1. NickRodriguezzz

    Looking for some new Over Ear cans

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for some new over ear cans, my price range is like up to $200 MAYBE a bit more if they are really that great, let me know what you guys think are some good options other than the super obvious M50s lol.
  2. Josrael

    [Question] Looking for a headphone + tinnitus

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here, i m not english fluent so sorry for my english.  Also, i really don't know if i m in the good place to ask this, if not, don't hestitate to notify me.    Ok, so, since 1 year I have a tinnitus :( and i can't stand anymore the Intra earphones (my last...
  3. miow

    AKG K167 TIËSTO - Discussion, Impression, Review & Appreciation Thread

    K167 TIËSTO Professional Headphones for live sound monitoring, DJ use and studio work The K167 TIËSTO is an over-ear, closed-back design for high comfort and maximum noise rejection. Suitable for multiple applications, from the stage to the studio, DJs, music enthusiasts and TIËSTO fans will...
  4. korewest

    Help me choose a headphone!

    Hello Head-fi community!   This is my first post, so I'm pretty excited.   I need your help on deciding which headphones to get. Here are some of the qualities I value from most to least:   1. Sound Quality 2. Price (Under ~$300) 3. Design (I like simple, clean designs) 4...
  5. Briant1234

    Alternatives to ATH-M50?

    So i was looking to buy a new pair of headphones, and the ATH m50 are what i am most interested in. The price is around 100-120, so are there any other alternatives that match them in sound and price? thanks
  6. Chops

    Looking for most logical and economical upgrade(s)...

    I didn't know where to post this exactly as it's about upgrading my headphones and amp...     I haven't been on here in quite some time, but have recently gotten back into headphone listening and am considering doing some upgrades, but want to see which upgrade path to take.   By...
  7. Supreme Simon

    No clue of what headphones to get.

    I am going crazy for what headphones i should get i have a budget though $240 and €190. I was thinking about the Audio Technica ATH-M50 for a while heard some good things about them but also that they are overrated , i listen to a lot of genres in music , from Hip Hop to classic, dance ,Regae ...
  8. Xcuz

    What beats Sony MDR-1R?

    I've been looking for some headphones around $300 or under and so far these are the best I've found. If there are any other headphones that could beat these for the price please tell me.
  9. Minarets

    Aviator, MDR V6, or M50

    I am looking for something for my ipod/iphone and fashion isn't of up-most importance. Leakage doesn't really matter. I had the V6s many moons ago and loved them. Tried the Aviator at a Target the other day and was suprised at how good they sounded. And their warranty is unbeatable. Lifetime...
  10. lakersfan2424

    Should I spend the extra money to get the ath m50s le instead of the ath m50s

    I heard that the limited edition model of the at m50s looks and sounds better (i can confirm the looks) but I was wondering if it was worth the extra money.
  11. danielos

    What is a "fun" headphone?

    Guys, what is the definition of a"fun" headphone, compared to a serious headphone.   For example, I read this opinion:   "...SRH840, smoother, more refined, with best imaging I heard from closed headphone.  Or Shure SRH750 DJ for fun sounding and excellent bass"      I'm looking for...
  12. TheGhost

    ATH M50 vs V MODA M-80

    Hello,   I am currently stuck deciding between these two headsets. I am aware that the V MODA is not a full size and is on-ear can. I can have them shipped to Canada brand new for these prices:   ATH M50 to Canada: 147$ V MODA M-80: $197   I mostly want to use the headphone for home...
  13. So Far

    Headphones for rock/metal

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new pair of portable closed headphones mainly for rock and abit of metal. My budget is around 300$ at top. They don't have to be super portable like the DT1350 but cant be quite as big as the K550. Another thing is- they have to look somewhat good, doesn't have to be...
  14. BillsonChang007

    My Experience With Sennheiser, AKG, Sony, Shure, Audio Technica & Ultimate Ears

    Few days ago, I was at Singapore. I wanted to make use of this opportunity to audition some good headphones that I have had heard of on this site. Here's my impression with all the headphones that I auditioned that night. Sennheiser HD439 Design & Build Quality- Sennheiser HD439 body are made...
  15. NakedPledge

    Headset: Stylish yet Functional

    Hello everybody. Hope I did post this thing in the correct forum. Anyways, to kick things off, I just want to ask you guys about what headset should I buy. I prefer a foldable headset too. I'm not really good when it comes to these kind of things so that's the reason why I wanted to consult...
  16. Zacktemple

    Best headphones for a student under 200$

    Im new to the forum but I have been using/viewing the site for probably the last month. I'm in my last year of highschool and I'm looking for a new pair of full sized (closed) headphones. I will be using them at home, in school, and traveling so they need to be at least half portable. I listen...
  17. phallan

    Step-up from ATH-M50

    Hey! I've had my M50's for a while now - I use them to listen to music as I go to and from places by bus and train, plugging them into my iPhone 5 or my iPod Classic 120Gb. - and I was wondering what would be a step-up from these amazing cans in as many aspects as possible. Obviously it would be...
  18. coconuts

    specific headphone for jazz

    Hey Everyone, I know exactly what type of headphone I'm trying to find, but simply can't find it. I was wondering if anyone could make some recommendations that could help me determine what type headphones I should get.   I am looking for a closed or noise canceling headphone system that...
  19. SKilleT

    Gaming + Music closed headphones ~$200

    Hello,   I returned the Titanium HD soundcard and the DT770 PRO-80 because it distort A LOT on high volumes.   Now I got the Creative Sound Blaster Z and I am happy with it.   However, I am without headphones.   I need headphones that have similar bass as in the DT770 that make...
  20. Thebrave246

    Good pair of headphones for primarily gaming and watching movies/shows.

    I have pretty much decided on getting the ASUS Xonar DGX sound card for my new gaming PC, but I have been looking at headphones for a bit now and hard to decide. I am really a Sennheiser fan, used an HD 280 back in college to edit my post-production work and really was impressed with them. I was...
  21. sgsg

    Need Help (IDM/Ambient, Closed Back, Somewhat Portable,~300 budget)

    Hello,   I'm looking for a pretty decent jack of all trades to use both at home and on the go.  I mostly listen to IDM and ambient but also various electronic, indie, hip-hop, classical and more.  I would ideally like to spend less than $300 but my budget is flexible.  It's important that...
  22. christos03

    What kind of headphones should I go for?

    I like listening to trance music and rap I'm thinking of getting the tiesto AKG167. Anyone out there have these headphones or have any recommendations. $150 is the max price I will go.
  23. Aleckazee

    Looking to replace my broken akg k167s.. ~$200-$250aud

    My beautiful k167s headband snapped and I'm looking for some over ear headphones to replace them. I can't spend more than $250aud. I'd like them to have a wide range. I'd rather a flat frequency response but if anything the mids could be slightly recessed and highs slightly emphasized. I'd...
  24. funkatopia

    Beats for Studio or something else?

    :)After much bitching and moaning, I finally got some Beats headphones, but they're the middle Solo HD ones. I primarily need them for studio work and also for some DJ work I do. I Need headphones that are going to give me the true sound and sound really good. But the biggest thing is hearing...
  25. Rohmann98

    I hve been a lurker for a while....hoping to learn more

    Hi there, As the title suggests, i have been a lurker for a while and am hoping to learn more about sound. I have had a pair of klipsh image one for the longest time and am hoping to find a new pair and learn somethings along the way Notes: I listen to lots of emotional music ,classical ,and...