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The Takstar, Technical Pro, Gemini Greathon, CyberX, Qpad Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jackwess, Dec 14, 2011.
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  1. aaDee

    Difference in treble region is drastic. I had to rearrange eq settings to bring it to the level it is not harsh to my ears.
  2. Jim McC
    Does the HI-2050 need an amp? Will my A/V receiver's HP jack work well ?
  3. cdeviney

    If you are looking for extra cushioning, go to a fabric store and buy some black 'pinky' material.
  4. TheEndGame
    Thanks. Mine's just really worn out
  5. audioplebe
    So far for me the Gemini/Pro80 sounds good enough with onboard computer audio, no headphone amp. It easily gets loud enough for me to think it's too loud. However my Motorola Droid can't power it enough to get it anywhere near what I'd call loud. I'd guess your receiver will do well, I'd expect it to do better than onboard computer audio at any rate.
  6. Jim McC
    Thanks. I received my HI-2050 yesterday, and it sounds great plugged into my receiver's HP jack. Very comfortable also, with low clamping pressure. I finally found an over the ear can that works over my glasses.
  7. Me x3

    Happy listening!
  8. BigGearHunter
    I just received my Pro 80s. The build is fantastic, the audio quality is great and I'm sure it'll get even better with burn-in. I just have no idea how I'll get the HM5 pads on them. Also, the HM5 pads are a lint and hair magnet.
  9. wgrish7
    @BigGearHunter Get the Brainwavz pleather then?
  10. Noldir

    The trick is to gently stretch the HM5 pads over the edge and then wiggle (or push) it in. It took me 20 minutes of fiddling to get them to fit.
  11. BigGearHunter

    I was considering that, but spending more on earpads than I did on the actual headphones seems a bit preposterous.

    Thanks! I'll try that.
  12. Noldir

    To be honest, I had the same feeling. But for me the velour pads just don't cut it. Since they're compatible with a lot of headphones I doubt they'll stay in a drawer forever. Perhaps something to consider.
  13. HiCZoK
    I own hm5 and choosen it instead of pro80.
    Why didn't You just got hm5 instead of pro80, if You want to install the pads anyway ?
  14. Roderick
    Maybe he just likes brighter headphones. I don't think hm5 is superior to pro80. I like both but for my taste pro80 has too much emphasis on highs and hm5 is bit too dark sounding. Luckily I don't have to choose between the two. 
    Has the price of the pads gone up lately? $22.50 on mp3nation and $19.50 on amazon. Amazon price is allready discounted from $29.50. That is expensive imo. It's a shame jaycar has been out of stock of digitech pro monitor headphones(same as hm5) for a long time now. For  $50 you could get the headphones with extra ear pads + case.
  15. BigGearHunter
    I was finally able to get these godforsaken HM5 pads on to my Pro 80s. Very comfy as I had already tested the pads themselves. The sound remains largely unaffected, the sound stage has gotten a tad bigger. A good mod indeed!
    EDIT: bass also seems a bit toned down.
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