1. BbOy G-uNiT1221

    Need Answers Please~

    Well... I can spend $400 on headphones and stuff. So I already know I am getting DNA On-Ear Headphones. Which is $200, so $200 left and my remaining choices are: - Another pair of DNA On-Ear Headphones $200 - Beats Pill $200 - Beats Solo HD $200 - DNA In-Ear Headphones and urBeats $100 + $100 -...
  2. coconuts

    The best for jazz

    Hey Everyone, I've decided to take a vote for the best jazz cans. I'm trying to figure out which ones would be the best to buy for my specific use of them. Here's the gist of what I'm looking for:   I am looking for a closed or noise canceling headphone system that is good for mainly jazz...
  3. dagrish

    Moving to a new level of headphone

    I've been researching headphones for the past hour or two, trying to find which I'd like to get. I currently have the Studio Beats, and have always been pretty unimpressed. They have quite a bit of bass, which used to satisfy me, but whenever I turn on The Smiths or classical music I feel...
  4. HouseMusic2398

    $200 Over-Ear Headphones

    Hey guys! I know that there are about a million posts about this topic, but I need some feedback for my situation. So basically I used to own Skullcandy Hesh(I know, they suck) and I was unimpressed with the sound quality. So now I want some quality headphones for some serious listening. I...
  5. dubblewubble

    Already done research, would like opinions on ~$125 Over Ear Open-backed Headphones.

    Hey guys! This is my first post. I am 20, male, in college, and have never owned a nice pair of over ear headphones so I assume I'm in for quite a treat.   Stats: I listen to math rock, country, electronic dance music, classic rock, basically everything but rap. I don't like roaring bass...
  6. hirtmic

    beyerdynamic 990 dt 250 OHM Vs V-moda M-100s

    So I am looking at purchasing some new headphones and getting away from the uncomfortable Dre. Dre studios I got awhile back. So the two major headphones that are on my list are the M-100s that I always hear good reviews about and the Beyerdynamic 990's that I have been told by friends that are...
  7. ColinC

    Best Closed Can, Wide Sound stage, Good bass response Headphones? UNDER 250

         I am currently running a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M 50's. They sound very good, but their sound stage is pretty much non existent, and I find the bass to lack quite a bit. I listen to a lot of atmospheric, chill step, mellow indie, dubstep, and trance music with a little bit of pop / rap...
  8. ickyman

    Looking for suggestions... $500 budget, closed back basshead phones, mangi+modi

    I'm thinking about a new pair of phones. Let me start off with that I have a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780's that I am pretty happy with, though I'd like to upgrade from them. I really do like these phones and I am hesitant to buy anything else because I'm not sure the money is worth the reward. I'd...
  9. myap2328

    Help Please! I need to buy a headphone. Guidance wld be much appreciated

    I am looking for a headphones that are bassy and yes i did visit the bass head club already and yes I have already read tons of forums on headfi, visited inner fidelity, read a gazillion reviews on many many numerous websites, but I really need an answer and please be helpful thanks! I have a...
  10. tagging55

    Traveling headphones

    I need some help and i'm new here so please excuse me if i label things wrong.  I am looking for a set of headphones that are to be worn on a charter bus and in hotel rooms.  I travel a great amount.  Must be comfortable for listening up to around 6 hours at a time. I will be using these with a...
  11. theforsh

    Sennheiser HD25-1-ii vs AKG K167 -- recommendations on the battle of the entry-level bass heavy

    Hi, I was wondering if I could pick your brains for some headphone advice?   I listen to a range of music, about 50% bass heavy electronic music, 30% ambient 20% rock music.  I used to go to a lot of clubs/gigs in my younger days and as such i'm very accustomed to hearing a lot of bass in my...
  12. rt310

    Looking for a pair of headphones (Budget ~$350)

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones that can play my music well Genres: Asian pop, rock, Electronic  Willing to spend ~$200 on an amp/dac if neccessary. I've had no experience with headphones (only owned IEMS) so some help would be great. Thx in advance!
  13. sakana420

    whats the best closed cans head phones

    could you please make a list of your top five closed can head phones . mainly for pop , rnb. hip hop , rap and some trance . looking for more sound quality then excess bass
  14. D

    ¿HF-780, FA-003 or M-80? What is the best opcion?

