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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. VisceriousZERO
    I'd also say the 846 is meant to be a Monitor and the 1Plus2 is more for listening.
  2. Mimouille

    I would say the 1Plus2 will be closer to the IE800 in sound sig: quite fast with a lot of clarity. The differences will be: the 1Plus2 soundstage is larger and more out of head, the bass is less boosted than on the IE800. On the other hand, if I remember correctly, the IE800 mids are a bit smoother and nicer.
  3. vwinter

    This is how I remember it too. Not that they sound alike, but the signature is in the same ballpark.
  4. vlach
    Makes me wonder where the Fitear 334 fits in all this...having a hard time deciding between 334, SE846 and 1p2... Tough decision. I am really depending on those of you who own or have made comparisons with some of these, and your feedback, to help me make a decision. Thank you all for your help...i'm in no rush...i'm sure i will eventually be able to make up my mind the more i read here :)
  5. Mimouille
    334 is yet another beast altogether...it has been compared many times on this thread, and recently on the 334 thread.
  6. achl354
    For me, the bass and vocal of 334 is quite special
    And the 1+2 wf stock gold cable sounds a little flat and boring compared to 334

    however, 1+2 wf the piccolino really changes things, the before/after difference was rather significant, making the 1+2 smoother, brings out the vocal, yet maintaining what 1+2 does best;good clarity, soundstage and seperation.

    I sold my 334, and just tried my friends 334+ 001 and 000 cable. It isnt a matter of good and bad, more like if u like ur coffee as black, espresso or latte.
  7. Audiowood
    I also sold my 334 with the alo cable, I can't get pass the dark signature of it. It's overly warm for me, much warmer than LCD 2/3 and on par with the shure 334. Lots of people like this kind of warmth sound. There are times I wish I could rip that veil off like ripping the grill off the speakers to get a brighter sound. I ended up using eq +2 on the treble, but then the eq affects the rest of the frequency. So I sold it... Plus I could not get pass that hissing sound..

    That's just me.. I luv brighter sound as I listen to low volume mostly late at night, and Brighter iem like the 1p2 excel in this area... I needed the treble lift for some jazz and New Age instrument music.. Just enough to hear that crystal crescendo fades off at around 16hz ..

    My threshold is the LCD 3, anything darker than that is not ok for me.. And to me normalcy is airy iem like the akg3003'and 1p2 brightness, sig pro, or th900. Anything brighter like the grados is too bright for me . I guess I am picky..
  8. achl354
    it all comes down to personal preference, so a mate of mine, said that he cannot listen to one specific type of sound sig for extended period of time (>40 mins), so his headphone/iem collections keeps growing and growing (ie800, k3003, 1+2, 343, 846, etc)
    one good thing about 1+2 is that the sound is little bit on the brighter side + kinda neutralish, so whatever type of cable you pair with it, the difference is noticeable. 
  9. lee730
    I think there is a bit more to it than just the signature in regards to cables. Even on my IE8/IE80s I've noticed a nice improvement in sonics where I felt the cable was worth the upgrade price. Ultimately I think it is the scalability of the gear and how revealing it is.
  10. lee730
    No that would be a pleasant experience then :p. Nothing like 700 lbs of bass impact crushing the life out of you lol :).
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    C'mon guys, don't be silly with the pix. We've got a very large audience here.
  12. achl354
    now no one is gonna understand what u really mean
    back to 1+2
    its a shame that i cannot convince myself to buy the uber, as much as i like to try, and how awesome it sounds, the iem/cable price ratio is just a but overboard
    even the newly launched whiplash gold plated silver is barely making into my list. Max i would pay for an iem cable would probably be $500
    anything more than $500, might as well save up for another pair of iem 
  13. lee730
    If you heard my former pair of 8As you would know exactly what I am talking about :p
    Anyways, most people wouldn't even consider spending that kind of money on the 1Plus2 themselves, yet alone an upgraded cable. I wasn't exactly set on purchasing the cable when I first received it. But with the more time I spend with it the more it grew on me. It really does take the sonics to yet another level. Combine that with the AK120-S mod and it is pure bliss. The only problem is I'm seeing the weakness in my desktop DAC now which sucks. I don't want to spend more money on a DAC at this point lol. I still love the LX though with my SE5 :).
  14. Audiowood

    Talk to Craig abt the price, he might do some discount as it's a new launch. It's $525, and I believe Craig could even it.
  15. achl354
    normally i would, right now i got my DIY silver gold, piccolino on hand, and expecting the silver widow and silver peptide litz by the end of the month
    but still, i would try my luck and wait for a second hand when the price is down to below $400
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