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  1. Bigthrust
    Received my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium All Black Limited Edition Headphones (250ohms) via Newegg deal w/free $10 NewEgg gift card = $129.00 shipped. Mine came in a flawless unsealed box. The headphones were in the excellent Beyerdynamic case it comes with. My set DOES have a serial number on the headphones as well as wording describing these as the Black Limited Edition. They sound very clean and pure with very wide sound stage. I did need to use an amp to get them loud enough to shine. VERY happy with these. I think I got a great deal.
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  2. mbwilson111
    You got a great deal! I got my regular Beyer DT880 premium 250 ohm from an authorized UK dealer... if I remember correctly the box was not sealed. I think that is normal for Beyer. Mine is a very simple box.

    In July 2016 I got mine for £159 which was around $200
  3. Sanctuary
    The Premiums are my favorite "general" headphones to use for most applications. Although I can't honestly say that I'm a fan of the default sound signature with the velour pads at all. The pair I had been using for over five years also used the JMoney lambskin pads, which gave it a slighly more isolated sound, with also more bass (definitely not "basshead" though). I ordered another pair recently because my older set has sliders that are falling apart. Cracks and chunks simply missing, and the headband is really worn. Instead of spending $60 to replace both, I just spent $200 for a new pair that I'll use once my original finally falls apart (which I'll still get replacement parts for eventually). Just for the hell of it, I decided to listen to them for a bit with the default pads.

    It's even worse than I remembered. Way too anemic sounding and way too bright. With the JMoney, they are still bright, just less so, and they are still about as open. They just sound better all around otherwise and sound great with music, games and movies.
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  4. Hikoki
    Hi everyone,
    Sorry if I'm going to ask about what might have been discussed here before, but has anyone got the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home? I have been happy with the DT 880, but like quite a few of you find them lacking in bass volume, even with the bass boost feature on on my ifi iCan. The occasional brightness can be an issue for me too at times, but I tend to think this has a lot to do with poor mastering. The question is obvious : Is the Amiron Home a big enough upgrade in terms of SQ to justify the price of the Amiron which, at least in my country, is three times the amount you can currently pick up the DT 880 for? Is the difference in sound more than just more bass and tamer highs?
    Thanks to anyone for answering,
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  5. Me x3
    Check the AKG K712 which is warmer than DT880, a tad less sharp and has a more layered presentation.
  6. Hikoki
    Thanks for the suggestion, have never heard an AKG phones in my life. I will look at them.
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  7. kman1211
    The Amiron is a lot warmer than the DT 880. How warm depends quite notably on the system. The Amiron has a laid-back sound with a tasteful u-shape curve to the sound. It’s more detailed, textured overall, and has a smoother treble. The Amiron is warmer than the K712 which is a bit warmer than the DT 880, the Amiron is more akin to the HD 650 in terms of warmth but has a stronger treble presence than the Senns.
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  8. Hikoki
    Thanks a lot for this description, sounds exactly like what I probably wanted to hear. ☺️
  9. nraymond
    I agree completely. A while ago I bought a pair of DT880 Pro and wasn't as impressed as I expected I would be by them. Then I swapped out the default velour pads for some synthetic leather aftermarket pads and was impressed. I recently took advantage of the Brainwavz sale on their memory foam sheepskin round pads (currently $25, down from $40):

