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"The Lab"

  1. crabdog
  2. SilverEars
    Super organized bro! I envy the organizational skills(and the others as well). I need to be more OCD. :angry:
  3. mochill
  4. Mr Trev
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  5. Light - Man
    Mr Trev, I hope that there have not been any wild fires this year up your neck of the woods - up Canada Way?

    I have recently tried the Fidue A73 but I found them a little disappointing and included ear tips a little uncomfortable, so I used the Sony hybrids but I had a constant battle getting them to stay in my ears, nevermind trying to get a really good seal.

    I just got the Etymotic ERMK5 and the TOTL ER4XR and so far I have only opened the MK5 to see if the deep insertion tips suit me. So far I am astonished how uncomfortable they are and I feel that I will have a very short relationship with Etymotic!

    Stumbled across this video, what do you guys make of the claim?

  6. RedJohn456
    Oh lookie who showed up to the party :p

    The xDuoo TA-03 was my first tube amp, and what an amp it is! I purchased it close to a year ago and it has served me well since. They have since released the TA-10 and TA-20, the latter being a balanced tube amplifier. xDuoo has been kind enough to let me check out the amplifier, along with their new turnable player the xDuoo X10T.

    20170901_134445.jpg 20170901_133711.jpg 20170901_133840.jpg

    Haven't had a chance to play around with it but I will be sure to post impressions and comparisons properly once I have some playtime with it!

    I have a question: The Aune S6 has dual XLR outs at the back, which I am assuming is for balanced out put. The TA-20 amp has dual XLR input so the math checks out lol, but what kind of cable does one use to connect the two? I don't want to buy the wrong cable accidentally. Thanks in advance labsters, and happy labor day weekend in advance peeps!
  7. peter123

    Nice! You should use regular XLR 3-pin cables. They're the RCA cables of the pro audio world and are widely available for cheap.

    Edit: male to female.

    Hove do you like the S6 so far?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  8. RedJohn456
    Should I get one cable with two heads (not sure how to explain it) or will I need two separate XLR cables?

    I think the S6 is fantastic and really reminiscent of the Mojo but a lot bigger! I think the star of the show is the balanced output, and as with my Geek out V2+ Infinity, the balanced out sounds "different" from the single ended output and this difference is more to my preference. For single ended cans I have line out to my VE RunABOUT 2.0.
  9. peter123
    Yes, you need one for each channel just like with a regular RCA-RCA cable.

    Sounds interesting, is the line out effected by the remainder controls so that it can be used as a pre-amp?
  10. RedJohn456
    Ohhhhh, I feel dumb, I thought I needed one cable with two heads, not two separate cables lol.

    Yes, the line out is variable so you can set the line out level with the main volume knob. I have is the centre of my lap with my Laptop and Gaming console attached to it. The cool thing about the xDuoo TA-20 is that while it is purely an amplifier, it also has RCA line out, so one can daisy chain amps, without having to remove cables and reattach etc.

    Having said that, cable management has been an utter nightmare. I got an HDMI switcher, to use both my laptop and gaming console with my monitor. I have to do the same for the RCA cables, so I can keep RA 2.0 attached at all times, and the TA03 as well.
  11. Mr Trev
    This year has been a mostly typical year for fire, probably due to most of the forest being burnt up last year - they just declared that fire from last year extinguished a few weeks ago. The danger-zone this year is one province over, in British Columbia

    You checked out the reviews for the Rose Mini? Read a couple (one on THL and the other by @HiFiChris ) that's caught my attention
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
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  12. peter123
    Oops :wink:

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  13. Light - Man
    My honest impressions of the Etymotic ER4XR (IEM)


  14. peter123
    Ha hay, now you got me curious about them :wink:

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