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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. DC68
    We'll see :).I also still have the AKG K450. Worst choice in electronics I ever made. Will compare them too[​IMG]
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    Why were they? I look at and thought about the Q460 a lot.
    I got the K422's for $20 and boy. For $20 they good...but they are open so they are not suitable for .....90% of the puroses that I use headphones for.
  3. DC68
    These were my first portables and had fun, but ditched them quickly for some cheap sony (EXLP35?) iems  and they sounded way better. 
    And then hearing the Cal! I thought by myself why did I ever buy the k450.
  4. analogsurviver
    @ Cute
    Ah well, maybe tomorrow - in decent hours. Here it is 1:42 AM, and I had to wake  a friend at midnight to order them for me, as my credit will show up in real force in 10 hours time - i would have missed them without his help. Appreciate info though, thanks !
    @ Dsnuts
    Well, I do not see Metallica track as TECHNICALLY beter/tougher to reproduce - but please bear with me this is in reference to Philips SHE3580, 
    I do connect Stax Lambda Pro to my netbook often, but it is not "go to internet" phone, lol !
    I really find it hard to find ANYTHING really good sounding on youtube - there are understandable limits to how much data is still menageable. And there is (also understandable) tendency at YT to diminish the resolution after certain amount of time after the original posting has expired. I mentioned analog LPs, particularly direct to disk, my own masters etc - I rarely listen to CD now, let alone lesser/compressed formats. I wanted to ask you to listen to a certain acoustic bass player to comment on ability of the JVC to diferentiate really fine nuances, but difference from the same track played from vinyl and YT is so great you would have only wondered what the hell you were supposed to hear. Sad, but true.
    But do not get me wrong -. I cherish YT as it is an enormous asset and enrichment on the global scale, allowing things that were undreamt of only a while back. Extreme audiphilia nervosa notwithstanding.  Please go and check the thread I started today : http://www.head-fi.org/t/622055/evelyn-glennie-how-to-listen-to-music-with-your-whole-body
    Regarding Metallica - when this
    came out, I was browsing some LPs in shop, the CD was on the speakers and during my half an hour stay in shop I saw at least 10 customers carying it to the cashier's - compared to this tribute, Metallica can sound at times like a gentle baroque quartet - lol ! Please note that I DO appreciate original - IIRC, Metallica did approve this cover by Die Krupps and maybe even played together with them a couple of times. Unfortunately, it really takes very good/expen$$ive equipment to do this recording justice - YT is FYI only.
    Best regards,
  5. DannyBai
    This is shocking!!
    I really enjoyed the D2000's but loved the D5000's, especially with bigger pads.  I'll take your word though since I think the FXD iem's are absolutely fantastic.  I can still remember the sound of the D5000 pretty well so we'll see how the S500's stack up.  I wouldn't think the soundstage would compare though but I would assume tighter bass and better details which sounds good to me.  
  6. cyloh
    Opened up the S500. Empty plastic cup. No stock dampening material.
    I've set some 2mm spacers between the screw points. After reassembly, the S500 are now consider semi-open or vented.
  7. bowei006 Contributor
    How are they now that they are vented?
  8. cyloh
    Everything's the same except more forward. Like smacking the same sound sig right in your face. Zero gains in terms of soundstage.
    Then again I'm quite tired now so might give it another listen when I'm more refreshed.
    When time allows it, I'll try dampening the plastic cup with... blue-tak, blue-tak + felt, dampening foam, dampening foam + felt, etc.
    All sorts of combination to see if something bites and actually propels the sound to another level.
  9. bowei006 Contributor
    Do any of you listen to mainstream rap or EDM on these?
  10. Norml
    Has anybody in the US who ordered from ace of bicycle received theirs yet? If so, how long did it take? 
  11. Norml
    Screw it! Ordered. This will be the first non-iem I've tried. Well in about 30 years at least. I was looking into the FXD80 to replace the FXT90 I just sold when I saw these mentioned. I hope they live up to all the hype. 
  12. Achmedisdead
    Damn! The same seller on Amazon (Tokyo JAPAN) has bumped the price up in a major way since I ordered mine yesterday morning.....from $23.55 + $23.55 shipping when I ordered them, which was about 10:00 AM Thursday,  to now $95 + $23.55 shipping, at 12:37 AM Friday.[​IMG]
  13. sfwalcer
    Think they are trying to recover from that major hit they took for selling at the low price earlier today. [​IMG]
    In all seriousness the prices on amazon are pretty ridiculous at times, changes on a dime. Lets hope they honor that price we got it for. [​IMG]
    Can't wait to see more impressions, don't let the hype train derail you'll keep it coming!!!    
  14. ericp10
    Way to go Dsnuts. I switch between the S500, FXD80 and ASG-1.2 with ear time now. Have the S500 on my ears now with about 80 hours. Wonderful!
  15. cyloh
    I'm beginning to wonder how would it sound like if the S500 driver were to be transplanted in to the S600? [​IMG]
    They both practically have the same twisting and folding mechanism and perhaps the 600s are more solidly built?
    Well at least it would be over ear comfort.
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