1. nicholars

    So what is the opinion on the K167?

    I cannot demo these anywhere, there seemed to be a lot of hype about them initially and now not really a lot is said about them. Are they worth trying? Better than the Beyer DT770 pro 80? I am looking for some cheapish headphones good for electronic music and all genres really.... Not sure if...
  2. doublea71

    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    I think the title says it all. What are the best headphones, open or closed, that need no amping, modding, or burning-in to sound great? If I just want to plug something into my ipod and be on my merry way, what should I buy?   Suffice to say, many will likely improve with amping, but let's...
  3. Jrmint

    Possibly Impossible Question

    I've been trying to do research on here so I can make a decision on new headphones, but I have run into a few problems... I'm a gamer and I use my old Turtle Beach headphones whenever I play with friends. I also have Shure SRH-840 headphones for whenever I just want to zone out and listen to...
  4. RAZRr1275

    AKG K167 Tiesto and Modded Fostex T50RP - Prices dropped

    I am the first owner of all of these headphones. From a non smoking home with no pets. Shipping will be via USPS priority mail. I'll ship within 2 days of purchase (Ideally next day but with classes I'm not sure if I can do that with 100% certainty) I will give a discount to represent combined...
  5. iadam

    Best Headphones Under 200?

    Hello. I am wanting a great pair of over the ear headphones specifically for music but I will use for gaming/movies. Some noise isolation would be awesome. Thing is I'd like to not spend more than 200 (I'm only 17 with no job lol). Thanks!
  6. kas1

    AKG Sound Signature

    I started looking for headphones and listening to them at music stores and later found that I preferred the AKG's sound signature over the others. AKG sounds so silky smooth, neutral/balanced, and even the instruments sound clearly distinct from each other while others just blend into the music...
  7. federalu

    akg k167 tiesto - broke 2 times in the same place

    2 mounths ago i buyed akg k167 tiesto and they just broke  i send it back and a big retailer in usa chenge my headphones  i get my new headphones and after 2 days of using they broke again in the same place without doing nothing jut trying to put the headphones on my eares  after second...
  8. ToddTheMetalGod

    Headphones For Drum Reproduction (Advice/Suggestions Wanted)

    I've decided that it's about time I upgrade my portable audio setup and make it a much better listening experience since this is where most of my listening takes place. I would appreciate it if somebody could recommend me a headphone with good bass and treble extension that would provide...
  9. jihyeu

    Got my new AKG K167 today~~

    I just got a new AKG K167 today from B&H. Some quick thoughts:   1. Price has been reduced a lot to $104 and including the taxes it is $113. Amazon is selling it for $98 but I don't want to wait for shipping.   2. I opened the box immediately after I checked out. I was nervous about the...
  10. goldenic

    akg 267 vs 167 (tiesto) vs ultrasone 900

    Guys, i am looking for new headphone, i've read reviews from tiestos and ultrasone, i was wondering which one do you think is the best out of these 3? From the reviews i read, they're all classified as basshead cans, and i am looking for the highest bass impact :) I listen to club music, those...
  11. arconreef

    suggestions for budget closed/sealed headphones with metal music in mind

    Hi, I've been looking around for a pair of budget headphones with a max price of about ~$150. I will be using them in noisy places, so they must have a closed/sealed design and have passive sound isolation. They need to be reasonably sturdy, and not prone to breaking under moderate stress, since...
  12. Jennyfer08

    Tired of buying 10 dollar headphones - NEED HELP PLEASE

    I am tired of buying cheap $10 headphones from the drugstore. My brother told me that Sennheiser was a good brand, but he couldn't tell me which ones. So I found this website while doing some research. I figured I would ask.    I want over ear headphones. I am willing to pay up to 150 but...
  13. joseisanewb012

    Something better than the LPs

    Anything out there in the 150+ dollar region that blow these things (Vmoda crossfade lps) out of the water? Looking for something great for Electronic Music (Makina, Freeform, etc) Over ear. These were fun for a bit, but now they aren't so special. Home or Portable, it doesn't really matter...
  14. Virtax

