1. alpha80

    BeyerDynamic 100th Anniversary - 2024 Limited editions

    To celebrate 100years in business in 2024, I expect BeyerDynamic to release some special edition models of their most iconic headphones. What will they look like ? Perhaps a diamond white ? A cool silvery platinum ? Polished or matte ? Remains to be seen! I, for one, strongly encourage...
  2. 8192

    some questions about beyerdynamic Hoffenheim in 1990s

    I'm a Chinese and I owned a pair of DT901 second hand. In very good condition and I loved them so much. There's a group of Head-Fiers in China who love old productions from German & Austrian very much. There's a story about Beyerdynamic's factory in Hoffenheim, at the years about 1994-1997...
  3. Rinalice

    Balance Cable for DT1990 Help

    Hello, I hope to understand a little more about balance cables and balanced headphones cause I feel I made a purchase mistake. Feel free to comment ahead with feedback, advice or any sort, would really appreciate it! Cable: 3-pin mini XLR to 4-pin XLR Termination [Periapt Cable] Story: I...
  4. surreysteve

    Q: Is it possible to get really good quality noise cancelling over ears?

    Hiya Looking for some advice. I have In ears (Sennheiser IE80) and over-ears Phillips Fidelio X2 (Open back). These are combined with my A&K Ak70 MkII. NB I also use the balanced output from the AK70 for the Sennheisers with a Moon audio cable. The good news is I love the sound of both the...
  5. robthemac

    Mid-Fi Shootout: Sennheiser HD-6XX vs AKG K-7XX vs Beyerdynamic DT-990 (comparative review)

    Mid-Fi Shootout: Sennheiser HD-6XX vs AKG K-7XX vs Beyerdynamic DT-990 (comparative review) The massive increase in the popularity over recent years of headphones has provided with us with a wealth of options at a range of price points. One of the most competitive is the full-size, open-back...
  6. Andriokz

    Recommendation for 150-400$ (~125-340€)

    My only reference is the Audio Technica M50x. I liked them, but after my second pair broke (it's a small stop on the headphone to allow the cup to stay in place on your ear) I decided it's time to step up. There are no audio places nearby that allow me to test the sound, so hoping for some...
  7. C

    Differences in sound signature for DT770 PRO in 80 - 250 ohms

    I wanted to know the differences in sound signatures between the DT770 PRO in the 80 ohm and 250 ohm versions I've already heard that differences between them is that the 80 ohm is more bass heavy while 250 ohm is better at higher ranges; I came here to confirm what the differences are, and also...
  8. QQQ

    Another beyer woody: The Chocolate

    2020 update: image hosting lost all the pics, gotta add again. These are photos from decade ago. I just can't help myself, i love how these things look woodied, so i keep wood'ing them Thanks people for all suggestions in this thread Those were genuine leather cognac pads, before i treated them...
  9. Jefafa77

    How far can portable take you?

    Just a basic question, how far can a portable device take you (without a portable amp)?    Open, closed, IEM's, etc...At what point does anyone notice a sizable difference between a portable player and something with a little more power? 
  10. Doc-holliday

    Please someone review the Beyerdynamic Dtx 710!! Post your opinions here.

    I cant find much about these cans on the net. Although i read one short review saying they r the best thing ever sold under 75 bucks and another saying they distorted easily. If anyone has tried these pls put your opinions about them here. Thanx.
  11. jackwess

    The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

    Not sure if this was posted already but a friend told me about this headphones:   The look like beyers, and you can have them for a cheap price. Thoughts?    Ps. Some changes were made to the original title in order to give a more accurate...
  12. cleg

    Different models of Beyerdynamic 880 / 990

    Hello, I'm pretty sure this question raised before many times, but I'm lost in tons of messages, so ask again. 1. What's the difference between 880 and 990 in terms of sound (or just point me, where it's described) 2. Both 990 and 880 have different models. E.g. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO -...
  13. earplug

