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"The Lab"

  1. Light - Man
    Peter, I would not bother if I were you, instead try shoving a spanner or two into your ears and hold them there for half an hour - and you will get the idea.

    They might even sound better, I felt like I was projected back to the Stone Age with their SQ.
  2. peter123
    Sounds tempting but I've got these LZ Big Dipper stucked in my ears already and just can't get them out :wink:
  3. Light - Man
    :k701smile: I reckon that they should make some edible IEM's to make them more useful - other than shoving them straight into a cobweb infested drawer! :ksc75smile:
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  4. Brooko Contributor
    Peter - you got them :) How do you like them? I loaned my pair out to another guy who wanted to measure them - cannot believe how much I miss them. Interested in your thoughts.
  5. peter123
    Yeah, I've got them for a couple of days now. Been messing around with the switches and tips but I'm pretty sure I've found my preferred set up now. Will share some initial impressions in your BD thread tonight or tomorrow the latest.

    Not to ruin all the fun but they're definitely the best IEM's I've ever heard, very impressive
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  6. Light - Man
    Vince @Hisoundfi hope all has gone well with your new baby and that you are getting used to changing diapers again? :smile_phones:


    Peter @peter123 how are you liking your new HD800S and how does it compare to your HE560?

    I am tempted to get the HE560 but I mainly use my headphones with a DAP and will probably need a portable amplifier to get the most out of it.

    Guys, any suggestions what portable Amps or DAC-Amps pair well with it or do I need to go desktop?
  7. Jerda
    Ehy Peter, casually I've read that you said opus 1 isn't good with multi-BA IEM, can you explain me the reasons? Thanks mate :)
  8. peter123
    Funny you should ask, I just posted this in the HD800S yesterday :wink: If you've got any questions feel free to ask.

    After spending about a month with the HD800S now and playing around with different sources I'm totally enjoying them. The bass is still a bit bloomy compared to the HE560 and vocals are a bit recessed in comparison but everything else is better on the HD800S to me. I find that eight time out of ten I pick the HD800S.

    I find the HD800S to work great with all of my "good" sources and they're also revealing enough to show differences between the sources. This makes them very fun to use as I can switch between sources depending onmood or music that I listen to and still berewarded with great sound but in slightly different flavors.

    In all I'm very happy with my purchase ofthem.
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  9. peter123
    I believe you've misunderstood. I remember once saying that if anyone could hear the output impedance on the #1 affecting the sound I'd be really surprised. I don't believe it is a problem to use it with multi BA IEM's so I'm pretty sure I've never said so :wink:
  10. Jerda
    Ok thx! I'm going to like your earlier post so you can see it :)
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  11. Light - Man
    Thanks Peter, do I have any chance of driving the HE560 from a powerful DAP, how does it sound with your Opus DAP, etc. - also did you try the HE560 with the Chord Mojo when you tested it?

    How does your HE400i compare to the HE560, I believe the 400i is easier to drive?
  12. peter123
    Unfortunately I didn't have the HE560 at the time that I had the Mojo around. My guess is that it would be a good match sound wise but lack power. I'm sure others have tried though so maybe ask in the Mojo or HE560 thread. Some things like the VE Runabout or Cayin C5 is enough for the HE560 (and also a good match) but I'm not able to fully enjoy them straight from any of my DAPs.

    The HE400i is a good deal more easy to drive. On all my sources I use them at pretty much the same volume level as the HD650.

    The difference between the HE400i and HE560 is pretty big imo, I'd even go as far as to say that they've got different signatures. This also means that on may prefer one over the other due to preference and not necessarily technical abilities.

    The HE400i is a good deal warmer with more mid bass than subbass while the HE560 is more subbass focused. The HE400i comes across like more mid centric but despite this I think than the HE560 has a better midrange presentation. The HE400i does also have a more elevated upper midrange making it more prone to sibilance (although I don't think they're problematic) while the HE560 has better extension and quality in the treble. Imo the HE560 is definitely on a higher level than the HE400i but I consider them both a crazy good value. Despite this I'm keeping the HE400i, because they're very different and as you know I like to have multiple options :wink:
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  13. Jerda
    Hey you have the he400i and you had the mojo in the past ! Great to know!
    Buying amp/dac for the 400, the mojo could give all the power needed or you suggest to go for the stack with m3 and mimby? :D
  14. Mr Trev
    Holy crap!! Lab posts! Been a while

    @peter123 With your acquisition of the 560 and 800s you got any interest in the hd660? Hows bout any new HFMs? - at least I'm assuming theres new models coming soon considering the local dealers are doing final clearance sales on the 400i and 560
  15. peter123
    I'd suspect that the Mojo would pair well with the HE400i. I didn't have the two around at the same time though so this is just from memory. That being said personally I wouldn't choose the Mojo for desktop usage due to its design (just personal preference, it's a bit small and light and I typically prefer more robust designs) but if you like a easily movable source it's a good alternative.
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