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"The Lab"

  1. peter123
    I'm not particularly interested in the HD660 tbh, mainly because the HD650 are not my favorites. That being said I do own the HD558/598/650/700 and 800S so as a collectors I might get them occasionally if I can find them at a bargain price. It won't be anytime soon though.

    As for the new Hifiman I know nothing about them so far so it's hard to say. I'd guess I'd be interested in a revised HE-6 with better comfort than the original one :wink:

    In general I'm starting to feel pretty happy with what I've got already and the low amount of users on this site these days doesn't make me very eager to produce the same amount of reviews that I used to either. After all the main purpose with reviews (for me) is to share experiences with stuff, if only a couple of people read them it's pretty much a waste imo. I still got a couple of reviews that I need to finish here so we'll se when I'm done with those......
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  2. Jerda
    I would like a easy movable setup but what scares me about the mojo is the battery using it 85% as desktop... mojo get very hot especially when connected to a energy source so battery could get worse in not too much time, could I am wrong?
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    Your biggest concern would be leaving it plugged in 24/7, which is the condition that almost all Mojo owners have had battery issues. Not just for the Mojo but for any lithium battery powered device. As far as heat is concerned there are multiple sensors that will shut it off if it overheats. One thing users have found is that if the Mojo is turned on its side it dissipates a lot more heat through the chassis. Also, if you listen while plugged in then a lower charged battery will create much more heat than a higher charged battery because there is more Current being used to charge and drive the headphones at the same time. There's no free lunch with batteries unfortunately.
  4. Jerda
    That's why I'm buying an amp and a dac without a battery.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    I thought you were asking a question. :)
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  6. Jerda
    Yeah that's the same answer that you just said :)
  7. Mr Trev
    It'd be nice if the manufacturers would put a function that you could turn off charging. I can understand not being able to have a separate data and charging on smaller DAPs, but I can't see it being too difficult to implement on a software level. Even if they didn't disable charging completely, at least have it so charging doesn't happen if the battery is already ~75% (read it's bad hoodoo to charge lithiums if they're only down 20%)
    Personally, I find having DAC capabilities a big selling point in DAPs, and always hate to see the thing charging when it really doesn't need to be.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    Agreed 100%. Chord somewhat addressed it with the Hugo2 going in to desktop mode. Every manufacturer would do well to cover their bases and implement a way to defeat the charging if not required. At the same time a little battery management from the user goes a long way, it's really not difficult to unplug now and again if there are separate charge and data ports like in the Mojo and Hugo2. For DAPs I would 100% welcome a software feature like you suggest.

    How have you been fellow Canuck?
  9. tikue666
    Hey guys since we're talking about mojo and desktops, can I ask if a mojo connected to a Magni 3 would suffice? Or a Modi MB is much more recommended?
  10. peter123
    Iirc iBasso uses an on/off switch for charging on their Bushmaster.....
  11. Mr Trev
    Been doing well, I guess. Good to still see you're still around, the forum changes seem to have decimated the ranks

    Once upon a time I tried to hack a cable so my X3 wouldn't charge while under DAC mode. Not sure if I did it wrong or if it needs the voltage signal, but nothing happened. Literally, like it wasn't plugged in. Never bothered to pursue it any further.

    I've been waffling about just getting a dedicated desktop DAC and avoiding this issue all together, but I'm not really sure if it's even worth it anymore. Plenty of DAPs are using high(er) end DAC chips nowadays so on paper their performance should be roughly the same. IIRC, a Modi Uber costs about the same as the Cayin N3 (both use an AK4490), but the N3 has the added portability factor which increases its value in my eyes.

    I have my doubts those cheapo DIY units on Ali-E are worth the time and money, so I wouldn't go there. I have been thinking about a Topping D30. They can be had for ~$100 and based off my X1 amp I would be surprised if it wasn't a quality unit. Unfortunately it only uses a lowly CS4398 DAC - which I believe is also used in the e17k (brings up the portability question again)
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
  13. leobigfield
    It's just in coma after the visual update :frowning2:
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  14. crabdog
    Yep. Despite a lot of hard work on the site from the team it's a mere shadow of what it used to be.
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  15. boblauer
    Yep not only this thread but the site in general. It's too bad because there is a ton of info and knowledge here
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