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  1. sayrum

    need help: iem upgrade for softer sounds and beats

    wow, so many posts, thanks everyone! the klipsch s4 being bass light i read in a german review on but boomy bass is no good for me either i used to "use" the senn hd25-1, nice fast response in the low end and terrible fit. (my poor ears) the overall sound sig i liked...
  2. sayrum

    need help: iem upgrade for softer sounds and beats

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl If you're worried about weak bass on the Klipsch S4 but are considering the RE0, I highly recommend doing some more research. Plenty of reviews out there for both. read alot about the klipsch, detailed and wunderbarer fit, but somewhat laking...
  3. sayrum

    need help: iem upgrade for softer sounds and beats

    ok, re0 is interrsting. Can someone post a link to a good deal for them?
  4. sayrum

    need help: iem upgrade for softer sounds and beats

    i am looking for an upgrade to my senn cx500 (out of a d2+, mostly 192 mp3). i listen to classical (more chamber) music, jazz w. vocals, ambient and trance. so i need the detailled treble (NO sibilance plz.), clear mids and tight (somewhat deeper) bass. isolation and comfy fit is...
  5. sayrum

    Koss KSC75 vs PX 100 vs AKG K81DJ

    watch the clamping with the k81djs! i tried em and my ears started to hurt after a short while... good luck with your choice
  6. sayrum

    HELP...Cowon U3 Headphone Jack Isn't Working!

    had the same problem myself. once returned it as rma (a bit difficult since i live in germany and it was bought in the states ). well they fixed it. a few months later it happend again. been asking around where to get it soldered but i hear that it needs "cold soldering" since the parts...
  7. sayrum

    q-JAYS LE with foamies (release date?)

    Quote: Originally Posted by PetCed If you order them from a reseller that dont have them in stock at this moment then yes. again an unclear answer imo! i and lots of others want famies with their q-jays! (that is fomies included with the q-jays purchas) and the answers i...
  8. sayrum

    Iaudio U3 to Sony NWZ-A818....worth upgrade?

    iwould be surprised if someone considers the u3 to even be in a similar level of clearity and liveliness with the a818... maybe it's because of the phones in use? i use the hd25-1 (recabled) and for me the soundquality is much "better" in the a818.
  9. sayrum

    Iaudio U3 to Sony NWZ-A818....worth upgrade?

    i have both players. i feel the a818 has notiably more clearity + detail. the battery life of the 818 is much better. more storage space! for the u3: love the huge amount of info i get with one glance at the display. the music files are much easier to organize and it has an "on-the-fly" play...
  10. sayrum

    Sound Quality of PX100 and HD25-1, worth the upgrade???

    i also considered the px100, but the missing isolation kept me from getting them. then i got used hd25-1 as a gift . i love their isolation and soundquality! had two issues with em: the clamping (i put on the velvet pads + stretch em out over my computer case when not in use, the head band...
  11. sayrum

    iRiver E100 Selling @

    ****, just bought the nwz a818 yesterday. i was looking at the e100, though i would have to wait months for it....
  12. sayrum

    trance, ambient, classical. what iem?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dap_pad Basically the Atrio M5s ... I find them fine for classical, but for ambient and trance, they're okay as they aren't super detailed and fast. thanks for the explanation. what iem would you suggest for trance + ambient?
  13. sayrum

    trance, ambient, classical. what iem?

    ok, so no bother thinking about the 5. shigzeos description i found difficult to follow...
  14. sayrum

    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    how detailed is the high end (for classical + ambient music...)?
  15. sayrum

    How hard is You q-JAYS cable?

    i am thinking about getting the q-jays. reading about your strange cables makes me hesitat! i feel when i pay $180 for an iem i can expect cables that are comfortable and sweat resistent! i wonder if you just had bad luck with your pair... i hope you can get a replacement from jays.
  16. sayrum

    trance, ambient, classical. what iem?

    interessting, merci shigzeo! i also like my bass tight and well defined. i still don't understand which iem you are suggesting for me. i am thinking about getting the sony 618, any suggestions as to which iem would be most compatible with it?
  17. sayrum

    trance, ambient, classical. what iem?

    good morning everyone. i've been lurking and gobbleling up info here for more then a year now, looking for "my" iem. i want decent isolation (public transportation), comfort, wide soundstage, and clearity all across the spectrum with enough punch in the bass department to enjoy trance and...
  18. sayrum

    ATH-CK7's Noise isolation?

    for me the bigger the tip the better isolation (and bass) i get... no idea which of the two has better isolation.
  19. sayrum

    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    aloha, i just came across the future sonics m8. do the the future sonics m5 + m8 sound similar? what are the main differences? m8 just being a lil better? thanks.
  20. sayrum

    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    after reading this thread i long to get these beauties for a decent priece. where/how is that possible in germany? i sent roaddog an email, no response. does the ETYMOTIC RESEARCH Zippered Pouch pad + protect the iems against crushing? or is it "just" thin plastic?
  21. sayrum

    Can't decide on a new flash player...

    Quote: Originally Posted by fatman711 creatives generally have very good SQ. afaik creative has mediocre sound quality, try the samsung yp-t9, much better sq, buttons, so you can control it in your pocket (gym etc) and pretty good battery life. there are a few threads here about...
  22. sayrum

    Doin' the DAP Rant! Can you do you it?

    a question on the side: why are you requiering a replacable battery when you consider your future dap to be "a throw away device ... worthless ... within 2 years"??? Quote: Originally Posted by Abouna Good news, but the price is still too high. I'm sorry but $200 for what amounts...
  23. sayrum

    q-JAYS Review (with pictures and video) (final production version)

    i feel the oh so nice and customer-friendly jays have just "shoot them selfs in the leg" as we say here in germany. huge price difference for no reason whatshowever! i was looking forward to these babies for almost two month... too bad!
  24. sayrum

    Senn HD25 II - a good choice?

    i love the sound of my hd25! but they still clamp my ears (with velour pads) to much after about an hour of listening. portability wise they are sturdy but big (compared to my canal phones ) happy listening! ps: to me the recable was worth it, more mellow now...