Help me buy headphones from Best Buy/Futureshop with Employee discouint
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Dec 28, 2012
Hey guys, here's the deal; I work at Futureshop and get pretty much half off most headphones. This means I can get Beats Pros for around 250$ and Sol Republic Ultra's for around 80$.
 I have a pair of Studios which I bought off of a friend for a hundred bucks years ago and I dont like them. The build quality is horrid and the sound leaves something to be desired. I then bought a pair of V-Moda Vibratos but to my sorrow have lost them. I now need something to fill the gaping hole left by this tragic event which the Studios just cannot fill. So I bought a pair of Sol Republic Ultras and sadly I think the Studio's may sound better to my untrained ear..
 I was looking at the V-Moda website and really want the new M-100's as they seem sexual but I don't know if I can justify the 310+13% tax+shipping to Canada.
 So before we decide to go with V-moda let's go over what I can buy in store for half off.
 All Beats *(Does this make the Pro's worth it?) (Also, I think the Mixrs look sexy, what are they like?)
 All Sol Republic
 All Klipsch
 And basically anything on the site; so what shall I do? I am currently leaning towards the Beat's Mixrs because they look awesome IMO and apparently sound alright as well. For a 150 bucks I think they may be worth it. But than again what about the Pros for 250; does this make them a better deal than the M-100s? (Stupid question but I would like to see your opinions)
 Thanks guys!
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Apr 29, 2011
Do you want plastic jewelry with some audio support. Or do you want some serious headphones?
I'm not trying to be rude, just trying to figure it out, because based on your prices, those $200~300 headphones are mostly just plastic jewelry with expensive names that most audio people don't care about. You should be able to get better sound quality from real headphones for much less. I haven't pilfered through the futureshop/bestbuy website, but maybe try and look up the following headphones: AudioTechnica A900X, Beyer Custom One Pro, AKG K167 and see if any of those are within your price range. And if so, I recommend them over those jewelry-phones.
Very best,
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Jul 22, 2012
You mentioned Klipsch, and they're NOT plastic jewelry. Also, BestBuy has a decent collection of Sennheiser and AKG, both of which are good brands. Hope this helps. (I was eyeing the AKG k272 for a while when they were half off)

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