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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    As best as I can tell the new version just has new/different earpads and headband. Still haven't seen one for sale yet myself.

    There was a whole s-storm over the switch from Woox to Gibson manf. There were/are some QC issues, but I feel that most of the problems were way overblown - probably compounded by the fact Philips never disclosed some changes they made. This resulted in people ripping their earpads, just to see if they were glued on or not <insert flippant remark about some people's parents possibly being related here>

    I never got the whole muddy bass complaints either. My thoughts are those folk might just be using a subpar source. I know the X2 are described as easy to drive, but I find they do sound much better with a decent amp behind them.
    Recessed mids?? Technically… on paper, yes, but nothing I couldn't just listen through - never bothered trying to EQ the things either
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  2. Mr Trev
    Anybody using a NAS fed music server? I'm using a WD Mycloud to feed DACphile and other DLNA clients. The HD is pretty much full, so I need something new and BIG. I was thinking about just getting a bigger mycloud, but after playing with the DLNA end, I've come to the conclusion that a: Twonky sucks, or b: WD's implementation of Twonky sucks. (popular opinion seems to be WD is at fault for not offering any support for Twonky even though they list it as a feature).

    Can anyone offer a decent cheap alternative to the mycloud (forgot to mention WD's smb security issues). I mention cheap since I'll only be using this for music/file serving and don't need to spend the big $$$ for fancy hardware video decoding and other stuff alot of these NAS offer
  3. RedJohn456
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  4. Mr Trev
    Hey! You're still around. I was worried we might have lost you in the <in big boomy echo voice> Forum Change Apocalypse:beyersmile:

    I think I remember @peter123 speaking highly about those VE cables
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  5. RedJohn456
    Tell me about it, I was ready to give up on the site. I am not really happy with the design changes and I don't think I will ever adjust to it :/
  6. crabdog
    I got one recently for the AR-H1. Very good value indeed.
  7. peter123
    I do indeed:

    20170731_113119.jpg 20170731_113044.jpg 20170731_113102.jpg
  8. peter123
    On another note I've been spending the last days redecorating my lab and I've gotta admit that I'm pretty happy with the result:

    20170802_212402.jpg 20170802_212257.jpg 20170730_201430.jpg 20170802_212141.jpg
  9. Mr Trev
    Damn, now I really have some serious gear envy.

    Is it just me, or do those cables look tiny for a pair of cans? With my tendency to step on/pull cables, I don't know if they'd stand a chance in my world - nice thing bout the Grados, you could tow a vehicle with the stock cable
  10. HiFiChris Contributor

    Looks beautiful! :beerchug:

    By the way, that keyboard looks bloody nice - according to Google it is a Microsoft Sidewinder X6, isn't it? Too bad it's using rubber domes and no mechanical switches - although I have to admit that I regularly like writing on rubber dome keyboards too, and am even using flat scissor switch keyboards for writing most of the time. Yes, I would definitely say that I'm using my scissor switches more often than my mechanical keyboards for writing, mainly because of the slimmer key caps.
    There was one manufacturer who introduced a keyboard with flat mechanical switches about a year ago (forgot the name), however it's a wireless, portable model designed for the iPad Pro. Would be nice to see flat mechanical switches in flat desktop keyboards in the not too distant future, although I have to say that the wear on my Kensington Advance Fit, the scissor switch keyboard I'm using most of the time at the moment, is lesser than I expected.
    Anyway, is there a reason why you're not using the number pad?
  11. mrmoto050
    Sweet! I'm still using cigar humidors.
  12. tikue666
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  13. peter123
    Thanks Chris! I've honestly got no idea, I believe it's an old one just found it laying around. You may be right about it being Microsoft branded but I'm not at home for a couple of more days so I'll have to confirm when I am.

    Thanks! I've got some old cigar boxes around as well but unfortunately without the humidity control.
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  14. raypin
    mm...my messy lab:

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
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  15. raypin
    Mm...in storage:

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017

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