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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. dweaver
    How does the midrange compare to the FXD80, is it the same positionaly or more forward? Is the bass significantly more in your face or just has more presence and feel to it when required, again as compared to the FXD80?
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Bad news. So I tried some pads.The only ones that will fit on these will be others in their size. the AKG 518 and Denon D500 for example but those have the same type of pads that are on these so kinda pointless. I tried Cals. Too big. I tried the velour pads that was on my Pioneer Se MJ5s but they are just a tad bigger.
    50mm driver pads are too big
    From Left to right. HA-S500, Pioneer Se Mj5, HTF600. Unfortunately both these as others I tried don't fit. Gonna have to look online.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor

    The mids are bit more forward in the sound. The sub bass has full presence when called for but don't get in the way at all. Very controlled sound on these headphones. I am certain the same sound team that was responsible for the FXD earphones did these headphones as well.  These don't have the imagery down like the FXD80 but comes close..The sounds on these have more depth than the FXD80 I assume because of the bigger full sized 40mm drivers in a closed design. Because these are closed these lack the air that is on the FXD80 but make up for it with a nice lush mid section that people will love. The bass end is tame much like the FXD80 is when the tracks have no bass end to them. The bass end is more headphone than earphone that is certain. So much more presence but again only if the track has it in the recording. 
  4. DannyBai
    Thankfully these are on-ear or else I would be on ebay right now buying them.  
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    You know I can understand why guys would not want on ear headphones but these barely clamp, fit snug, isolate well,  but most importantly they sound amazing. Portability wise these have it. Perfect for short to long trips..Nice to have some variety in the way I get my sounds. Thats just me I suppose.. It is too bad JVC don't make a full sized using these drivers. A full sized 50 mm driver version using Carbon Nanotubes.? I want.
  6. kiteki
    Their Carbon Nanotube gameplan is ...
    - cheap IEM
    - cheap portable headphone
    - medium-priced full-size headphone
    - expensive speaker/s
  7. dnullify
    I think i might be waiting for these to hit our shelves... I'm not entirely sure about pricing.
    I'm not sure if i like that they're on-ear or not, they look like the fit/seal would be a little to awkward, like half on half off. they certainly look pretty darn cool.
    I do find the carbon nanotube full size drivers intriguing for sure, especially with how you described the sound signature.
  8. Inks
    TF10s have been surpassed yes, long time ago, even at their 100$ sale price. It's just too flawed both mechanically and sonically to withstand time. 
    M50s are classics though, for the price, there's little to fault. Time will tell just how these fare rather than initial thoughts. 
  9. ericp10
    So I didn't lie, Dsnuts? LOL [​IMG]
  10. kiteki
    Yeah I was hyping a bit there, however I'm happy about the price versus technology featured here nonetheless.  This could be a case of new-toy-effect, I don't think the FXD80 is though.
  11. Inks
    Hyping is inevitable for newer products, I've come to terms with that. Doesn't mean the hyped product is bad though, just that it's solidity may be overblown. 
    About the 80s..
    It seems to be a solid, exiting product, but not a game-changer by any means. I've been hearing complains about the 80s from knowing users via PMs not sure why those users don't post though, perhaps they are going to in the future.
    Anyway, let the discussion of these continue.  
  12. Dsnuts Contributor

    No my friend you didn't. These are fantastic. Just awesome sauce at a very nice price as well..I can only imagine how they will sound with the full burn in happening. Will report back with more impressions but if these are how they sound on open box. Oh lordy. Lol!.
    @Inks ya there is no such thing as perfect earphones for everyone. There will always be issues, be it sound or fit for some and not others. It will just come down to what one accepts as a good sound for them and what isn't.  Preference aside all the new products from JVC this year has stepped up huge.. All of their new stuff are too awesome and pull much more quality for the price payed..I just hope others step up to what JVC has done this year.
    It just amazing to see every single one of their product shine.
  13. Inks
  14. Inks
    Of course there's no perfect headphone, that wasn't implied. Still 
    I agree, the fact that JVC making a progress for themselves is a plus. 
  15. Mad Max
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