    Hello!, first of all I just wanna say that I´m new on this website, and i´m a beginner on the headphones´s world, and I thank you any opinion or help that you can give me.   Actually I have a Sennheisser HD 438...
  15. falmouth

    Headphones like ATH-M50 and Philips Citiscape Uptown... but tighter clamp?

    So I have determined that I have a tiny head, compared to most people. The Philips Uptown are pretty loose on my head, the M50s fit better but could still use more clamp.    The main reason I want more clamp is because I feel like this would greatly increase isolation and decrease leakage...
  16. Master Shake

    Some Cans With Good Bass For 300$

    So im new to the forums and i have been searching around for quite some time for a pair of good headphones with a lot of bass that doesn't wash out mids and highs. I mostly listen to electronic music, and i know that headphones cant reproduce the earth shattering bass at concerts and clubs etc...
  17. moshen

    In market for HE-500, what else to consider?

    What else is good in the range of HE-500 these days?
  18. tino96

    Headphone advice

    Ok guys, I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones, but I need you to put me on the right way. Especially now.   My favorites were: Denon AHD600 and D400, AKG K550/K551, AKG K167 and K267, Vmoda M100, Sony MDR 1RNC, Sennheiser Momentum, and Ultrasone Pro 900.   I really need your...
  19. Elevated-Logic

    Looking for a set of head phones for 300 or under

    Hello, I am new here.. And I am wondering what are some good headphones (over ear, or in ear) for 300 dollars or under? I listen to a lot of electronic music (house, dance, dubstep) and hiphop/rap so I would most likely want a deep bass headphone, but I also do listen to a bit of indie rock and...
  20. BlacKnight104

    Poor Man's D7000

    Hey guys,    I'm looking for a new pair of phones. I owned a pair of M50's and after buying both the DT770's and SRH840's I still found myself holding the M50's as a personal favorites. Well, the M50's went to can-heaven (god bless them) and I want something to upgrade with a similar sound...
  21. casoninabox

    Looking for the Soundstage, Clarity and Comfort of AKG K701 and the Sub-Bass of the Superlux HD681

    Cans I own: Audio Technica ATH M50WH - Good airplane headphones Superlux HD681 - Unbelievable for the price AKG K701 - Comfort, Sounstage, Sounds like everything is in the room with you. Bass is super lame.  Also, the best looking headphones ever made IMO. Shure SRH-440 - Horrible pieces...
  22. OctaneTwisted

    Replacement for Grado SR325is?

    I've had my sr325is for a few months now (my first real pair of headphones) and I was very impressed from the moment I put them on, and even now while I'm typing. The quality and clarity is a large step-up from all of the other $30 in-ears and a pair or sr60i's I'd had previously, but the...
  23. soundisee

    Panasonic HTF600 Headphone Upgrade $250 budget

    I currently own Panasonic HTF600's with Beyerdynamic valor pads and I feel it's time for an upgrade. I currently have them plugged into a Mbox 2 music interface and I don't think they are bad for the price but I get an annoying rattle buzzing sound with certain sounds especially bass. When I'm...
  24. mhoyt13

    Looking for better sounding/feeling alternative to Beats Mixrs

    New wife just gave me a pair of Beats Mixrs for wedding present. Nice thought and I love her but I want something more comfortable and that sounds better. High end kills me on some recordings and they can get painful after a little while.   I travel a lot so looking for something...
  25. charlie875578

    Merry Christmas me!....Help me out.

    So I had some Denon 5000's a couple years ago. Hard times forced me to sell them and my Fiio E11. Downgraded to some Grado 80i's, which I thought would be fine. Hated them. didn't seem like anything to me. But now come christmas, I want to get a good set-up going again. This is where I need...