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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor

    If your referring to speed. Lol. I listen to metal myself. That aint nothing..This has one of the best tuning for rock on this planet. Carbon Nanotubes are not slow at all. Again nothing lacking in the sounds. Effortlessly don't describe that tune. Base lines are clearly heard on this. I think lesser headphones would muddle that part. The drumming has clear impact and resonance. Pass, how about something with more precision in the tune like this. Metallica never sounded better.
  2. analogsurviver
    After seeing Dsnuts mentioning there are only two pairs left , I panicked and was over the moon it was still available:
    to forget to tick the expedited shipping box and confirmed the order - well, ETA is Aug 28-Sep 13.
    Too bad, I would really like canibalize these for drivers to be used in my so-called "What you talkin bout Willis" project that is meant for an event taking place yearly, this year from Aug 30 - Sep.1 .  
    Without that silly mistake it would have been here in 4 days - ah, well.
    If HA-S500 as such were my goal, I would have prefered the gunmetal version - but given the fact there is a fair chance I will be able to sucessfuly pull that canibalizing act, I do not care - and saving some money in a never ending line of purchases in quest of searching for the perfect sound comes handy.
    THANK YOU ALL GUYS & GALS (if any on this thread).
    I have somehow a huntch about this size of can should be about optimum compromise for a dynamic driver - anything smaller will likely to be deficient in the bass and anything bigger is likely to suffer breakup problems higher up the range.  
    I still can not forget the Telegraph Road by Dire Straits on AKG K40 ( 2 way design, dynamic bass and electret electrostatic treble ) heard waaaaay back in 1985 or therabouts. It is about the size of HA-S500. It had treble to die for, bass was more coherent than AKG*s own bigger 340, only midrange integration ( and that of the price and my wallet... ) then prevented the purchase.
    Thanks to nanotechnology, HA-S 500 might be indeed historically significant headphone in the end, not only in bang for the buck category, but for heralding much better quality audio from now on in general.. As you can see, I have high hope for this tecnology and will put it through its paces and will report once it arrives here.
    It will be tough - direct to disc LPs, my own masters, AKG K 1000, Stax Lambda Pro. Based on what Eric and Dsnuts have said regarding SQ, I might 
    find it hard doing at least 100 hour burn in prior to any listening (other than checking for DOA ) - I menaged to discipline myself in this regard about phono cartridges, doubt I have the will power to resist simply listening to these phones -  even if it means having to endure constant SQ change in the first hours.
    Best regards & happy listening,
  3. cute
    You can sign back on to Amazon and go to your orders, there you can change the shipping speed to expedited for an additional $5, deliver in 1-3 days after shipping!  Just an FYI, I did the same!
  4. cyloh
    The bass on these are unbelievable. They actually have a lot of depth to them and give off a sense of soundstage(if I even make any sense here...). Exhilarating.
    Mids and highs are perfect. Beautiful and engaging.
    I'm quite bummed out actually. Spent quite a fortune on the AHD2000, D5000 wood cups and cable only to have this totally dust it. Totally.
    Just saying it how I hear it, perhaps other folks might enjoy the Denons over these. I love the AHD2000 but I can pick out a bunch of weaknesses from its sound. The S500? Nothing wrong yet.
    The JH13s were on my priority "to buy" list. In fact I was saving up for them. Not anymore. Now I can splurge on food and other stuff instead.
    fe2cruz likes this.
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
  6. bowei006 Contributor

    They can't be.....so perfect?
    I have decided long ago not to join the bandwagon until a user I know with uber exp gives me the smile, wink and thumbs up.
  7. cyloh
    Well okay, they're on ears. So that makes them not so perfect after all. Getting a good comfy fit takes a while and is slightly tricky for my noggin. Come on, 50mm full cans please JVC.
    In terms of sound, they're perfect to me so far. But take it with a pinch of salt cause this is coming from a guy who does not enjoy the Sennheiser HD800, Beyer T1 or LCDs.
  8. tgx78
    mine just cleared the Canada customs.. should arrive in few days.
    I am hoping to write an honest and objective impression soon. 
  9. bowei006 Contributor
    If there are full on ears at 50mm with the same or better sound. Then I will get those instead...but then that would defeat the purpose of portable headphones!?
    Come on comfy replacement pads that have little effect on sound! My XB500 and Anti virus got bidded on so I got some money to spend! YES!
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well it looks like the deal is now over...I hope everyone that ordered one has a quick delivery and as always. Happy listening. Look forward to every single one of you guys telling how you hear it..If you got in on one for the deal. You can brag about how you got in on the deal. I was debating on ordering a 2nd pair but decided to let one of you guys get one instead. Headphone hoarding is not in my nature. Lol!
    @cyloh can you imagine this sound with a wider stage? lol. An open version? But then again if these were open I doubt they would have the same bass impact.
  11. bowei006 Contributor
    I'm waiting for U.S selling.
  12. DC68
    Mine should arrive today. I'm curious how these will fare aginst my CAL!
    Also ordered fxd80 but wont be hearing them for at least three weeks :frowning2: 
    Anyway thanks for the awesome tips on these JVCs.
  13. cyloh
    Same sound wider stage? I'd buy a bunch of them and then retire.
    Anyone took these apart yet? Maybe they have some secret carbon nanodampening or some carbon nanochip audio processor inside too. [​IMG]
  14. fuzzyash
    70mm nanotube drivers!
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Oh man the good old cals.. Well I will let you find out..Look forward to your comparison.
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