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Nothing Really I'am lazy.

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Headphoneus Supremus

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    Nothing Really I'am lazy.
    Car Racing
    Anything with FOUR WHEELS and ENGINE
    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 600 Ohms
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohms(Recabled and Sold)
    Audio-Technica ATH-M30(Recabled)
    Sony MDR-XB700
    Sennheiser HD570 (my first headphone, yes still work and i still have it)
    AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature in Black(MODDED)
    Sennheiser HD 650
    Sennheiser HD 700
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Little Dot mk III (Power Tubes RCA 6SN7 GTB Black plate and Driver Tubes are Chatham 6AS7G and C3g,Replaced the POT with ALPS BLUE VELVET)
    Bravo Audio Ocean(Siemens ECC82/12AU7)
    Little Dot 1+ (OPA2107AP,Chatham 6AS7G and C3g,Replaced the POT with ALPS BLUE VELVET)
    Bottlehead CRACK With SpeedBall,Mundorf M Cap with M Cap Bypass,ALPS Blue Velvet Pot. (Chatham 6AS7G and Siemens ECC82/6-12SN7 with adapter and external Power Supply)Siemens C3g.
    Bottlehead S.E.X. 2.1,Impedance Switch,C4S 2.1 Kit
    DIY Headphone Amp
    Source Inventory:
    Macbook pro
    Audioengine D1 DAC
    iphone 6S
    ipod touch 4th Gen(Sold)
    ACER Laptop
    JVC XV-521 DVD Player
    iPad Air
    Cable Inventory:
    Diy VIABLUE(NF-A7) SE Interconnect with REAN RCA
    Diy MOGAMI 2549 SE Interconnect with REAN RCA
    Diy MOGAMI 2893 Headphone Cable REAN TINY XLR/REAN TRS (Extension)
    Diy Mogami 2893 AKG Q701 Cable,Rean Tiny XLR and Neutrik 1/4 TRS Plug
    Diy YORKVILLE SE interconnect with no name RCA
    VIABLUE RCA Y Adapter
    Diy HD 650 Cable Mogami 2534,Neutrik NC4FXX- B Female XLR Black,CARDAS HPSC Headphone Connectors(all parts are CRYO TREATED).
    TRS to Male XLR Adapter Mogami 2534,Neutrik NP3X- B 1/4 TRS Plug and Neutrik NC4MXX-B Male XLR Black(all parts are CRYO TREATED) .
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Yamaha amp
    Bose Acoustimass 16 Series II
    Bose 901 Series I
    Klipsch 12" Subwoofer
    Buttkicker Simulation Kit
    PIONEER SX-3700
    TEAC A-X75 mk II
    PIONEER SA-7700
    KENWOOD KR-A3060
    HARKSOUND by CEC HS510(NAGAOKA M20)Turntable
    JVC JL-A20(Junk Very Cheap:)ORTOFON 2M RED Turntable
    TECHNICS SL-1900 Turntable with SHURE M95ED/Shure 3X
    TECHNICS SL20 Turntable
    TECHNICS SL-1700 Turntable with ORTOFON 2M RED
    TECHNICS SL-3300 with SHURE m97xe
    SANSUI SP-X6900 (4 Way 5 Speakers System)
    Music Preferences:
    Anything That Sound Good
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