1. RenZixx

    Best headphones under 150$? (Not review)

    I got a budget of 150$ to get a pair of over ear closed back headphones since am bored of my HD-25 and need something new. Choices are brainwavz hm5, sennheiser HD 598 cs, m40x,etc. Mostly I would choose neutral more than coloured. If y'all have some mods please do share since I love moding...
  2. T

    ISK HF2010 or ISK HP2011 ?

    Hi guys, i have got a question what is the difference between these two headphones ? Are they better than the superlux hd669 for video editing or similar? Thanks in advance.
  3. Szakovsky

    ISK MDH9000-Discussion Thread

    ISK MDH9000- China very heap headphones. -Frequency Response:10-30000Hz -Driver: 50mm -Detachable cable -56/70$ in Ali. Imo best dynamics headphones under $1000/$1500 (With small mod). I selling my he400s for this Ath-m50x copy :v
  4. RishiBoodhoo

    ISK MHD9000, Motorola Pulse Max & Motorola Pulse M Premium

    Hi, Just to share with you my new headphones and a quick review: -ISK MHD9000 -Motorola Pulse Max -Motorola Pulse M Premium I'm more an earphone person, but when I listened to my cousin's Denon AHD2000 some time back, I though maybe I can get a headphone just for the sake of having...
  5. jackwess

    The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

    Not sure if this was posted already but a friend told me about this headphones:   The look like beyers, and you can have them for a cheap price. Thoughts?    Ps. Some changes were made to the original title in order to give a more accurate...