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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. DJScope

    Ear pad upgrade.
  2. alphaproject
    Not to mention the Hyper X has a mic from what I see at amazon. They are $70 there but I paid $43 for the Gemini version.
  3. wanderjahr
    Are the Cloud earpads better? If so, in what way?
  4. DJScope

    Better than the original ones. Original ones are shallow and quite hard. This is why mostly everyone hear who own the Takstars use the HM5 ear pads.
  5. wanderjahr
    Ahhh, ok. Thanks. I just bought the HM5 earpads based on some recommendations in this thread, I didn't realize the Cloud II already had decent pads. I guess they'll just be better pads now. Thanks again!
  6. kdava
    Is this the almighty HM5 pad? (I mean the third one, black velour)
  7. Roderick

    That's the one.
  8. kdava
    All right, thanks!
  9. alphaproject
    Yea...wow the black velour look NICCCEEEE.
  10. aaDee
    Just realised Cowon C2+ Topping NX1 combo was completely wrong for Takstar Pro80 + HM5 velour pads. Mid bass was completely absent and highs were little too sharp.
    Used Cowon C2 + Fiio E6 and wow....this combination is just perfect. Bass is back, highs are not harsh. Bass bleeds into mids a little but its just when you compare with other combination. Otherwise it helps in making mids more fuller. I had to sacrifice on soundstage a bit but the difference too small.
  11. BigGearHunter

    I'll be honest, people are still raving about the HM5 velour pads... I didn't like them. $25 for a bit of extra comfort, modified sound (for the worse in my view) decreased isolation and a magnet for fur and lint. I went back to the stock ones and I'm much more happy with them.
  12. spurxiii
    The pleather HM5 is much better
    DJScope likes this.
  13. Roderick
    I  use velour on hi2050 and pleather on pro80. Bass got bit boomy when I had pleather hm5 pads on hi2050 and pro80 sound a bit thin with velours. People who design headphones usually know what they are doing so most of the time you don't get better sound using pleather pads on a headphone that is tuned to be used with velours or the other way around. Both pads are excellent when pad material is chosen accordingly, often increasing the sound quality even on more expensive headphones. For example I've used velour hm5 pads on hd600 and pleather ones on w1000x.
  14. alphaproject
    Yea, I've been heaing that now. Using the velour changes the sound too much from what I'm hearing. Go stock or use the pleather ones I'm hearing.
  15. DJScope
    I like the original pleather ones, not the memory foam one. It's waaay more plush.
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