1. Takstar GM200

    Takstar GM200

    A bass-heavy version of the famous Takstar Pro 82, providing great bass response all the way down to 20Hz. The bass is very close to Fostex TH900 MK2 in both quality and quantity. Perfect comfort for long listening and gaming sessions. Features: • Ø40mm NdFeB driver unit features high...
  2. L

    Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT vs Cooler Master MH752 (Takstar Pro82)

    I am getting a pair of headphones to replace an old Logitech pair and thought to buy a little more fidelity this time and not gaming gimmicky headsets. I have it down to these two... The Cooler Master MH752 are basically slightly tweaked Takstar Pro82. My First and highest concern is comfort...
  3. amsterdance

    "Cheap" headphones recommendation

    Hi mates! I've been using my Philips A5 to listen to music on some devices (I'm not an "professional" or a pure audiophile, I just love music :)) and I'm very happy with them but now I want to get some "cheap" headphones for my girlfriend. She's just a casual listener but likes music with good...
  4. manubuhay

    Takstar HD2000, Edifier H840 or Samson SR850?

    I am looking for a cheap headphone that I can use at home(gaming and music listening), I use a Takstar Pro 82 coupled with the Audio-GD 1128 when I am in the office but I bring my takstar with me at home and use it with my Fiio K1 that I recently just bought but sometimes it gets tedious always...
  5. Electrolite

    Philips SHP9500 upgrade/sidegrade?

    Hello, I would like some help to get a new headphone, I would like something under 150 dollars, not having to use an amp is a plus as well. I used to love bass but some time with the SHP changed how I listen to music. I like the signature of it, I just use the EQ to bring the bass up a little...
  6. T

    Takstar HI2050 Frequency Response ?

    Hi guys, where can i get the frequency response of the takstar hi2050 to compare them with other headphones ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread Features: • Ø40mm new NdFeB driver features high sensitivity, wide response range and large dynamic • Adopts high polymer coating diaphragm, pure bass, penetrating mids and exquisite highs • Soft and comfortable headband and ear pads...
  8. BenF

    Takstar Pro 82/GM200 Review, impressions and discussion thread

    =============================================== See the Takstar GM200 review here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/takstar-pro-82-gm200-review-impressions-and-discussion-thread.849965/page-197#post-15148815 =============================================== I used to love Takstar Pro 80. In fact...
  9. jackwess

    The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

    Not sure if this was posted already but a friend told me about this headphones: http://www.takstar.com/eng/hotview.asp?id=614   The look like beyers, and you can have them for a cheap price. Thoughts?    Ps. Some changes were made to the original title in order to give a more accurate...
  10. argentumLt

    Under 50euros over-ear headphones choice?

    Hello,   I'm planning to get a headphones from local store for under 50 euros. I live in quite noisy environment, therefore I really want over-ear headphones with a decent noise isolation and they should be more or less portable and great looking. I would use headphones for music, rock mostly...
  11. zantaff

    Have I found the best Monitor headphones for $100 or less?!

    I've been searching many hours for top notch Monitor headphones for around $100. I've narrowed it down to 3 models:   Audio Technica ATH-M50 ~$100 Sony MDR-7506 ~ $90 Sennheiser HD 280 ~$70   I've heard really good things about all of them, and am very torn on which ones should come...