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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. cute
    I wasn't going to let you suck me in again dsnuts, but I just ordered two pair for $79 and change with 1-3 day shipping from Amazon.....and I see the gunmetal and red colors are still at full price.  Just the black available for this price.  Future gift for my grandsons, unless they can't tear them from my hands, lol.
  2. Gee Simpson
    Well I'm from the UK and ordered a pair a few hours ago. I'm sure they'll ship to anywhere in Europe.
  3. bjaardker
    Well, I couldn't wait. I had to jump on the Amazon price.

    Total WITH expedited shipping is $52.10 for me. Just too good of a deal to miss.
    A little worried we'll end up with fakes or get scammed, but with it being an amazon marketplace order, I'm comfortable with their backing.
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh damn. We are gonna get like 20 impressions in a week to 2 weeks..Ya the price. Mistake or not is too good if you guys have been reading this thread or are just curious about these. Don't be. Just get one is all I can say. There has never been a headphone with this degree of proficiency in the sounds for this little. Never. 
    As for the bass end.. It is all class and sub bass is some of the best quality I have ever heard..The sound is clean. Very well balanced and excels in all parts of the spectrum. Nothing lacking or overdone. Just pure awesome.  You guys are gonna love these things. I am willing to bet on it.  All tight all the time. It is an astounding achievement in JVCs end..All previous cheap but great headphones are all out classed by these. I am not joking or exaggerating in any way when I say these might very well become your favorite or one of them.
    bjaardker likes this.
  5. bobeau
    Dsnuts, are you planning on checking out the S400?
  6. analogsurviver
    @ Gee Simpson
    Once bitten - twice shy. Whenever there was something really good on Amazon, shipping ALWAYS made the deal unreasonable. 
    I did check and the seller Tokyo JAPAN Inc. does ship anywhere at cost that is about equal and fair to anywhere in the world. Therefore this might end up my first Amatzon purchase.
    Which could not be said about UK distributor for Meelectronics;
    I am still considering getting A161p, but shipping from UK to Europe is -  LSTG 25.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am thinking those will be very similar in tuning to these HA-S500. But with smaller 30mm Carbon Nanotube drivers.. I am guessing lesser sub bass. But then again. It is hard to predict how these JVCs are going to be like as the smallest Carbon Nanotube drivers on the FXD earphones also produce a very proficient and lovely sound with a solid bass end. It would shock me if those were better than these however.
    I am gonna wait a bit till those are released world wide or is more available and I will probably get one. If I know a few of you guys here are probably gonna get those too. 
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    I just checked that dealer page on amazon. 2 left. lol!
  9. oneoseven
    I want to jump on that price so bad but I'm not sure how much I would actually use them.. I don't think they'll take any head time away from my CKM500s and I have a full sized pair for at home use.. So tempting though.. Decisions decisions
  10. Achmedisdead
    Does anyone who already has these wear glasses? Just wondering how comfort could be affected....
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    You know what. I was not tempted with these at all. I knew about them and all. But it was Ericps first impressions of them that had me snapping one up. I will post it here.
    1. [​IMG]
    1. ericp10
    2. [​IMG]
    4. offline
    1. 3,632 Posts. Joined 11/2009
    2. Location: Chicago, IL USA

    Okay, so this is not the proper post for this, but since they're in the same family I thought I'll mention a product here briefly. 
    I received today the JVC HA-S500. It's just barely fitting the criteria, but it is an "over-the-ear" fit. If you have really large ears it might fit you more like "on-the-ear," but I would say I have medium ears and it's encompassing the whole ear.
    This is DEFINITELY the headphone brother of the FXD80/FXD70/FXD60 family. I would say the S500 is more akin to the D80's sound signature. Without burn-in and out of the box for like two five-minutes Steely Dan songs, great bass and treble (I can tell the bass is going to get deeper but nice punch out of the box); forward vocals; and great transparency and clarity. It's in the same family. Highly detailed headphone quite above the $52 retail price I paid for it ($80 if I add shipping from Japan). I see a few dealers in the states have 1 or 2 on Amazon.com. That's it. Solid construction with excellent sound.
    He got me with, " more akin to the D80 sound signature"...Did I need an on ear? Nope, I own several great ones. But now that I have one. I would have been pissed if I missed out on this sound..The sound is what will get you. As for comfort we will see about how other pads will work on these. I do have the Sennheiser HD25 velour pads on the way. Will report back with how those work out.
  12. sfwalcer
     I feel your pain man, was looking for a solution to this exact problem cuz I don't want to deal with contact lenses,.....
    These are so BOSS, but it's so freaken hard to find/ buy a nice frame sigh. 
    Morpheus approves!
  13. analogsurviver
  14. rickdohc
    Dude.. are you 100% sure?????..  no regrets if i buy them?. im gonna spend my "lunch" money on this phone... if i dislike them like 1% you will have to refund me 100% my money back!!! im not going to eat lunch for a few days just to buy them!!!!!.. ARE YOU 100% SURE I WONT BE DISAPPOINTED?!?!?!?!?
    not joking!!... ... ... ............................................. kind of joking, i will still eat but......................... im just a click away!... mouse over "Purchase"... finger on left click.!!!  
    CLICK!....   i jumped the bandwagon...........      again............[​IMG] ...  me, jumping over --- >   seo_bandwagon.jpg
  15. nbourbaki
    I was a little late to the party.  After catching up on this thread, I saw the deal, followed the link. Pricing showed $55.00 + 23.55 shipping when I first hit the link.  Went back in about 10 minutes later and the pricing shot up to $95.00 + 23.55 shipping.  Sorry I missed the deal, but at this point the pricing is all over the place.  I'll have to be a lot faster next time.
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