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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. hanamichi
    itss coiled
  2. Arty McGhee
    i wear glasses and have a fat head
    no comfort issues i use hm5 velour pads
    mine are great for movies but i'm using audio technica drivers
  3. Jim McC
    Thanks Arty. How is the clamping pressure and ear space with the stock pads?
  4. Arty McGhee
    stock are thinner so less pressure not very comfortable imho
  5. DJScope

    Your problem is a faulty cable. Nothing more.
  6. Noldir

    That was the reason it was replaced, yes...
  7. audioplebe
    Recently I was in need of new headphones and did some looking around in the low cost category. I forget where, but somewhere I saw Takstar mentioned and that eventually lead me to this thread. Since sub $50 is my range, it's all but impossible for me to find something that sounds good(to me) and is built decently. Sacrifices have to be made. Well, I bought the Gemini HSR-1000. I'm pretty happy with it. It's built better than I could hope for, it doesn't feel like something cheap, which is what I'm used to in headphones. It's tight, I only have two notches left if I needed to extend the headband more, but it fits. It does clamp securely. It's not what I'd call too hard, but it's also not a headphone that I ever forget I'm wearing. The coil is the worst part of the build, the cord is constantly pulling at me if I move around, that's annoying. A detachable cable mod is in the future, after I live with it for awhile as is. I have not spent any time burning it in yet.
    Even so, that sound! Wow! Now I know what you guys who talk about hearing details you'd never heard before mean. Goldfrapp "Strict Machine" sounds completely different than what I'm used to, for one example. Garbage- totally different experience listening to their music now. There are little sounds, effects, what have you that are now apparent. It's shocking to me to realize that all these years I've been listening to music and missing who knows how much stuff that's in there. I can't believe it. People who are listening to high end headphones are probably thinking "You ain't heard nothing yet" but believe me this is enough of a revelation for now. 
    When I plug in my older, previously good for the price headphones and listen it's just so sad. It's like the difference between watching an old VHS tape vs a movie on blu ray. Thanks to everyone here for their posts on these low cost headphones. It made it possible for me to get something far better than before for not much more, $45 +tax vs the $30 I previously have been spending.
  8. Roderick

    Actually the sad truth is that you propably won't ever get that revelation again. Sure you can get better headphones but it's all diminishing returns from now on.
    aaDee and BigGearHunter like this.
  9. Me x3

    Nice pick! Happy listening!
  10. audioplebe
    Well on one hand that's too bad, on the other at least I don't feel in such a hurry to go out and buy a much more expensive pair of headphones now.
  11. Arty McGhee
    i've had that revelation 3 or 4 times since i started my headphone journey
  12. TheEndGame
    Anyone know what to replace the headbands on the Pro 80 with?
  13. Hal Rockwell
    I would probably go for something like this.
  14. aaDee
    Received HM5 red velour pads today afternoon. They are really very light weight. And it was pain to put them on my Pro80 but finally succeeded after 20 mins.
    The change in sound was obvious. Bass reduced vocals and highs placed away than before. But the unusual part was the details I can hear now is one stop more (sorry for my photography jargon). I really can hear more details than before. May be these pads fit my huge ears properly now. I think a lot depends on size and shape of your ears.
    It was certainly a good mod indeed :)
  15. BigGearHunter

    it's crazy how much the pads improve the experience. I still haven't gotten my Pro 80s, but I've tried it on old headphones and it makes a large difference.
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