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Jul 11, 2019
May 18, 2013
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Headphoneus Supremus

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Jul 11, 2019
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    Public servant
    My family, listening to music
    I have a family of a wife and 3 young boys which consumes most of my time.
    Headphone Inventory:
    It started I think when my uncle gave me a listen to his Panasonic portable tape player with a 5 band equalizer when I was about 7 years old. Since my childhood I have had various Sony Walkmans, AIWA tape players, Sony Discmans, Sony Mini disc players and never really upgrading the stock phones.

    I've only recently got into upgrading the phones rather than the DAP and also very recently acquired my desktop setup.

    In order of acquisition (recent first):

    Fidue A73 - Wowsers. They're awesome

    AKG 7XX - Coming

    Beyers DT990 Premium 600ohm - Newly acquired. I like

    KZ-ATE - Newly aquired. I like

    Titan A1 - One of my favourites

    VSD5 - Nice

    HD800 - So much detail, such a wide and airy sound, its unbelievable. Now I need an amp to drive these properly

    KZES - still a bit too v shaped, and still too much mid bass bloat and bleed. GIFTED

    KZED - too v shaped, too much mid bass bloat and bleed. GIFTED

    DGS100 - Not my taste is SQ, the mid-bass is a bit too much for me and takes away from all other frequencies, sorry the sound did not live up to the hype to my ears

    TTPOD T1-E - I like but GIFTED

    UE Super.fi 5 Pro - Still nice sounding although more uncomfortable than I remember

    Havi B3 Pro 1 - So balanced and detailed for such a price, amazing

    Ostry KC06A - Similar sounding to a GR07BE, with more forward mids, a little more brighter but also less detail and less organic

    Vsonic VSD3s - Sweet mids, and great detail. like a baby GR07 thats almost full grown

    Xiaomi Pistons 2 - Also not bad for something so cheap. V shaped, bassy and rolled off highs. Quite easy to listen to and fun

    Phillips - SHE3590 so cheap but good as beaters and surprisingly decent sounding. Quite v shaped and bassy (given to my kids)

    GR07 - second pair just in case. I like them heaps

    Creative Aurvana Live 2 - Wow for $100 these are quite good. Quite comfortable also and portable.

    JVC HA-SZ2000 (SOLD) - These are definately BASS CANONS, they shake your head like nothing else, its like having 18 inch subwoofers strapped to your head. Not my cup of tea so these have been sold.

    Yamaha HPH200 - I like these alot, quite bassy for an open portable (yes its an open portable) - and I got it for $58 delivered so no complaints at all. GIFTED

    Yamaha MT220 (SOLD) - A bit too neutral. I wanted some extra oomph.

    Takstar PRO80 - These are great and a steal for about $60. Neutral sound, with that extra touch of warmth and kick to put a smile on my face. SOLD - wasn't using enough

    RE0: Got these again. They sound better than my memory. Its maybe because I'm using better sources than before. But my word, these are really spectacular and for $40, what a steal. (They broke, awaiting replacement)

    TH600: Whoah! The bass...the bass

    HD600: Enjoying them more and more each day. Such a natural sound. Balanced Audio Minor cable is on the way

    Sony XBA3 (GIFTED) - Damn that is bassy for a BA. Great for EDM. Mate needed an IEM, I gave him these.

    Mad Dogs 3.2 (Modified T50RP) (SOLD) - Sounds great, but the Takstars are more portable and very close in SQ enjoyment. These wIll be missed.

    VSonic GR07 BE - These sound great. I've never thought I'd enjoy my music through these as much as I do

    Hifiman HE500 - Used as my home setup. My reference sound. I've never heard any other mid-hi fi cans. I love this sound. Reminds me of he time I first heard stereo sound when I was 7 and got goosebumps.

    Audio Technica AD700 - good airy and clean sound but lacks bass.
    Great for gaming

    UE900 - very good allrounder but mids slightly veiled and not bassy enough for me.

    RE400 (SOLD) - Sold due to too many quality issues. Jack died twice, I sold my third pair off. I did enjoy these so much for Jazz music and acoustics but also since I've used DIY tips the bass has really come through on these and they are the best I've heard for some tracks including EDM.

    Shure SE215 (now sold) - too bassy for me. V-type signature.

    VSonic GR02 BE (GIFTED) - very v-type signature. sparkly, almost painful highs and good although slightly bloated bass. Good for a chuck around watch movies on my iphone type phone. Another mate needed one so I gave him these

    UE700 (now broken) - I remember them being clean and clear sounding similar to the ADH700s. Also lacks bass. I miss these.

    UE600 (now sold) - not bad sounding, lacks bass but also muddier than the UE700s, from memory a similar sound to the superfi 3s

    HifiMan RE0 (now broken) - amazing clarity, openness, mids, lacks bass. At the time unbelievable for a dynamic. I miss them

    UE Superfi 3s (now lost) - My first real good sounding phones, from memory clean and clear and sounded similar to my UE700s which is why I liked them so much at the time
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio Gd Master 9 - So natural, so powerful, so much dark space in between the sounds, works so well with all cans and acts as my pre-amp for my speakers. Its so flexible

    Emotiva Mini-X - similar sounding to the TP60 with better bass depth but also less clarity in the mids and less extension in the highs. SOLD

    iBasso PB2 - These are awesome and sound better than the Audio Gds, and the're portable. I still can't believe how much detail can come though a portable setup.

    Topping TP60 - So much detail retrieval from this. Currently using it to drive my desktop speaker (Yamaha NS333)

    Audio Gd NFB 15.32 - Using it as the amp for the TH600s and Mad Dogs and anything else unbalanced. Its the DAC for the Topping TP60 setup.

    JDS C5 Portable (Now sold) - Not enough power to drive my mad dogs

    Some cheap CMoy amp I go for $20 from ebay
    Source Inventory:
    Audio Gd NFB-1

    iBasso DB2

    iBasso DX50

    iPhone 5c

    iPhone 4s x 2

    Samsung GS4

    PC via Foobar to the Audio Gd via USB

    PC via Foobar to Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio Platinum
    Cable Inventory:
    Some 50cm short interconnects from ebay

    Speaker taps from BTG Audio

    Balanced midnight cable from BTG

    Balanced Audio Minor cable for my HD600s together with XLR to XLR mini, and XLR mini to TRS adapters
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home Theatre setup:

    AVReceiver: Yamaha RX-V673

    Fronts: B&W DM602S3 - TP60 driving the fronts as a poweramp

    Centre: B&W DM60LCR

    Rears: Some old Marantz speakers I bought for $10, the rubbers had deteriorated so I replaced those for $10

    Subwoofer: Richter Thor MkIV
    Music Preferences:
    Everything apart from country and classical. But I'm listening to heaps more EDM nowadays, mostly uplifting and trance
    I'm an easy going dude born in Vietnam but grew up in Oz. I eat Vegemite on toast with butter.


    Home: PC > Foobar > AGD NFB-1 > AGD Master 9 > TH600 / HE500 / HD800 / DT990 / AKG K7XX
    Portable: DX50 > DB2 > PB2 > UE900 / VSD3S / KC06A / Havi B3 / VSD5 / A73
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