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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. Arty McGhee
    how much are you willing to pay?
  2. BigGearHunter

    It really depends on how much I like the cable. If I see something I like, my budget could be generous. The one that I linked I like because it's both inexpensive and good looking.
  3. Noldir
    I've got a question about the HM5 pads for the Takstar Pro80: did something change in the sizing? I'm having a bit of trouble fitting the HM5 pads on the takstars. The inner diamater is also quite a bit smaller then the takstars.
    Anyone got some tips?
  4. Roderick
    It is unlikely that the size of the pads has changed. Use some force the pads are very durable. If you still can't get the pads on you could remove the plastic ring held by 4 screws. I think it will be easier to fit the ring into the pad like that. Then you can attach the screws through the fabric cover. Screwdriver should not break the fabric if you are carefull. I haven't done it but I guess there is no reason why it could not be done.
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  5. DJScope
    I've put the HM5 pads of the Goldring DR150 which has larger ear cups than the Pro 80s. I've found that the trick is to stretch the pads over the whole flange and then using something like a thin butter knife or similar go around and push the sleeve thingy into the inside between the 2 flanges. Its kinda hard to explain with words. I hope you understand.
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  6. Wokei

    How is the sound....What change..when using this HM5 pad...Cheers
  7. Noldir
    Managed it by being slightly less gentile, thanks!
    I like the comfort of the new pads but  they completely and utterly killed the bass on the Pro 80s. Anyone else got that? The sibilance is slightly less though so that's nice.
    Are the pleather pads bass killers as well on the pro 80? Or do they have other "problems"?
  8. Hal Rockwell
    I've used pleather HM5 pads on PRO 80 and haven't noticed any bass reduction. It did improve in comfort and made the stage broader and deeper.
    Noldir likes this.
  9. Noldir
    Hmm, that sounds good. Better upgrade again :p
    Doesn't the pleather get hot? That's one of the reasons I wanted to replace the original pads 
  10. Hal Rockwell

    I didn't notice that it gets much hotter than the velour.
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  11. wgrish7

    The clamping force on the Takstar's is not extreme, so pleather pads should not get uncomfortably hot.
  12. DJScope

    The change in sound is very slight. A little more bass and soundstage. The treble smooths out a bit. Comfort over 9000.

    Bass gets boomier, soundstage wider and deeper and treble less prominent.

    It gets less hot that the stock pads. I watch movies with them and it never gets uncomfortable for me.
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  13. Arty McGhee
    how about either of these cables?
  14. kdava
    Regarding this cable thing. I read somewhere that changing the factory cable to something better on a HD2000 significantly improved sound quality. Is this true for Pro 80 as well? Or at all?
  15. DJScope

    Cable changes are all placebo. If you believe it then it does.
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