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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    NEW!! Fun event for HA-S500, HA-S400 owners. Link here.
    Introduction. These are the newest supra aural portable headphones from JVC and thanks to our good buddy Ericp10 who ended up getting a pair of these. His impressions of these had me curious to get these for myself. So how are they? Worth a thread. Yes fellas. These are just too good not to have their own thread.
     40mm Carbon Nanotube Driver. Just fantastic!
    8hz-25Khz freq.
    32 Ohm
    106/1mW output
    1.2m. Cord. No pouch [​IMG] Ebay price $50-$55 plus shipping.
    Owning many a great portable sets myself and some of the older JVC portables the HA-S600, HA-S700, HA-M750. These are the best I have heard from JVC and What makes these so special?
    The Carbon Nanotube drivers in these reproduce music the way you want to hear them... JVC has used carbon based drivers in the older headphones with mixed results. Both the HA-S600 and the HAM-750 are nice for being $30, $50 headphones but nothing I would consider special. These, are special.
    Without further ado let me get into why these get a thread from me.
    Build.. These have a solid build right out of box I noticed these have weight to them. Not heavy mind you but the HA-S500-Z model I have here have gun metal for the out side cups. A very cool clean modern look to them.
    The cord is just fantastic. The best thick cord I have seen JVC use on any of their headphones. The headphones themselves fold from the center of the headband and swivel 90 Degrees outward and fold up for easy storage. I can tell the build is simply tops for these headphones. Only wish they included a pouch for such a nice headphone but alas no pouch.
    Sound..I know many of you guys are used to my threads being great bang for the dollar and these are no exception, These have one of the best dynamic headphone sounds I have heard on headphone to date. It has everything to do with the Carbon Nantube material JVC is using on these headphone. The HD moniker is on the packaging for a reason. These will not only pick off the detail you expect from your tunes but do it in a way that is not too common for portables. Don't let the smaller 40mm drivers fool you. These have a very clean balanced powerful sound more like a full sized headphone more than a portable
    Highs. Articulate, detailed, extended oh so well. No sharpness or sibilance to make you cringe just the detail you want in your high end sound with absolutely no harshness whatsoever. Timbre detail on these are tops very similar to the new JVC earphones the FXD70 and the FXD80s. JVC tuning comes through with a very clean non fatiguing extended highs on these. Not sharp, not dull, just right. Can't complain here.
    Mids. Oh lovely. These have a solid amount of defined mid section to make all your tunes sing. I noticed where these differ from the earphone versions is the depth and width of the mids on these are a step above the earphones. Vocals are lush with detail that only comes with higher end headphones. Again the Carbon Nantubes does a wonderful job of picking out the details you want from your tunes. Very full and lush to boot. No recessed nonsense here. These have the mid section that I find perfect for the presentation.. The overall sound is a bit north of a neutral sound. But done very tastefully and a high level of detail in every part of the spectrum. Imagery on the carbon nantube based headphones all of them have great imagery and these are no exception. Overall a very lovely detailed coherent sound altogether.
    Lows. Fans of bass rejoice and these have some of the best bass end for portables. These approach the WS55 in bass easily and extends lower than them in the sub bass.. Carbon Nanotubes I noticed in all the different variants the FX40, the FXD70, FXD80 all have solid textured bass end and these having the biggest drivers out of all of them have the deepest fullest sub bass out of all of them. There is a bit of a mid bass but nothing that over shadows the rest of the sound. I have a feeling much like the FXD80 these need a burn in to smooth out the overall sound but to be honest. They sound lovely from open box. Lol!  The sub bass is awesome on these. The extension in the sub bass is very satisfactory I think even for bassheads. These simply have some of the best full textured sub bass I have heard for portable or full sized headphones.
    So in a nutshell the sound is a very complete and dynamic one..Extended articulate clean highs without being harsh in any way., A balanced lush full on detailed mid section with very great imagery and lastly some tight textured full bass end that will satisfy your music enjoyment for any tune. These are simply some of the best headphones I have heard in a while.. More impressions to come.. My advice.. Snap one up. Absolutely fantastic product from JVC.  And this impression was from open box. Will only get better with a full burn cycle.. More to come..
    Sound Measurements from Tyll Hertsens
    Update (new) 12/28/12 [​IMG]
    First ever pic for cheapo gear was fun. Thanks to Waynenumm collecting the tracks.
    Use this for your burn in. Worked wonders on the earphones and will do the job for S500. Thanks Bjaardker
    1. [​IMG]
    1. bjaardker
    2. [​IMG]
    4. online
    1. 267 Posts. Joined 11/2009

    http://www.bassdrive.com/v2/  Or this http://www.bassdrivearchive.com/flashme/
    Thanks to geko95gek for his mixes. Try this out fellas. http://www.mixcloud.com/liftedandreas/
    It turns out that Sennheiser HD25 velour pads work perfectly with these headphones. The best comfort for the cash can be bought separately from online vendors. BnH. ebay.
