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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Mimouille
    I kind of agree with Tupac. NT6 is more neutral and liquid to me. 1plus2 is faster and punchier but thinner in the mids.
  2. Ripvanlink

    I don't mind the deep-fitting customs, Lee. It's the universals that I can't wear, simply because my outer ear is too small or not shaped right for them. I tried different sizes and also even the triple-tiered ones, but no deal. I'd like to remind you that these were one of the two recommended to me  by you just a little while ago. Guess I'll go try the other one you suggested. I'm wondering though, are there customs that can be made in the US, rather than having to send away to China for them? Ones that are excellent in the way you recommended for classical lovers?
  3. waynes world

    I call it audio-ADD. I fear that I am also afflicted :frowning2:
  4. lee730
    Of course there is JH Audio, Ultimate Ears and some others.  I'm not sure if their sound signatures will be what you are looking for though. Only you can decide that. Its generally a gamble no matter how you put it.
  5. sinkr
    I'll second the balanced plug.  I did my order with Gavin via email and got the balanced plug, at the time, at no additional cost.  I recall that Gavin had to go out of his way to find a HPA to test the setup prior to shipping.
    My only other foray into IEMs are Etymotic ER4-P/S, so I can't say with much authority, but I really don't feel like I'm missing much, if anything when I listen to my 1Plus2s, vs. my LCD-3s.
    It is a different sound, primarily more bass, but enjoyable nonetheless.
  6. sinkr
    My problem with the Ortofon tips is that they "wear out" and will stick inside the ear after a period, requiring them to be dug out and reattached every time, unless you're careful about how you pull them out.  This is a real drag at work, say if you're taking your IEMs in and out to talk to people throughout the day.  My suggestion to you is what I'm about to embark on: try and find something other'n Ortofon tips.
  7. hecaitomex

    ......or stop talking to other people.....
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    Some wild unstructured notes of the Tralucent Uber vs Whiplash TWAu with the 1Plus2
    The TWAu seems to exhibit an overall brighter signature but both seem to extend far into the upper higher treble region. The TWAu has a wider left-to-right staging whilst the Uber seems to have the edge in depth imaging and instrument separation/placement. Funnily, despite the TWAu having the wider left-to-right staging, since it sounds a little flatter it also sounds somewhat more congested (but in a 2-D compressed way). I don't want to exaggerate and say the TWAu sounds 2D 'cos compared to a lot of other cables it's more 3D than those but comparatively to the Uber, it's the more 2D of the two.
    The Uber's sub-to-mid bass is more forward and gives a greater sense of warmth to the overall signature whilst the TWAu plays on 1Plus2's technicality in terms of emphasising surgical whilst the Uber seems to give the 1Plus2's overall signature more body and more personality & character.
    Ergonomics-wise, the TWAu is heaven. I think I'm too accustomed to either rigid or tangly cables that I forget ergonomically they don't have to be that way. The pins seem to be actually longer than the Uber ones too and that gives me a little more (false?) sense of confidence that the 1Plus2 won't fall out so easily.
    So to answer @burtomr's joke of the Whiplash TWAu rendering the Uber obsolete - no not yet.
  9. Audiowood
    Thanks anakchan for the comparison, had always wondered about the uber vs other cable.. Seems like uber still the champ out here..
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    One thing though, I do have this secret desire to buy this TWAu (It belongs to Dimitri, Musica Acoustics but don't tell him of my desires :wink:) 'cos it'll actually make me want to bring my 1Plus2 out more than leaving it in its storage in my drawer at home.
  11. goodvibes
    I would never expect it to, even if it was preferred on some other CIEMs. Gavin's got a great ear for synergy.[​IMG] 
  12. lee730
    I'm with Anakchan. I tend to leave the 1Plus2 at home now and baby it when I use it.... Still waiting on my S-mod to return then I'll be using it more often again :).
  13. achl354
    care to post some close up pics of the TWAU cable?
  14. high-fidelity
    I searched this earphones.But,I didn't find the price.And if I want to buy,how can I order ? And how does Tralucent's Garranty commit ? And if the 1plus2 have a problem,how can I fix it ?
  15. achl354
    you can send them your questions:
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