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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor

  2. 7S Cameron
    Can anyone tell me how these sound compared to the Creative Aurvana Live!'s? I listen to metal music mainly, but my taste is pretty diverse, so I want headphones that will work well with all types of music.
    The only thing stopping me from picking these up right now is the comfort level (over ear or on ear? as well) and the soundstage.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    These are definitely an upgrade to the CALs. These blow the doors off the Cals. I own the cals so I can just say it. These blow the doors off the cals.. Better cleaner, better imagery, a complete sound upgrade in every way possible.. Comfort wise. For this sound to be this good using velours. It really don't get too much more comfy for on ears. That being said the stock pads are good but they aren't velours. Comfort especially now is not an issue. Ya I know it will cost more money. If you keep tabs on this thread we will see some cheapo pads that will work just as well. There will be more trials of different pads and how they effect the sound soon.
    I mentioned how stage is not great on these but this sound the way it is I don't think can be the same on an open phone.. Sure the sound is more intimate but the resolution on the drivers are so off the charts. Depth is ample on these headphones which actually makes up for the lack of stage. You have to hear them with your best recordings to understand. But these have a depth of sound many headphones lack..I love the imagery on all the JVCs and these are right up there for me. Very excellent..
    The Cal sound good enough but the problem with them is. They lack dynamics kinda dull sounding to my ears. The bass end absolutely blows on the Cals. Flabby comes to mind. Can't handle the low lows not even close to these HA-S500s. Cals was good for when they came out but is easily out classed by these.
    The way my pair sounds and feels now. Wait till more guys get them for the impressions.
  4. 7S Cameron
    Thanks a lot for this post. I was seriously considering getting the CALs, but after what I just read it sounds like I would like these better. I've never been a fan of on-ear headphones before, I was actually looking to get over-ear headphones for $125 or less. So these are in my ideal price range. Do you think I should just get these instead?
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya and do yourself a favor since it is well within your budget. Get the same velour pads I just got.. From BnH. I can't take em off my head at work. These things have become permanently attached to my head. For winter time. Velours with this sound would be like drinking hot chocolate with your hottie. Lol!..
    To my surprise these don't block the sounds at all. From previous experience with velours. Velours usually lessens bass impact. But not these. It is the same impact and sub bass just as rich.. In other words for now you guys can treat these pads as the unofficial upgrade to your stock headphones. Uber S500. This added comfort is worth the money for certain. I do get a little less isolation but these weren't the best at isolating in the first place.
    7S Cameron likes this.
  6. 7S Cameron
    Alright dude, I really appreciate all the advice. I really think I'm going to pick this pair up. I applaud you for convincing me to buy on-ear headphones XD
  7. sfwalcer
    Dsnuts strikes again!!! LoL
    Looks like these will ship soon, they better not cancel, fingers crossed.  [​IMG]
  8. ericp10

    I'm on my way out so I can't type long, but my take is a little different than Dsnuts when I A/B'ed the CAL and the S500. I'll say overall I agree with Dsnuts that the S500 is better sounding, but I thought the CAL has a bit more detail, clarity and transparency in the vocals. Now, I did this comparison before I had much burn-in on the S500, so I don't know if my opinion will change now that I've burned-in the S500 quite a bit. I wouldn't say the the S500 blows the CALs away, but I would say they are quite better overall (and especially considering the MSRP of both). The S500 has more bass definitely. On the FXD60/70/80 thread I actually compared the CAL and S500 more extensively.
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ok  It has been a while since I used my cals. I had to dust them off. They sound good. The highs are somewhat brighter over the HA-S500s. To my ears not as natural sounding. The depth on the highs is lacking too compared to the HA-S500. Some what flat on the highs on the Cals. It is extended well enough but I am missing the rounded depth that are on the HA-S500s. The dynamics on the HA-S500 are an improvement over them. The mids are not as forward on the Cals. Vocals are a bit distant sounding actually. The bass end I would say is average.  The Bass on the HA-S500 has way better impact and the sub bass is much better quality. I almost want to say sub bass tone on the bass end for the Cals are grainy the more you turn up the volume the more this is evident./ Hence the flabiness of tone.
    A/Bing aginst the Cals. My memory served me correct. Compared to the HA-S500. They sound great for some tunes but kinda dull on others. Stevie Ray Vaughans Pride and Joy. Absolutely dull compared to the HA-S500.  No comparison which one has the better dynamics. Imagery. Detail. Everything just Pops on the HA-S500. The Cals. Not so much.
  10. DannyBai
    I used that link Ds and ordered the velours also.  This should be fun next week.  
  11. Mad Max
    I would expect a bassier, darker, perhaps even muffled sound with smaller sound holes, but he says no.  This could be because the HD25 pads have a hole on the inner side.
    That headphone sure is compact.
  12. magi44ken

    Can you give a quick comparison between ASG-1.2 and S500?
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I know comfort was one of your main issues with on ears. I had them on all day today at work. I think previously I had them on for an hour or so before I had to take them off for a quick breather and then put them back on. They feel so comfy I never regret getting velours and ones that don't mask the sound.
    I was concerned about how smaller the sound hole as compared to the stock pads I think I will put the stock pads on to see if there is any difference in sound tomorrow at work to see if there is any change now that I am used to having the velours on. . When I was doing the A/B against the Cals. I am thinking the effect of these velours might be that they focus the mids more yet they still retain that bass end. The highs sound just as great as it did before the velours. Nothing masked at all. But we will see.
    Oh and one last thing. It is a pain to put on the velours. There is a very slight chance you can accidently pull one of the cords leading to the cups so be careful throwing that on there.  Be vigilant and you will get it on. One minor complaint about the HA-S500 is they are somewhat flimsy in how they fold all over the place. It is good that they fold in so many ways for easier storage but sometimes when you want your headphones to stay still .  When putting on more comfy velours for example. They have a tendency to flop all over the place so you gotta hold the cups with one hand still leaving the other to pull the velours into the grooves. Easier said than done. Not terrible but not easy either. They fit snug which is a good thing actually.
  14. DannyBai
    I got a real good workout putting the gel pads on my beyer T70's so hopefully these won't be any worse.  My fingers felt were seriously sore for a couple of days.  Thanks for the tips though and I'll be careful so I don't break them right away.  Really looking forward to these.   
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    This morning I put on the stock pads again and this is interesting. There is a small effect of the velours. They seem to smooth out the highs a bit. I put the original pad on the left while keeping the velour on the right. Listening to some tunes I am familiar with..
    The highs seem to be just a tad lesser on the velours. Same mids, same lows. It was the highs that had just a little less presence..But overall the sound is very much the same with same dynamics.
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