1. Jabse

    Very airy/detailed headphones for EDM <$300 that can compete with sennheiser ie8 unamped

    So Ive had dt770/80, xb700 and the ie8's.. i ditched the 770's a while ago because they just didn't hit the spot with regards detail/clarity.. sounded a bit blunt tbh.. then i switched to xb700 which were good  for a while and then finally one day I tried my ie8's on the computer and despite...
  2. skrat

    Denon d2000

    I really wish I could get a pair of these new but on amazon it'll run me about $550 =[ I feel like I can get a better set of cans for $550 that aren't discontinued. Does anyone know where else I can get a pair of brand new d2000s but cheaper? If not, what set of cans would be closest to the...
  3. Joshua3109

    Help me buy headphones from Best Buy/Futureshop with Employee discouint

    Hey guys, here's the deal; I work at Futureshop and get pretty much half off most headphones. This means I can get Beats Pros for around 250$ and Sol Republic Ultra's for around 80$.    I have a pair of Studios which I bought off of a friend for a hundred bucks years ago and I dont like...
  4. lundsaunet

    Best headphone for travel and home use? (100-250$)

    So I've decided to get a new pair of headphones, I currently own the B&W P3, but i am not satisfied at all, mostly due to the the mids being to excessed for my liking. My problem is that I wanted something for commuting, as well as home-use, and i can't find any can that meets all of my...
  5. Tuvwum

    Something different to the q701's

    Hi. I purchased the q701's in conjuntion with the m-stage a couple of months ago to replace my m558/fiio e7 combo, loving them so far.   What I'm after now is a cheaper set of fullsized cans. Say around the $150 mark, closed back, somewhat portable, and have an overall different sound to...
  6. draacor

    headphone dilemma

    I loved hearing the grado sr80s a friend of mine had.  I thought the sound was amazing.  However my wife doesnt like them because she can hear them. So i ended up buying the AKG K271 MKII with a FiiO E07K amp.  Its on the way from amazon but then i got to thinking.  Basically what I use them for...
  7. OldLions


    What's up guys.    I've been looking for a new pair of cans for a while. I've owned a few good pairs, but I'm looking to get a good pair that will last me a while.   I am looking to spend around $200-300, but if the phones are a little bit more or less, it's fine.    Not extremely bass...
  8. Jabse

    mads dogs vs akg k167

    mad dogs possibly with velour pads(or dog pads)? anyone had any experience with these, from what i've heard mad dogs will need a decent amp unlike the k167... but im more interested in their sound comparison
  9. Eugguy

    Bass-Basshead Headphones with detail, ear massage, midbass/subbass?

    Hello Head-Fi community, I'm interested in a pair of headphones that can offer a full heavy sound, ear massage, good levels of bass. I would say as much as bass as possible without sounding like mudd. Not like the Sony Xb series. I've recently tried a number of flagships but have returned them...
  10. A

    AKG K167 TIËSTO - Discussion, Impression, Review & Appreciation Thread - Part 2

    Let's continue the discussion about the AKG K167 from this: http://www.head-fi.org/t/636439
  11. CrakkerJakk

    Closed & Open Complimenting Headphones

    I want a pair of amazing closed headphones for when i travel on a plane or want isolation while gaming. I also want a pair of open headphones for those warmer days and when my house is actually quiet while I am playing Battlefield on my desktop. So I have ordered both the Audiotechnica M50s and...
  12. N9ne

    Under $200 over ear headphones

    i'm looking for some over ear headphones for under or just over the $200 dollar mark, i'd be using it mostly with my desktop and ipod i listen to rap most of the time but i also listen to some classical music. prefer a pair that doesnt need an amp but i might consider getting one any...
  13. dyno0919

    Another "Help me" Thread

    Hello everyone,   So I recently bought some Audio Technica ATH-A700X headphones and while they sounded great in the highs and mids, they were very lacking in bass. I would like to find a pair of cans that are full and rich in the mids and highs but that also provide a punchy and strong...
  14. deadly55

    Wanting some new headphones.

    I have about 200$ Canadian to spend on new headphones. I really like the sound of my shure SE215-Ks and would preferably find something like them  headphone sized. I've been looking at the m50s and the a700. I listen to rock and classicalish music.
  15. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  16. JR999

    Cheaper Headphones Suggestions

    Hi all, I am new to the forums and come to seek some info before buying a nicer pair of headphones.   I'm looking for a bang for your buck over the ear closed back headphones. Ideally something under $150 even under $100 that has great sound quality and are comfortable   I'd be using...
  17. Musicdiddy

    Closed back headphones for Solo/RX MK3

    I know there are loads of threads asking which headphone but........... I have a CLAS -db>ALO RX Mk3>Ipod Classic which I use mainly with my B & W P5's. I also have a pair of ACS T1 Lives which have gone back for adjustment a couple of times because I am not happy with sound - the soundstage is...
  18. vinmeister

    headphone help

    I really need some advice from all head fiers, im a newbie to this headphones and i really want to have one. Im listening to alternatives, rocks, rnb, hiphop/rap, classic rocks, metals, and backround music from movies, now im looking for a headphone that will makes me feel completely satisfied...
  19. redzilla500

    Best headphone under 300$? (my first thread :) )

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here, and I finally decided to join head fi!    I recently received a best buy gift card with 160$ (so unfortunately im kind of tethered to buying from best buy :/), but i also have some cash to throw down on top of it. And I thought what better way to spend it...
  20. Fer921Pro

    Best $200 headphones??

    Hey I just want to know wich headphone is the best for $200 I want to buy a pair of $200 so i want to know wich one is nice for that price   I listen to:  Rap  Hip-Hop Rock
  21. wycliffslim

    First High End Pair of Headphones

    Alright, so I'll try to be very specific on what I'll use these for to hopefully not waste you guys time. I've never owned a really nice pair of headphones but I love music and would like to get the most out of what I have. At the moment my nicest pair is probably my Turtle Beach gaming headset...
  22. Kukuk

    Mid-centric closed headphones?

    I've been kind of out of the loop with new headphones lately, and am wondering what closed headphones out there are very mid-centric. I've owned the AKG K271s (which are great) and the Sony MDR-CD900STs (which are beyond marvelous), and I've heard, very briefly, Beyerdynamic DT48's, but I'm...
  23. NHMN

    Closed back headphones help

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for a set of closed back headphones for personal listening. I listen to a wide range of stuff from classical, to blues, and electronic music. Looking for something that has good clarity but also smooth highs. Not going to use them for any studio mixing etc. but more or...
  24. thejangster1

    Portable Headphones Questions

    What would you say is the most comfortable, best sounding portable headphones for 150 dollars or less? 200? Would prefer over ear.  I have been looking at a lot of headphones around that price range but many do not get good reviews for comfort.    1. Ultrasone Hfi 580, 780 and pro 550  2...
  25. jasonrk

    Best headphones for Hip-Hop & Rap for around £150/$250.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and am pretty much a noob when it comes to Headphones. I'm looking to get my moneys worth so I'd be grateful for any advice from a few people who have actually tried various headphones and know what's best. My budget is around £150 ($250). It will mainly be...