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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. jackwess
    Not sure if this was posted already but a friend told me about this headphones:
    The look like beyers, and you can have them for a cheap price. Thoughts? 
    Ps. Some changes were made to the original title in order to give a more accurate description. Thanks @purpleangel. 
  2. TMRaven
    And they look like Beyers with oval cups instead of round cups too.  Even better.
  3. Claus-DK
    The similarities are only on the outside, the Takstar is a totally different beast, how they sound ??
    I prefer them to DT880, they are one of the best buys outthere..
    They do need an decent amp to play up to its potential..
  4. cifani090
    The headband too looks like Beyer or Denon. The cups are more like Sennheiser.
  5. Parall3l
    Their website also has some headphones with designs similar to the ones used in Ultrasone headphones
  6. SanjiWatsuki
    Think of them like Superlux: they copy the design, but they're not inherently rebrands, but still offer high value.
  7. cifani090
    These look like Phiaton headphones;
  8. NinjaSquirt
    Beyer with oval cups, everything else is pretty much exactly the same. Wonder what they sound like.
  9. Claus-DK
    As I wrote earlier they are very different when you get them closer than 1 meter..
    I can say the same "it is a copy thing" about every headphone out there, there is one original, the ones they used in the 2.WW..
    If some of you instead of just yelling "copy", got you fingers in a pair you would notice that the pads is mounted different, they do not clash with the hinges, like Beyers does..
    The Wire from cup to cup, is not just resting underneath the padding, but are commin out the plasticblok at each end of the headband.
    The headband has a thicker padding that does not get sticky and yucky over time, like some does (DT880)
    If we go even closer in you would find out, that these are put toogether with screws instead of just pressed together like a cheap toy, like the beyers..
    If you were to look at the driver you would notice it is much much bigger than the drivers in DT880 53mm instead of 40mm, does not sound like much, but it gives almost double membrane area..
    If you were to remove the baffle you would notice that the cup is like an amphiteater, with levels, not just a cup..
    If you then after your examination would put them on your head, you would be amazed about just how good the sound..
    But of course it is easier and cheaper just screaming copy and close your eyes for anything else than the "Accepted brands"
    Please note I am not bashing Beyers I got several of their phones and really like them, so I am not badmouthing beyer, just trying to explain that they really are different and are NOT a copy..
    Also this post is not directed at anyone personal, I just find it so sad that people just contribute by writing copy this and copy that and completely forget what this hobby is about, getting good sound from headphone, but of course the "copy" and howl with the pack is so much easier and comfier than being open to new stuff..
    Anyway What do I care ?? I enjoy the absolutely best headphone under 50$ , while you are busy trashing things you never seen or heard..
  10. Claus-DK
    Are Grados just copies  ???
  11. Claus-DK
    How about these AKG copies ??
  12. Deep Funk
    Irrelevant, if form follows function and the headphone sounds good you can move on...
  13. nick n


    Claus-DK any chance you could take a picture of the insides, not that it matters really but I've been eyeing these various Takstars for a while. I love checking out the insides to see how they have designed stuff.  At first I considered these for ortho driver/project donors, but then got interested in the actual can itself. ( I see you've got the Philips1000 also ( i've got the 9000 basically same one) and a Superlux or two ( also have a 662f ) so I find it extremely interesting you're comparing these to the DT880 instead of those models. So in addition to build similarities you also find them besting the DT's in the sound department?  WOW
    That says a lot.
    *Can you give a brief description of the overall sound signature , I don't care how you describe it I don't need any fancy terminologies [​IMG]
    Of course I'd be amping them.
    How many hours do you have on them so far?
    REALLY interested in these 2050. ( TS-671 looks really nice too )Thanks! ( and to the OP for starting this thread up. )
    At first I didn't see them on their site, but there's also a section called T&S headphones. In there.  Looks like they've been hitting up the Hong Kong Electronics show circuit too.
    Just looked at another post here too and these use aluminum in the frames? another wow.
  14. Claus-DK
    I willl take a couple of days, but I will honor your request, do you want pictures of the Beyers, showing the same parts ??
    I am just a bit too busy weekdays to do those things, but Friday I will make it happen..
    The HP1000 is a very good phone one og our hobby´s unsung heroes, they suffer from a real bad build, but they are quite good and if one does not use an amp, they are very hard to best..
    I have written a bit here http://hoved-fi.dk/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=495
    maybe google translate can help you read it, feel free to join and ask in english..
    Hope this can satisfy you for now..
  15. Deep Funk
    Claus, the HP1000 on sound quality alone is pure Mid-Fi (in Head-Fi rankings that is), give it a good amplifier and set up and it scales up. Sometimes being a headphone addict is really worth it...
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