The discovery thread!
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How is the power? Does it seem to reflect the spec sheet of 1250mW of output?

What is the sound signature, neutral, bright or warm?

How wide, tall and deep is the stage?

Finally, does it punch above its price?
From half handle volume every step increase a lot listening volume and more power helps DD IEMs to shine in every way.
The sound is neutral but guys I’ve listen it 1h in 2days!!
I’d pay to have more listening and sleeping time😭
For me worth every cent.
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Moondrop Nekocake, Kotori Dauntless, Kotori Vampire, TRN TA2 - Mini Review​

Moondrop Nekocake - $42.99usd, 1DD TWS. Decent set of TWS. Has 5 preset tuning options built in and accessible within the Moondrop Link app (assuming you have access to the app). The stock tuning, called "Balanced", is meh. Wooly bass, honky mids, relaxed upper mids and smooth treble. Reminds me a bit of Sony ZX-110. Overall, a bit weird and not for me. However, changing the tuning preset to "Classic Moondrop" totally changed the Nekocake into a much better TWS IEM…

With the "Classic Harman" preset, it is Harman Neutral now. Lean clean sub-bass focused bass, lean mids, slightly hot upper mids and smooth treble. For a $42.99usd TWS with Harman tuning, I have no complaints. Sure, it is lacking in resolution, detail, texture, note weight, soundstage is small, imaging is bad… but come on, for a TWS this price, you can't expect too much.

If you are looking for a budget Harman tuned TWS and have access to the Moondrop Link app, I highly recommend the Nekocake. Just remember to change the tuning preset to "Classic Harman". - 4/5
*note: I can't seem to measure the Nekocake with my IEC711. Not sure why. If anyone is able to help, do PM me.

Kotori Dauntless - $66usd~, 1DD. Bright. Unique and niche tuning. Vocal and treble focused. VERY GENRE SPECIFIC. Technicality wise, Dauntless is great. Highly resolving, bright, detailed, technical, great imaging, great soundstage, with fast and tight bass. For the price point that it is in (sub-$100usd), it is easily one of the better performers in terms of technicalities. However, its tuning is unique… uniquely bright.

I find that the best way to enjoy these is to listen to them at a low volume. Let the upper mids, treble and technicalities shine. With certain tracks, mostly instrumental, they are pretty nice. But once the vocals come in, especially female vocals, oh my…. They sound screeching. I am already listening to them at pretty low volumes, but once the female vocals come in, I have to turn them down even more. Overall, it is ok. amazing technicalities with a very niche tuning for the selected few trebleheads. - 3/5

Kotori Vampire
- unreleased, 1BA. Warm neutral. These are pretty nice. Good warm bass, good timbre for a BA, good warm mids, and warm full sounding vocals. Reminds me of a warmer KBEar Neon. Treble here overall is pretty smooth with no hints of sibilance. However, the 5kHz dip might be a concern for you if you like treble resolution as I find it to takw away a bit of clarity in return for a smoother response. Anyways, not complaining. I'd rather have smooth treble than peaky treble. Overall, pretty decent. I quite like this. Cant wait for Kotori to officially release these to the public - 4/5

- $49.80usd, 1DD+2BA. Warm V-shaped. This is literally a cheaper KBEar Robin/CCZ Plume. If you like that kind of Warm V shaped tuning, the TRN TA2 is for you. It is cheaper than both Robin/Plume and it can achieve around 90%+ of what those 2 can do. Deep rumbly thick bass, thick mids, smooth treble, good coherency for hybrid…. This is déjà vu. Just imagine my KB Ear Robin review, but with a notch lower in detail/resolution and there you go…. My TRN TA2 review is done. If I were to choose between the 3 (TA2, Robin, Plume), I will take TA2 as it is the cheapest. Overall, a very enjoyable set for Hip Hop/EDM and gym sessions. - 3.5/5

Huge thanks to MOONDROP, SHENZHENAUDIO, Kotori Audio, Ray Tan, Trn Petter for sending these out to me for review. I am not at all compensated by them and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Purchase links here (non-affiliated):
1. Moondrop Nekocake -
1. Kotori Dauntless -
1. Kotori Vampire - N/A
1. TRN TA2 -

Kotori Dauntless.jpg
Kotori Vampire.jpg
TRN TA2.jpg
TRN TA2 vs KBEar Robin.jpg


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Paraphrasing Iron Man: I love 'em 3000.

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Dear friends,

Thank you for your support to KBEAR & TRI, I am the sponsor of KBEAR & TRI on headfi, Wendy Li. I am now making a post about the plan of a tour review in Europe.

We released our new DAP/AMP TK-2, the tour review aims at providing an opportunity to allow some Headfiers in Europe to try our TK-2. The tour review will provide the samples of TK-2, Meteor, and Grace-S(4.4mm 2pin 0.78mm) to make sure the experience of enjoyment.

We are looking for reviewers to join, but if there are too many people sign up. We can promise that the time of shipping so we have some limits to the reviewers.

1. Now living in Europe. ( I am charging the tour review in Europe, we didn’t just hold the activity in Europe)

2. Honest and responsible.

3. Reviewed HiFi items before and will review TK-2 and Meteor.

If you are interested in the review and meet our requirements, Please send me by PM, I will pick 5~6 reviewers to participate. If the PMs are too many I will consider adding a group. And reviewers who make the best two reviews will get the sample of Meteor or Grace-S.

Welcome to sign up.

Here is the link of the new thread about the tour:

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New acquisition today: Questyle M12 dongle. The one to get when you want a taste of current mode amplification without shelling out thousands for products from a company whose ability to provide aftersales support and software work has never been particularly great. So far it sounds sublime. Very linear and transparent, with a black background. Seems to push my Porta Pros towards a brighter, more revealing sound, ever so slightly of course.

It works perfectly with my iPhone 12 via the Camera Connection Kit, but I have ordered a Lightning to Type-C interconnect so as to avoid the inelegant dongle snake that forms when you have the CCK + included USB-A cable + M12 + the transducers all hooked up in series. It gets slightly warm during usage, but nothing to worry about.
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Yincrow RW-3000 - great looking with gorgeous sound. Bass to die for.
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RW3000 is so interesting!!!

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