Need help choosing a new pair of over-ear headphones.
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New Head-Fier
Nov 19, 2012
So, I'm on a 400$ dollar budget and looking to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD 595s. I listen to very wide variety of music from classical to dubstep. I also do a lot of video editing and watch movies on my computer. So, I use the headphones all the time and these Sennheisers leave more to be desired. I would like a Headphone with a little more bass impact and not quite as treblely, but the i don't want it to take away from the mids. I don't want the highs to be completely dwarf either just something more accurate and punchy. I have been looking at Sennheiser HD 600s,Hi-FiMAN HE-400s, and Audio-Technica ATH-A900Xs. Isolation isn't really a problem for me either. What ever you guys think give me the best quality. Also, feel free to recommend headphones not on my list.    

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