trance, ambient, classical. what iem?
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Mar 25, 2006
good morning everyone.
i've been lurking and gobbleling up info here for more then a year now, looking for "my" iem.

i want decent isolation (public transportation), comfort, wide soundstage, and clearity all across the spectrum with enough punch in the bass department to enjoy trance and goa music.

i think my choice is down to atrio m5 + q-jays.
questions still remaining:

m5 - are the highs detailed enough for classical music? are they to "mushy" overall?

q-jays - soundstage to narrow for ambient + trance? bass present + strong enough?

so far i've enjoyed my ck7 (lacking in "depth + width" for me) and hd25-1 recabled(the clamping gets anoying)

i'm open for other suggestions also.
my price limit is $180,-
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i wish i could help you with the q-jay but i have not heard it. it really depends on your own focus. personally, i listen to goa and trance pretty much only. however, i am not a huge basshead - for instance, i found that though a little bass quantity lacking, my dt880 are my favourite for trance. but... for iems, i loved the er4s if it was not to kill my ears with its weird piercing sound.

i have the atrio m5 and had the denon c700. i did not sell the c700 because they are bad. however, i found my portables did not drive them as well as i would have hoped. at the time that i decided to sell them, i had the d2 - and it gave too narrow a soundstage with the denon and some they boomed with the bass, not a good transition from beat to beat.

my atrio m5 are easier to drive and don't really have bass trouble with any portable, but they are have problems. they are a little slower sounding than the denon c700 but their bass is not just deep and huge, it is very very well textured. despite i think they are not the best for trance as they are just not quite analytical enough for me, their bass made me never put them down. for an iem, they have wonderful soundstage as well.

the denon have a sweeter midrange if you like that. but, with strings and that comes heaps well and less hiss as well as easier to drive, i prefer the atrio. both are excellent and i think the construction of the denon which exerpts less pressure on your ear has less chance of fatiguing you but... i sold them. i

i am now using the nano 3g, sony 615f and ipod touch - wonderful in each of them.

one last thing - the denon will hiss with many portables that have lots of background noise. but hiss only barely with an amp. both are amazing - actually, i forgot what i was going to say... sorry
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interessting, merci shigzeo!

i also like my bass tight and well defined.

i still don't understand which iem you are suggesting for me.
i am thinking about getting the sony 618, any suggestions as to which iem would be most compatible with it?
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they both sound good. i cannot recommend what is better for you... as you may like the sound of the denon more than i do. denon is al=rounder and atrio is my fav but... will it satisfy you?

i am just telling the goods and bads of both phones... overall i prefer the atrio and sold my denon though i loved them dearly. !!! i know you canot hear them to compare but... if you can weigh the opinions, i think you can get a feel.
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I listen to techno, house, trance, lounge musics.
I just got the Q-Jays 2weeks ago, I love them so much!! very balanced from high to bass, you feel those ecstasy from music.
Well, I didn't like them at first week, and i found out that I needed a good seal!

I can't be happier than ever with my Q-jays for Electronica genre!
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I'd highly recommend the Atrio M5/M8s. Shigzeo already did a wonderful job in describing its characteristics, and I couldn't agree more. Ever since my Atrio's were burned in, I hardly find myself reaching for my 5 Pros.
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Basically the Atrio M5s have great textured and deep bass as well as a great soundstage for an IEM. But they don't have the greatest highs, this isn't a factor for me though, they're as detailed as I want them to be, anymore and sibilance comes in

I find them fine for classical, but for ambient and trance, they're okay as they aren't super detailed and fast.
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Originally Posted by dap_pad /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Basically the Atrio M5s ... I find them fine for classical, but for ambient and trance, they're okay as they aren't super detailed and fast.

thanks for the explanation.

what iem would you suggest for trance + ambient?
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x2 on the future sonics IEMs. Perfect for trance (which is mostly what I listen to).

The highs are not harsh, but still detailed and the bass is just something else, deep and well defined.

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