    200$ Gaming and Music headphones

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a good headphones for music (Dubstep, Electro etc..) and for gaming (CoD, BF, MMO games etc..), I do not need an microphone.   Currently I have the SteelSeries Siberia V2 hooked up to my Asus Xonar DG, When I will buy the new headphones I will buy the Asus Xonar...
  15. shuman0101

    Thinking of going from K167s to Pro700MK2

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a pair of AKG K167s and am not liking them so far. It has fairly weak bass and mid-bass so without any eq-ing most of the songs I listen to sound lifeless and dull. They are very clear and have fantastic highs, but that coupled with the recessed lows and low-mids...
  16. DaveMustaine

    Somewhat amazing headphones for $200 for a headphone noob

    I have been searching through threads and through review sites for several hours and find myself going in circles on what headphones I should be looking at buying. I have never spent more than $20 on a pair of headphones before and I am willing to put down $100-$300 for a nice pair. I have been...
  17. Mexicanu15

    Audio Tehnica M50 vs AKG K167 Tiesto

    Which headphones do you think would be better in the following categories. Looks, Sound Quality (Powerful Bass), Durability, Comfort, and Economically..Or give me please options.Thank you!:)
  18. rankone

    Help - Beyer CustomOne Pros OR Something Else?

    Hey Everyone,    I started a similar thread a few days ago as I was contemplating on either getting the AKG 550 or the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros & I was definitely edging towards the Custom One Pros. I've been looking at other BeyerDynamic products such as the DT770/DT880 & they...
  19. shuman0101

    AKG k167 vs Shure SRH840 vs ATH M50

    Hey guys, first time poster here and newbie when it comes to audio equipment. I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones for under 180$ ideally and I've kinda narrowed it down to three choices.    AKG Tiesto K167 Shure SRH840 ATH M50   I listen to a lot of music, but mainly;  ...
  20. akash neagi

    Need Help!!!! Sony MDR-1RBT or Audio Technica M50 or Sennheiser Momentum or V-Moda M-100

    Long time window shopper, this time I want to buy something for myself. I can extend my budget to Aussie $400 for the MDR-1RBT but not any higher than that. I am going to use a headphone amp I was thinking of getting a Fiio E17. I will mostly use my Galaxy Note II to listen to songs on the...
  21. Spamdunk

    Where do I go from here? Want to move from Ultrasone 780 to...???

    Hi everyone,   I am a long time lurker and bought my last pair of headphones through lots of research on here. Thank you so much for being a fountain of knowledge!   I currently own a pair of Ultrasone HFI 780 which I use via a cheap Fiio E5 running through a 5th Gen iPod and HTC...
  22. seqasim

    DT770's clamped too hard. Alternatives?

    I loved the sound of my DT770s. I didn't love the clamping force - with my glasses, I was getting headaches every time I wore the DTs for more than an hour. What are some good alternatives with a similar sound?   Looking for: - Circumaural, closed/semi-closed (These are my portable...
  23. federalu

    problem with akg k167 tiesto broken with no reason

    i buyed from ebay akg k167 tiesto and after using them 3 times they broken  is there anybody who had the same problem ?i have a big respect for akg canes but i thing with thiks model they have a problem with building  quality . excuse my english , i m not a english speacker as u can see :)))...
  24. Phelonious Ponk

    Love my old HD580s, need some full-sized, closed phones....

    Not too bright. Efficient enough to be driven well by an iPod. Less than $200 would be nice. Any recommendations?   P
  25. Hobogoku

    Shoppin' for a Set of Cans

    Hey Head-Fiers.   I guess I should say that I've been lurking around here for a little while now, all thanks to an audiophile friend of mine who uses Ultrasone HFI-580s on the go and Grotto 325is in his little awesome setup. Before that I had no concept of really good sound (yep, I was one...