    Sony MDR-V6 and Beyer velour pads plastic pieces

    I recently got the Beyerdynamic velour pads for my Sony MDR-V6 headphones. I love them; they're so comfortable!   The velours came with two plastic pieces, which were the same size as the pads. I did not use them when I installed the velours onto the MDR-V6. Are they needed for the MDR-V6...
  14. j2s0n

    Noob Question (Beyer DT100 Connection Cable)

    Hi, everyone.   I study Music Tech and my lecturer has recommended we buy Beyer DT100 for studio work. I recently got mine and have just unboxed them. The connection cable doesn't want to find in the headphones though. The pins line up and stuff, but it's putting up a lot of resistance when...
  15. Crazy*Carl

    Beyer Dynamic DTX 71 iE

    I got a pair of Beyer Dynamic DTX 71 iE about 6 weeks ago.  There really not much to say about them.  They are plain, medium priced, extremely neutral in sound.  All and all an excellent portable headphone without spending to much.  Recommended.  
  16. einUsername

    Which Sennheiser headphones should i buy?

    Hi, i saw these two headphones on the Sennheiser homepage for 200 and 300 but somehow the ebay price seems to be totally different. Both are sold for approx. 120! I dont really know what the specs on the Sennheiser page mean.. could anyone tell me if they just put the wrong price tag on the...
  17. agoston.berko


    has anybody a clue which headphone has the most comfortable headband ever ???  
  18. darkmonohue

    Closed cans: AKG k 272 or Beyer DT770 600 ohm

    I'm looking for new sealed headphones.  I'm currently using Sennheiser HD 280s, but would like more bass, and find the pleather earpads get uncomfortable during long sessions.  I want good sound, but am willing to compromise some for noise abatement (I'll be using these on planes and in cafes)...
  19. AudioDwebe

    Beyer DT48E

    So what's the word on these cans? I've only read, like, two or three posts on these cans on this site. One comment about them were not good, but the other person compared these to the K501's and preferred the DT48's midrange over that of the AKG's. The only caveat is that this listener...
  20. pire

    AKG K240DF vs K271 vs DT48e

    I 've lived with AKG k240S, K501,Sens HD600, DT440 Beyer and others but i only kept K501 and DT440. I am more into speakers , i own Harbeth SHL5 and ESL 988, so i am the 'midrage' guy who wants a 'flat' but also musical sound , as i only need the bass to follow in music. I broke the k501 and...
  21. Towert7

    Headphile Luke SkyBeyer comparison

    Hello everyone! I just recently received my Darth Beyer back from headphile along with my brand new Luke SkyBeyer. Many people have asked me how they sound, so this is a comparison between the two according to my preferences. First and foremost, I must precede this comparison with the...
  22. rodspr

    Amp recomendations 300 - 1000

    Hi, long time lurker, looking to upgrade from a portable to home amp.   My requirements are 2 RCA inputs, DAC would be nice but not necessary. I have Sennheiser 600 and Darth Beyers currently, but I'm sure will add some others down the road. My price range would be anything from the Burson...
  23. milosz

    Need replacement cable for Beyer ET1000 electrostatic headphones- HELP!

    I recently bought a pair of Beyer ET1000's and the cable is bad, got a break in the middle.  I need to replace it.   I contacted Beyer and they have no parts, no info, no nothing for this product.   Any suggestions?  ...
  24. skoolage

    Vintage beyer ID help

    Can anyone tell me anything about these phones? I found them and they look interesting but I would like to know some info about them. I haven't been able to listen to them yet because I don't have an adapter. I'm pretty sure they're either a DT100 or DT150 but I'm not sure which. They aren't...
  25. gus6464

    Budget portable for 250ohm beyers?

    My desktop setup consists of a Musiland 02 paired with a fiio e9 and I am lookng for something portable that can decently power my DT770/250 and PFE 112's. Not looking for anything that can power them like my e9 just something that can do it decently at less than $150. Was looking at the...