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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. altrunox
    100% worth it! MUCH more comfortable [​IMG]
  2. orion23rigel
    I finally finished getting through this thread. It was quite a slog. In any event, these headphones are awesome (HI2050, HyperX Cloud, and TS-671). I put in panel mount jacks in all three sets, but I was hoping to find a bit more info on mods.

    I did discover that with a decent amount of force you can bend the forks holding the ear cups on the HI2050 and Pro80 variants to provide a better fit for those of us with larger heads. That should be of use to some. I also bent them to angle slightly so the driver is closer to parallel with the outside of my ear.
    I also picked up a relatively cheap set of Bluetooth headphones with aptX, and I'm planning to transplant the electronics into my HI2050s when I get a chance. I'm curious what kind of impact it will have on the sound quality. Maybe I'll go with the HyperX – since they're closed I'd guess adding the electronics may have a bit less of an impact there.
  3. Pierjan27
    Hi all
    Waiting for the delivery of my Takstar 2050. That's because of you Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [​IMG]
    I already have a Fostex Th-7B and a Sennheiser Momentum On Ear (special Amazon auction yesterday: 94€!).
    For the moment, I use them at home connected to a Lexicon IO42 (really great sound card) and a MacBook Pro.
    I plan to use it with my Sony Z1 and my Nexus7 2k13 tablet. So I need something: a preamp!
    Which one would you recommend?
    I've made my mind for some of them:
    Topping NX1, Bleubird U6 (U3 why not), Breeze Audio E11 (and E13)

    The Muse TU-20 was really gorgeous, but I've read so many bad reviews that I gave up. Maybe a Bravo V2 one of these days, who knows?
    What would be your choice?
    I listen to all kind of music except metal, reggae and rap.
    Thank you :wink:
    Pierre, from France
  4. kdava
    Not to hijack your question, but I'm in a similar situation just with Pro 80's. I've been thinking about the FiiO E07K, so could anyone give an opinion on that as well along the ones Pierre listed please? Would use it with a desktop PC and android phone.
  5. Pierjan27
    Hijack, please hijack [​IMG]
    Your questions are welcome and very interesting too.
  6. DJScope
    I've got the E17 and it pairs very well with the Pro 80.
  7. quisxx
    Have the Andes and it works great with the taks. Side not recently repurchased the pro 80. Damn my hearing has really changed since I last heard these. Maybe the last pair I had was defective or the pair I have now is but my two biggest (and only) issues I had are now gone. That painful treble, or upper mid range is no longer there, it just sonds... right. AnI once thought these bass light, but holy hell not anymore.
    DJScope likes this.
  8. kdava
    Cool, do you use it with a phone/dap or laptop/pc?
    Btw, might it be that you had the first version (coiled cable), and the repurchased is the newer version (straight cable)? Shouldn't be that big a difference, though :)
  9. Me x3

    My E07K works very well with my 2050s
  10. quisxx
    I use with my phone, the note 3. and I have the coiled version again. I can't use the straight cable, it's waaaaaay to long to be using outside.
  11. kdava
    I hope I'm getting the coiled version, too. Don't want meters of cable dangling about.
  12. BigGearHunter
    Well gentlemen, after reading through every single page of this thread, I decided to cancel the order I had for the HS-761 and go for the Pro 80 + HM5 Velour Pads. They should both find their way to me in a couple of weeks and I'm beyond excited to see what the sound is like as well as how the comfort is improved with the velour pads. As I recall from the comments in here they're not so hard to change are they?
  13. wgrish7
    Takstar's stock pads slip right off.
    The Brainwavz will need stretching. They are more than capable and will not rip.
    BigGearHunter likes this.
  14. quisxx
    No, they come right off , and go right on
  15. mebaali
    Is there a video or tutorial on how to change the pads of Takstar HI2050 from stock to HM5 Velour?
    Tried searching over the web and could not find a video/image(s) that showed off this procedure. It will be great for noob like me, if any of you who have already done this to their cans could point the direction.
    Thanks in advance.
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