking for the headphone that is ...
  6. Jabse

    Very airy/detailed headphones for EDM <$300 that can compete with sennheiser ie8 unamped

    So Ive had dt770/80, xb700 and the ie8's.. i ditched the 770's a while ago because they just didn't hit the spot with regards detail/clarity.. sounded a bit blunt tbh.. then i switched to xb700 which were good  for a while and then finally one day I tried my ie8's on the computer and despite...
  7. skrat

    Denon d2000

    I really wish I could get a pair of these new but on amazon it'll run me about $550 =[ I feel like I can get a better set of cans for $550 that aren't discontinued. Does anyone know where else I can get a pair of brand new d2000s but cheaper? If not, what set of cans would be closest to the...
  8. Joshua3109

    Help me buy headphones from Best Buy/Futureshop with Employee discouint

    Hey guys, here's the deal; I work at Futureshop and get pretty much half off most headphones. This means I can get Beats Pros for around 250$ and Sol Republic Ultra's for around 80$.    I have a pair of Studios which I bought off of a friend for a hundred bucks years ago and I dont like...
  9. AUserName

    Suggestions on Full Size Headphone around 300$

    I'm looking for some advice on a pair of headphones around 300$ or less.  I will primarily use them at my desk at work (software dev). The people in the adjacent cubes aren't cool with playing music over the jambox or laptop speakers so I'm not entirely sure a pair of open/semi open would fit...
  10. zombie medic

    headphone questions/ a900x vs ad900x

    hey everyone im woundering if i should get the brand new ad 900x headphones from japan or if i should just stick with the a900x for xmas. Has anyone had the chance to trie them out yet? 
  11. Deviver

    Looking for suggestions for new headphones

    budget is 200-300   im looking to upgrade from my ath m50 listen to rock/ top 50/ punk/ rap (macklemore, eminem etc) ive looked at the buy suggestion lists. its just i have a dilemma of my ears protruding from my ears about 25-27 mm (the ath m50 are about 15-17mm deep so i have ear...
  12. genclaymore

    Alt earpads for the A900X?

    I been using my A900X's for a long while, I do enjoy the headphones very much but their ear-pads started to hurt my left Ear. I tried twisting  the pads around, Thinking that it was on wrong. But that doesn't solve the problem. I def do not want to change from the A900x. But I was wondering if...
  13. draacor

    The search continues

    Ok last time I left off i returned the Grado SR80i because of comfort and sound leakage.  I returned the ATHM50s because of comfort.  Now I am returning the K550 because of fit.  I love the sound of these cans but i cant get them to fit snug on my head for the life of me.  I even tried bending...
  14. metalx

    bass heavy headphone for gaming

    hello. im looking for some headphones that are great with bass real heavy but that have some type of sround sound for my video games. i dont really need a mic on it cause i can just buy a  little mic to clip on. i just want good bass and good sound for my games and dubstep thank you! not looking...
  15. footballguy108

    Best Headphone For Under 300$?

    Hey everyone, im new so please dont hate on me. I recently returned my old headphones to best buy (Beats by dre Solo HD). I got in store credit for them and i opted to upgrade to the Beats Executives because i likes the look and the comfiness. I think they are great but i want to see what other...
  16. Almost Tactful

    Have Been Rocking Some 250OHM DT770's - Love Them But Looking For More

    Hey everyone, I've been using a pair of DT770's like the title says and I started on a PA2v2 amp, and moved over to my Sony DG800 as my amp for now. I'm looking at picking up a Schiit Valhalla and another set of cans. I love my 770's but I'm looking for more low end, they need to be a closed can...
  17. kamaro

    Buying First Headphones for EDM

    Hey, I am fairly new to this site, and I am just looking for some great reviews from you audiophiles!   I am looking for over the ear headphones. The type of music I listen to is 95% EDM. Mostly progressive house, electro, tech house and lots of vocal/uplifting trance. My budget is $250 but...
  18. CurtCorps

    Need help choosing a new pair of over-ear headphones.

    So, I'm on a 400$ dollar budget and looking to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD 595s. I listen to very wide variety of music from classical to dubstep. I also do a lot of video editing and watch movies on my computer. So, I use the headphones all the time and these Sennheisers leave more to be...
  19. rt310

    Good pair of closed headphones for ~$250?

    Price can be increased if necessary. I mainly listen to K-pop as well as a little rock. 
  20. YouJelly

    Looking for recommendations on headphones.

    I just recently bought the HD 598s and I was not happy with them at all, they're comfortable and look nice but I can't enjoy the sound especially for the 230 dollars I paid.   Are there any other recommendations you guys can give me for less that 250 USD? I use my headphones mainly for PC...
  21. lowrider007

    First step into high end Headphones, where do I go?

    I want to jump onto the 'high end' headphone wagon, looking to spend around £300 max, I'm thinking to just jump in and go for the HD650's, mainly because they are very popular so seem like a safe jumping pad into the high end market (?), I just feel I need to jump in somewhere and gain a higher...
  22. C x 2

    Headphones around $200 CAD

    Hi everyone, looking for a pair of closed headphone (preferably with a removable cable) for around $200 CAD. Comfort is huge as it was an issue with my last pair of headphones (M50x). I'm also looking for clarity, powerful vocals, controlled bass, and a wide sound stage (I'm a beginner so please...
  23. TheGreat

    Closed headphones for a dorm

    Hey there,   I'm looking for a pair of headphones for when I go off to college. I currently own some Ultrasone Pro900s and some M80s, and while I do enjoy them, I want something more.   Basically I'm looking for headphones that a very, very comfortable that I can listen to for hours at a...
  24. K3Ls0

    Need advice on buying new headphones

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I desperately need help.   Today my mate broke the only pair of headphones I ever head: my Beats Solo. Yes I know, not the best headphones ever but they were a present 3 years ago I didn't feel like throwing them in the bin to buy something else. They were not too...
  25. CrakkerJakk

    Closed & Open Complimenting Headphones

    I want a pair of amazing closed headphones for when i travel on a plane or want isolation while gaming. I also want a pair of open headphones for those warmer days and when my house is actually quiet while I am playing Battlefield on my desktop. So I have ordered both the Audiotechnica M50s and...