1. Matrixerx

    Over Ear Headphones - Under $200

    I'm looking for excellent "audiophile" grade headphones for under $200 (USD). These headphones need to be able to play a variety of music and have that all around effect. I really like to "feel" the music if you know what i mean. (Especially when it comes to some bass)   Music i listen to...
  2. zeemar

    Logitech UE6000 VS. AKG K167 Tiesto

    guys I'm really confused about buying one of these two choices, please help. I like all genres, from jazz to deep-house to metal rock. Also I travel a lot, so I am looking for a good portable headphone that is comfortable for long hour of listening and great for all genres. Any suggestions?
  3. Dredd67

    Need suggestions for closed headphone for games and movies on a retina macbook pro

    Hi everyone, first post for me on this very nice forum (I hope I don't break any rules by posting here).   The title says it: I'm searching a headphone (maybe headset but  I don't care too much about the mic) for essentially playing games (no competition) and watching movies, and the main...
  4. HiHatZ

    closed Headphones for a 3rd generation ipod touch

    Hello, I'm new to this forum i'd like to buy some cans for my ipod, and i'm thinking about 3 different ones with a low impedance : -the akg k271 mkII (pros : detachable cable; cons : i've heard that there wasn't enought basses for lots of reviewers) -the beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (the 80 or...
  5. snoshreddax21

    Best audio gear for college?

    Hey guys. First and foremost I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section, I have a bunch of questions but I thought the headphones forum would be a good place to start.   In the coming months I'll be preparing for college and I'm really looking to get some nice audio gear to make the...
  6. Snowawhoahoh

    DJ/Gamer headphone recommendation?

    TL;DR version at the bottom.   Hey guys, I've been DJing for about a year now, and am starting to play some gigs. I'm also a very competitive Counter-Strike player. I previously had the Audio Technica A700 headphones, which died on me recently. They were great for gaming with their...
  7. fatmaggot

    Are the Shure 940's bassy?

    I am currently searching for what will be my 2nd pair of headphones. I currently have the AKG K242 so I am looking for a bassy closed can to compliment it. I want to know it the 940's are bassy, or ever bassier than the Sony mdr 1r as they are the other cans i am looking at.   thanks in advance
  8. cubercaleb

    Best closed headphones for metal/rock

    I'm looking for closed headphone around $100-200 USD that look good, sound good for metal and rock such as the big 4, testament, iron maiden, judas priest, led zeppelin, black sabbath, ac dc, overkill, journey, beatles, rolling stones, etc, etc. These will mostly be used with my ipod touch 4th...
  9. dragonball

    List some headphones upto 500$ which dont require amp

    Closed cans required. Thanks.
  10. QU0TE

    Wait for the K267's or go ahead and get the K550's

    I was wondering if you guys think I should wait for the the AKG K267 tiesto headphones coming out in December, apparently the K167 is close the K550 but with more base and the 267 being a lever higher might be even better, so should I wait or play it safe and get the K550s? Do you think there...
  11. zombie medic

    headphone confusion! (again im affraid) need help buying new cans

    Hello everyone iv been searching around the Internet for a decent pair of headphones for xmas. The ones that i found that i am now thinking of getting are the AudioTechnica A900X. iv heard good things about them but I'm still not sure if i should get them or if i should keep looking. I still...
  12. kingcrimson69

    AKG K 271 MK II or Shure SHR940?

    Hey there, I'm trying to find the perfect headphones for me, and so far I have narrowed my options to these two cans: the AKG K 271 MK II and the Shure SHR940. I've already seen the unboxings and the features of both headphones on youtube, so I only need you to explain me the differences...
  13. Zelcroft

    M50s , Monster DIamond Tears or something else?

    HI , I'm new here and I know there are a lot of "What is the headphone for me" type of threads around but I just need to know. I use the stock earphones from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and was thinking of giving cans a shot.  - My portable player is my phone (Galaxy Nexus as stated above) but...
  14. pichu

    So many choices in the $300 range!!!!!!

    Ok, so I am looking for a closed over ear phone. But my problem is, that $300 seems to be where alot of phones call home. Ive looked at the VMODA M100, SONY MDR-1, Mad Dogs,AKG Tiestos, Sennhesier Momentums, Denon, Beyer, ....... the list jsut keeps going on and on! I listen to dubstep...
  15. raider2338

    Can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones?

    I would like to buy a nice pair of over ear headphones. I listen to a lot of top 40 music and would use them for gaming. I would like something that doesn't have too much sound leakage and noise cancellation if possible. I liked the build of the Beats Executives, but hate the flimsy plastic...
  16. rligeti

    Ned some advice for "work" cans.. Full size, closed back. $200 range...

    Well it's been forever since I've been here, or got on a headphone tear, and I'be been through a number of sets of cans and now I'm back in the market. The hobby got a little out of hand for a while.   what I've had/used/sold/have   Grados SR-60 still have Grado SR-80 still have...
  17. RBP901

    Headphones Hiphop

    Hello all,   I am looking for heaphones for basic mixing purposes as well as normal listening pleasure. It will mainly be for Hiphop (and R&B). My budget is around 100-150 dollars. I have an Yamaha R300 at home where I would like to plug it in, would this be possible without it affecting...
  18. ratking20

    new akg tiesto headphones vs vmoda? anyone try both?

    i know the akg have a few models out. 3 i think. and so does v-moda. ive heard good things about the m80's. but not much about the tiesto akg's? i listen to edm, rock, hip hop etc any info would be great
  19. noremac258

    Great sounding headphones under 350

    Hey I'm looking for a pair of headphones that are good for gaming, listening to dubstep, and watching tv shows. I don't need them to be portable or wireless. So can anyone help me in the right direction?
  20. Ketuh

    I need help finding a headphone.

    While searching I came across this site a lot, so I decided to ask it here.   I need an affordable (max +- € 400) headphone that sounds quite awesome.   - closed back - connectable to my ipod touch without amp - clear, well balanced sound - I listen to a lot of music but mostly...
  21. CurtCorps

    Looking for Headphones with good bass impact without hurting the treble and mids.

     I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones on a budget of 300 dollars. I listen to a lot of dubstep and really any other music with a strong bass line, but at the same time I listen to a lot of classical music and classic rock. So I don't want a headphone with over powering bass. I'm...
  22. thegiraffepope

    ath-a900x or pro700mk2

    I've been try to decide on headphones, I listen to hip hop, electronic, and rock. These headphones should be on the go but since I've never experienced any headphones of this price range I want to if these are good, should I buy an amp, and if there any better suggestions. I was thinking about...
  23. Shankster

    Yet another "what should i buy".

    I have a price range of UP TO 200 dollar  but id prefer to spend less. i listen to ALL styles of rock, orchestral, movie and videogame scores, and occasionaly some electronic. I've heard the KRK KNS 8400 are fantastic and ive also been watching some dt 770's, my ears are not fans of the ath...
  24. hbk870

    What Is the good amp 4 my akg k167

    Hi gus my  Sry iam new here and idk wher to but my qs so i but it here and iam loking to get a good amb for my akg k167 since i use my 167 . so what is good amp 4 this headphone ? and is good to use amp with this 1 or its will not make defrent i was thinking to take 1 of these 1 Pyle Pro...
  25. leoniedelt

    Picky customer in the UK - sony MDR-V6 help thread, plus recommendations?

    Picky Customer in the UK, that's me.   I know i went on and on about the Bose AE2, cos they were comfortable. I've had them for over a year, no complaints.   Well i bought my husband a pair of Sony MDR-V6 for Xmas - but he ain't getting them!!!!!!!!!!   Omg what the flipping 'eck...