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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Audiowood
    Great stuff... care to share a little review on the Silver Widow & SIlver peptide litz when you get it. I am interested..
  2. achl354
    sure thing mate
    will try to do a review on the cables with both 1+2 and Mentor
  3. high-fidelity
    Thanks for your feedbacks guys. [​IMG]
  4. Decreate
    With the coming of the AK240 I wonder if there is going to be a balanced cable for the 1+2.
  5. burtomr
    Balanced cable from Tralucent?....it's already available, you just have to request it...the difference is just the plug. 
    The AK240 will have a totally odd-ball 2.5mm jack so that will be a real challenge since I have my doubts that a High Quality 2.5mm plug even exists?  And we are not talking about a magnetic steel centered plug but a non-magnetic plug in the tensy-weensy 2.5mm size...can you say:  "damn....it snapped right-off" ?
  6. seeteeyou
  7. Audiowood
    I am comtemplating on adding a CIEM to my audio life. Does anyone know if there is any CIEM that sound the same as 1p2 or similar?
  8. achl354

    You can try demo the canal works L51a
  9. lee730
    Try speak with Mimouille and Tupac. They both mentioned the NT6 having similarities to the 1Plus2. I opted for the SE5 instead due to it being quite different from the 1Plus2 yet being able to compliment them still....
  10. tupac0306
    I used to think NT6 sounds very very similar to 1+2. As I get to know more 1+2, I realize they still do have some differences, though they are both bright IEMs.
    With cut comply tips on 1+2:
    NT6 has more mid body, "density" and forwardness, so 1+2 has less filled soundstage leading to a wider presentation (NT6 is still spacious) 
    NT6 is smoother and fuller with more instant clarity, while 1+2 sounds a bit thinner and sharper on the instruments/upper vocals.
    1+2 is generally a little bit more punchy on the bass with longer decay, while NT6 has reference type of bass which lands with more accuracy and authority.
    I think overall 1+2 is easier on ears. I need to rest from time to time when listening to NT6.
  11. Audiowood

    Thanks achl354, I will look into that.
  12. Audiowood

    Thanks lee for pointing out, wait... I forgot to thank you in the past for introducing me to 1p2 about 2 yrs ago..

    So thank you again :wink:
  13. Audiowood

    Wow seems like nt6 is the way to go.. I will definitely look into it. I love everything abt 1p2, esp it's clean bass and good trebly energy with outstanding sounstage.

    Thank you Tupac!
  14. Audiowood
    I kind of read a lot abt jerry Harvey iems, did any of them has good trebly energy or the warmish typed. Did anyone of them is as trebly as 1p2 or akg3003 or even th900.. Me love bright stuff.. :wink:
  15. achl354
    i am guessint the 13pro?
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