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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. gav007
    I'm interested in the TWAU cable too, but does the pins fit correctly?
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    ...being the operative word. Still undecided. Ideally this cable needs to be compared against the Tralucent Silver & Silver/Gold (or with DHC SP Pure and/or Toxic Silver Widow). I actually took the TWAu & 1Plus2s to work today for a little listen. 1st time my 1Plus2 has been to my office :D.
  3. Audiowood

    It does.. so far so good... Not sure abt exact measurement, I just ask Craig to make one that fit the 1p2..and he did.
  4. Audiowood

    That's Great, I take my 1p2 to office everyday, I have it on almost all the time except maybe meeting. I then switch to k3003 for late night listening ..
  5. gav007

    Thanks for the reply, I am in the process of ordering the cable :)
  6. Audiowood

    Great let us know if u find it better or not than the stock.
  7. minhquancanon7d
    Could anybody here compare the 1+2 vs ocharaku flat4 and phonak 232 please
  8. burtomr
    I think lee730 has both the 1p2's and the 'Sui'. Hopefully he will see your post and chime in....
  9. minhquancanon7d
    Yeah, I'd be really appreciated
  10. MikePortnoy
    Does anyone find tralucent fatiguing when pairs with dx100? Upper mids gets too crisp to my ears.
  11. Bluebear

    How supple is the TWAu compared to the 1p2 gold cable? I notice yours is an 8-conductor version. I wonder if a 4-conductor TWAu will be much more supple and flexible to use on-the-go compared to the 1p2 gold cable. I find the gold cable decent but would have preferred it to be even more malleable for bringing my 1p2 outdoors.
  12. goodvibes
    Whiplash cables have historically been extremely supple. Lots of fine strands and flexible jacket. I Obviously don't know but I bet Anakchan prefers the Tralucent cable on the 1p2. 
  13. Audiowood
    It is way more supple and "soft" than the Gold cable. I don't quite like the ergonomics of the gold cable, as it easily pop my 1p2 out of my ear as its pretty hard. The TWAu will not pop it out as its very soft and flexible.
  14. Bluebear
    I think Anakchan was comparing the sq between the 1p2 uber cable vs the TWAu, not the silver/gold cable which I am asking. It seems based on Anakchan's feedback the TWAu may not be on par with uber but is somewhat close in sound quality. I don't own a 1p2 uber cable so I won't know how much better the uber cable sounds, but I am thinking if TWAu is even softer and the silver/gold cable I have and is most likely better in sound quality, then it is an excellent upgrade option for me.
    +1 to this!
    I am having this same exact issue with my silver/gold cable. It is flexible enough for outdoors use, but it is quite tough along its length (if you get what I mean). When it is worn looped over the ears, the cable gets "pushed up" by resting on my shoulders sometimes when I walk or turn my head to the sides and ended up pushing the 1p2 out of my ears slightly losing the seal.
  15. spkrs01
    What I do with most IEMs is putting the cable in and out of your shirt using a shirt button as the pivot point. Just need a little management to eliminate microphonics.
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