    Ghostfit http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/225#post_8593838

    Cyloh http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/330#post_8600702
    Marlonmarabe http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/420#post_8609700
    Ericp10 http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/315#post_8600337
    Vlenbo http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/435#post_8610469
    Drbluenewmexico http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/420#post_8610155
    DannyBai http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/450#post_8610847
    Waynenumm http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/2355#post_8788767
    Bobeau http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/510#post_8618312
    Larzza http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/510#post_8617926
    Cute http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/540#post_8621936
    Draven5494 http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/630#post_8626292
    Achmedisdead http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/705#post_8632386
    Doc-Holiday. ATH pleathers http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/1980#post_8749134
    Kwerdender http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/3420#post_8919213
    Geko95gek http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-get-your-pic-idea-ready-for-the-21st-ha-s500-pic-for-cheapo-gear-day/3495#post_8927869
    Mods Pages
    Doc-Holiday. Recable.http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/1545#post_8722487
    Cyloh Rehousing http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/1095#post_8678550
    Cyloh Cup mod http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-40mm-carbon-nanotubes/2115#post_8763449
    Sfwalcer full HM5 ring mod http://www.head-fi.org/t/621063/the-new-jvc-ha-s500-get-your-pic-idea-ready-for-the-25th-winners-announced/4095#post_9023880
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  2. dweaver
    Are these on ear or do they go around the ear? I have pretty much given on on ear headphones due to comfort issues.
  3. jant71
    I think Eric said they are a smallish circum-aural that fit him but larger ears may reach the pads. I think Dsnuts should measure the diameter of the inside so people can determine if their ears will fit inside :)
  4. rickdohc
    how is the bass compared to the HTF600, XB500 and 700... SQ overall.?
    if you wanna get poor very fast... join Head-fi!
  5. droilfade
    They look like on ear. I don't mind trying these...What I want to know is how comfortable are these? Are they good for long listening, walking sessions? Also..how about microphonics?[​IMG]
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh yea these are smallish on ear for sure. But almost no clamp. Very light clamp on them. Very comfy. Just the right amount of pressure. Hows the bass? Fantastic. Believe me I give these the thumbs up in the bass end. Might be a bit much for non bass fans. Lol. Na it is tame on non bassy tracks. But when the tracks have the bass end to them. The full on rumble ensues.  No microphonics. Good amount of isolation being on ears.
    The SQ of these are definitely above the bass full sized. Much better mids and highs on these. The bass end is complete too. These extend lower than the HTF600. Easily. Where these might lack in sound stage over a semi open headphone they make up for it with a very nice coherent clean sound..
    These are so comfy and built so well these are PERFECT for outdoors..One of the best portable headphones I can think of if not the best. These sound more like a fullsized headphone than a smaller one. The sound signature is non fatiguing. Not a bright sound signature at all.
  7. sfwalcer
    WoW, so these are like the best of the carbon nanotube IEM's from jvc transplanted all into one headphone.  AND the non-forgiving sound signature of the jvc 40's regarding highs/ poorly mastered music are eliminated in these babies?    OMG OMG officially HYPED!!!
  8. epithetless
    Sounds intriguing. Thanks for the write-up. Any creaks or clicks when extending them, rotating the cups, putting them on, or wearing them?
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Nothing but pure music pumping through the new Carbon Nanotube drivers.. I love the build on these. Trust me they don't look like a $50 headphone or built like one either. These have a solid $100plus build/sound easily.
  10. kiteki
    After the huge success of the FXD80, especially in technology, stereo imaging, clarity, and price to performance ratio, I'm not at all surprised JVC has come around the block, to release a headphone to put audio quality in it's place.
    I think the days of the TF10 and ATH-M50 are - over at last.  This is like when tweeters met Titanium, or sub-woofers met sportscars.
    Sure, there's some excellent headphones out there, like the Shure SRH-940, but at the monthly salary of a doctor in a third world country?  No thx, students and online poker players unite.
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  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    So far I haven't heard a tune these don't excel with. Just awesome sauce..These blow the doors from the old CALs or the AKG DJ 518s. Previous cheaper portables must take note! Absolute beauty in all aspects of the sound. This sound a year ago could easily go for $200. M-80 Cough cough...
  12. rickdohc
    Where did you bought them?  Ebay sellers are from Japan.
  13. kiteki
    I was attracted to the bio-cellulose and Fostex production of the CAL!'s, but when I saw iffy reactions here and there and the fact they took a short-cut in the bio-cel, I never looked into it.
    I'm one of the people on head-fi which believes in technology (like stiffness to weight ratio), statistics, and seasoned reviews instead of graphs derived from a microphone or ADC, usually in very ideal (like a Texas Instrument's lab) or non-ideal conditions (like a plastic or metal cylinder mimicking an ear canal).
    JVC is a company which believes in technology, not only in the Audio Technica way like 'Hokkaido Cherry tree = sweet resonance' yet in intuitive & realtime ways.
    Look at what makes a good tweeter ー the material.
    So... why should it be any different in headphones?  I like how my ES10's have fibre glass, Titanium and cutting edge magnets in them, but we've all been waiting for a company like JVC to make high quality sound for less.
  14. sfwalcer
    DAMN IT!!! the dirt cheap 40s are a clever trap from JVC.  Its the gateway to audio hell. LoL
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh so true! lol.. The FX40 are the trojan horse for JVC. Be warned.!
    Agreed with Kiteki.. Ya all of JVCs headphones this year have been on the cutting edge not only in new design but in sound where it counts. These have nothing to do with how much they cost sound wise. These are going to surprise many a guys that are used to the traditional Neodymium drivers..
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