    Comfort is very high with these pads, and while I haven't had them long, I think they may be the combination I've been looking for (note that these Brainwavz pads have their own thin cloth spanning the inside of the pads, while the DT880 have cloth attached to the drivers themselves, so these pads will add another layer of cloth on top of the drivers, which may further attenuate the highs... I haven't done significant A-B testing yet to determine for sure what the exact impact is across the sound spectrum, but if it is an issue I figure I could always cut out the additional cloth from the Brainwavz pads).
  10. peteham
    I find the Amirons considerably better than the HD 650s - the Amirons and the DT 1990s and the DT 880s are all fantastic 'phones to me - I won't sell any of them
  11. kman1211
    I also find the Amiron better, was only comparing the perceived warmth of the headphones. The DT 880 are incredibly linear headphones, the Amiron is a different animal for sure and works better as a compliment or those who prefer warmer sound signatures, it has the cleanest treble of any Beyer I've heard outside the DT 48/480. The Amiron is really like a Tesla Beyer with some Sennheiser thrown in. I personally like the HD 600 more than the HD 650 as the leading edge is a bit blunted on the HD 650 which leads to an almost wooden tone to the dynamics of the HD 650 on most systems(not all, on the right system this isn't there). I am quite a Beyer fan myself, was originally an AKG person but AKG just kinda fell apart. I like Sennheisers but had mixed early impressions which have stained my perception of Senns a bit.
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  12. gardibolt
    I recently got a pair and really love them for classical. Very crisp, clear and detailed with a huge dynamic range. Subtle inflections and crescendos are super clear. One of the best I e tried for classical music in that price range though of course you need an amp that's up to it. I use an O2 and it does the job.
  13. i luvmusic 2
    Anyone here had a chanced to compare this DT880 600R to Sennheiser HD700?Any info regarding HD700 will be appreciated,THANKS!
  14. Me x3
    Not side by side with DT880 (600).
    I've owned both DT880 (250) and HD700 at the same time.

    In the big scheme of things both are quite similar in terms of sound signature.
    That said, HD700 is a tad warmer/fuller/more punchy in the bass next to DT880, without being as warm or woolly as HD650.
    HD700's bass is not as layered/nuanced as some pricier headphones like HD800, but it's still clean and tight.
    Upper midrange is a little bit more recessed on HD700, but the difference is quite small and not that obvious unless you use particular recordings and spot that region of the spectrum.
    Going up into the treble, you might find that HD700's treble raises a little bit earlier than DT880's treble so it has a bit more of the relatively soft sparkle that comes with slightly raised 5-6kHz region.
    Further up, DT880 has the well known boost in the 8-9kHz region which at this point can be considered the main feature of Beyerdynamic's sound signature. The Sennheiser lacks this, so it's less sharp/energetic relative to the Beyer.

    All in all HD700 is the most capable headphone between the two, techinally speaking. The cups are well engineered and present very little resonances, especially in the midrange and low frequencies, favouring the clean and very tidy presentation, reminiscent of the similarly engineered but leaner sounding HD800. Comfort is also top notch, extremely good in my experience.

    So yeah, all in all, HD700 beats DT880 in terms of soundstage, imaging and comfort.
    It's tuned similarly yet slightly warmer and softer overall retaining a sparkled presentation that works best with quality recordings.

    I've sold HD700 before selling my DT880, why?
    Mainly because I have other headphones with similar traits as HD700 and at that time I've found it hard to justify keeping the HD700 along with HD800.
    If I had to pick only one headphone to own between HD700 and DT880, I would probably pick HD700 because I think it offers a superior/more engaging headphone experience.

    With that said, HD700's lower treble wasn't completely right to my ears.
    The transition between the 2-4kHz region and the 5-6kHz region made many things sound a tad unnatural to my ears relative to other headphones, including DT880.
    It's not that the treble is too bright as some people say, coming from DT880 you won't find it overly bright. It's more a matter of FR/timbre.
    Don't get me wrong, everything sounds in place, layered, clear, but some things, sometimes people clapping at the end of the recording or the attack on some guitars don't sound that right.
    It's like the whole headphone presentation and design is two tiers above its treble realism (for lack of a better word)

    At current prices, I think it offers plenty of value.
    As always, personal preferences play a big role here, and sometimes the technically superior headphone is not necessarily the more enjoyable one.
    There's always a trade off in one way or the other. And mentally weighting strenghts and weaknesses is at the end of the day the only way to go.

    Me x3
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  15. i luvmusic 2
    Thanks for the detailed response!I will be picking up a used one tomorrow evening.Thank you for your time!
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