1. VRacer-111

    SOLD: DT-177X GO with custom Impact Audio cable.

    Offering up my Massdrop Beyerdynamic DT-177X GO. Comes with the stock velour and sheepskin pads, custom attenuators in the sheepskin pads (very easy to remove if desired), stock cable, custom 8' Impact Audio cable with Eidolic rhodium connectors (in new gunmetal barrel option), and Modmic...
  2. Uppertaker

    FS: Vintage DT880

    600ohm studio version 80's DT880, custom pads and worn headband. drivers and earcups perfect conditions rare model

    Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm & Little Dot MKIII

    Testing the waters here for for my DT880 Premium cans in excellent condition along with my LD MKIII. I purchased new pads from Beyer several months ago. I do not have the original retail box for the Beyers but I do have the original case they ship in. I am also selling my LD MKIII which I...
  4. squishware

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Mod and upgraded pads are SOLD

    Good Day HeadFi, It is time to let go of a special pair of Beyers. These were modded to dual mini XLR by Moon Audio and I also just replaced the earpads with a pair of Dekoni Hybrids. Slightly worn black OEM velour pads and pleather generic pilot pad included. Original box and case are in...
  5. boneburglar

    WTS Beyerdynamic Xelento

    Selling my Xelento because I don't think I'm appreciating the bassy signature as much as I thought I would (found out that I'm more of a mids guy after listening to these). I got these refurbished directly from Beyerdynamic a week ago. I can post pics later but it includes all accessories and is...
  6. thebigsur

    Beyerdynamic DT 1350 MODDED Headphones - RECABLE Dual Entry Moon Audio 1/4"

    Here we have a professionally recabled set of DT 1350's. Mod done by Moon Audio in North Carolina (Drew Baird). Mod done in 5/2014. This cost me $275! Here are the details: DT1350 Modifications Mod: DT1350 Hardwired Split Mod Cable: Blue Dragon V3 Length: 2 Meters Conector: Furutech 1/4" I...
  7. Rinalice

    Balance Cable for DT1990 Help

    Hello, I hope to understand a little more about balance cables and balanced headphones cause I feel I made a purchase mistake. Feel free to comment ahead with feedback, advice or any sort, would really appreciate it! Cable: 3-pin mini XLR to 4-pin XLR Termination [Periapt Cable] Story: I...
  8. adolchristin

    WTB DT1990 Pro

    Looking to pick up a pair of DT1990 pros around $350; let me know what you've got. Would also be willing to trade Hifiman Sundara + cash your way for these.
  9. mrscotchguy

    mrscotchguy's mega sale HEADPHONES|CABLES | AMPS

    Greetings yall! I've been away from the community for some time and realized that some of my gear is not receiving the love it deserves. Please check out the gear below. There is some fun gear from the time I got into this hobby. At at a recent HeadFi meet here in Chicago, was surprised and...
  10. jlucas

    Beyerdynamic T1s

    Mint Beyer T1s, 1st gen. Original box, original unblemished aluminum case. I always put these on a soft towel or headphone tree when setting them down, stored in the box between listening sessions. Not my daily headphones. Original owner, non smoker. I really like them on my Bottlehead...
  11. jim723

    [SOLD] For Sale - Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

    SOLD Beyerdynamic Amiron Home For Sale I bought these pre-owned Amiron Home a couple of months ago. I have only used them for about 2 hours. The sound is very nice but not exactly what I was looking for. They are in very good condition and will come with the factory carrying case and the...
  12. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic T1 V2 (2nd Gen) - Black Special Edition

    SOLD!! They are in excellent condition all around. Come with original cable, case, and box. The pads are in good condition. Asking $500 USD including Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will ship elsewhere but buyer assumes all shipping fees. Not looking for any trades right now. Some...
  13. surreysteve

    Q: Is it possible to get really good quality noise cancelling over ears?

    Hiya Looking for some advice. I have In ears (Sennheiser IE80) and over-ears Phillips Fidelio X2 (Open back). These are combined with my A&K Ak70 MkII. NB I also use the balanced output from the AK70 for the Sennheisers with a Moon audio cable. The good news is I love the sound of both the...
  14. 308med

    [FS] Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm for parts/needs single driver

    For sale is a Beyerdynamic DT880 250 ohm headphone with one blown out driver. The rest of the headphone is in great condition and the headphone has brand new ear pads installed. I originally planned on fixing the driver (which is why I picked up new earpads) but have decided it isn't cost...
  15. robthemac

    Mid-Fi Shootout: Sennheiser HD-6XX vs AKG K-7XX vs Beyerdynamic DT-990 (comparative review)

    Mid-Fi Shootout: Sennheiser HD-6XX vs AKG K-7XX vs Beyerdynamic DT-990 (comparative review) The massive increase in the popularity over recent years of headphones has provided with us with a wealth of options at a range of price points. One of the most competitive is the full-size, open-back...
  16. vormhat

    Beyerdynamic T70p

    Like many I'm downsizing and just don't use these much. They're pristine and have soft leather or pleather pads as well. Comes also with the huge soft Beyer case that's like 12 x 12 x 6
  17. WNBC

    [SOLD] Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

    Beyer Amiron Home. Good condition.
  18. Andriokz

    Recommendation for 150-400$ (~125-340€)

    My only reference is the Audio Technica M50x. I liked them, but after my second pair broke (it's a small stop on the headphone to allow the cup to stay in place on your ear) I decided it's time to step up. There are no audio places nearby that allow me to test the sound, so hoping for some...
  19. jim723

    Beyerdynamic T90 - SOLD

    These Beyerdynamic T90s are in excellent pre-owned condition (8.5/10). They will come with the factory carrying case and the retail box. The carrying case and the box are all in good/great condition. I have owned these T90s for over a year. They were used sparingly. I rotated them with more...
  20. junki

    FS: Dekoni Beyer Sheepskin Pads - SOLD

    Selling my barely used Dekoni Beyerdynamic Sheepskin Pads. I paid $48 for them. Asking for $40 shipped. Pictures:
  21. Audioscope

    FS: Beyerdynamic T1 (MINT)

    Selling a mint condition Beyerdynamic T1. These are one of my favourite headphones, but I no longer use cans as much as I used to. The tonality of these is second-to-none. Soundstage is excellent as well and the sound of this late serial # T1 is much improved over the early serial # versions...
  22. C

    Differences in sound signature for DT770 PRO in 80 - 250 ohms

    I wanted to know the differences in sound signatures between the DT770 PRO in the 80 ohm and 250 ohm versions I've already heard that differences between them is that the 80 ohm is more bass heavy while 250 ohm is better at higher ranges; I came here to confirm what the differences are, and also...
  23. Hansotek

    SOLD beyerdynamic DT990 PRO

    SOLD. Letting go of this Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohm PRO. The headphone is in very good condition and sounds excellent. Dollar-for-dollar, this is one of the best gaming headphones out there - really fun and lively signature with good detail and an exciting punch in the bass. Price is SOLD.
  24. gidion27

    Koa Darth Beyers w/ blackmax

    Hi all Up for grabs are some awesome Darth Beyer headphones. They truly sound unique :)
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones with Meridian Explorer DAC / amp.