The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chinesekiwi, Jun 14, 2009.
  1. JimJames
    In terms of what?
  2. Nickapalooza86
    Just ordered the 880 black Premium 250. I'm pretty excited to get it tomorrow. It is a headphone I have wanted for a while...

    That said I realized after ordering I ordered through some random seller and it was fulfilled by Amazon. I am now worried about any warranty issues that potentially come up.
  3. SHAMuuu
    I always assumed if it was fulfilled by amazon, your back is covered. Maybe email the seller and ask about warranty on item process, or contact amazon. The Premium i noticed now comes in 600ohm variation as well, and at fairly decent price. Lot of sound for the money. Enjoy! :)
  4. rawrster
    Fulfilled by Amazon is typically not subject to warranty unless the seller is an authorized dealer. Fulfilled just means that the seller is letting Amazon handle the shipping process.
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  5. SHAMuuu
    oh snap! That is new to me. I will keep in mind. Thanks for information!
  6. Nickapalooza86
    Ya I emailed both the seller and Beyerdynamic... The seller told me to go to them with any warranty issues and it would be fully covered. I didn't much care for that answer. Beyer was very helpful though, they explained that is the all black DT880 premium is only sold through Focus Camera. Also if I buy it through it another seller it isn't considered new to them anymore so it isn't covered by any sort of warranty. So I printed up a return for the headphones that don't even arrive until tomorrow and ordered another pair from Focus Camera.
    Point being, if you are worried just email the company and they will help you out! SHAMuuu, fulfilled by amazon just means that the seller stores their merchandise at amazons warehouses for quicker shipping to customers... I learned this after making my original dumb mistake.
  7. MarcoGV
    I have the DT880 Pro 250 and the ATH AD-700. I also prefer the DT880. I like the sound signature better; the AD-700 has a nice midrange, but is light in the bass. (For reference, my main speakers are Magneplanar MMGs, so I am not a basshead, and I privilege clarity and soundstage over extension at both ends.) The DT880 has a fuller and more natural sound. I also find the DT880 much more comfortable.
  8. SHAMuuu
    Natural, Neutral, Clean tool. I went with premium clamp, which i think was the better choice, as when i press them closer to ears the upper end bites a bit more. WIth the looser clamp, its nice and easy to dissect music. I'll always see at as more a tool than a music listening can, though i do like to listen to music on it. Though I hunger for 600ohm, i hunger more for Amiron Home. But with all the mental ups and downs with the 880, i don't have any complaints. I praise its tool-like boring'ness + supreme comfort. The prices on them too, makes it available to anyone really now, which is great, :D
  9. Sanctuary
    Is there some odd variance in the construction of the headband and arms, or did they simply alter their standard over the last six years? I just recently ordered my second pair of DT880s because the headband and sliders of my previolus were falling apart badly (which I'll eventually replace) and I wanted a backup pair anyway. Regardless, this new pair is tight as hell. Almost with the same, attrocious vise-clamp force that the HD280s were notorious for. Uncomfortable is an understatement, which is a complete 180 from my first pair; which were the most comfortable headphones I had ever worn before and since owning them. I get that over time they are going to wear a bit and become slightly more pliable or simply a bit looser, but my first pair were never this tight.
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  10. mbwilson111
    I have to admit I have not used the DT880 250ohm since I got my Amiron.
  11. eeagle
    Possibly you ordered the PRO ediition vs the less clampy and softer Premium DT880 Edition that most prefer for the home environment
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  12. Sanctuary
    Give me a little credit here. Anyway, both of them are the Premium 600Ohm version, and my new pair is anything but soft. I just decided to use a pillow to keep the arms stretched out a bit while I sleep, and hopefully it will fix the problem within a week.
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  13. SHAMuuu
    A few golden ears from the internetzzz also prefer it (Amiron) to t1, which is shocking to say the least. On my bucket list for sure. But 880 is the can to check my shiz, to see where other cans stand. I have it hooked up to a bravo ocean, which is a cheap combo, but they dance together well for my ears with Ethiopian Jazz and Roy Orbison :D ... and Twista...:D excellent critical listening tool. Perhaps the Amiron Home kills it in music listening pleasure? What you think? :)
  14. mbwilson111

    I think maybe I have too much gear to answer questions like that. I get music listening pleasure from most of it as long as the music is good. I have some great music.

    I think you sound like someone who is deriving pleasure from what you have. Be happy.

    I let curiosity get the best of me. I have one more headphone that keeps calling my name. I may get it on Black Friday and then I am done.
  15. SHAMuuu
    Well yes I do enjoy what i have very much so. However, when one spends too much time reading about different cans, reviews, opinions, etc. they might become a more hardcore critical listener :p . This in turn, leads them to try and get better and better etc. Anyway, I try to have some fun cans and cans for "critical listening." I just place the dt880 in the latter category for me vs lets say a 80ohm'r770 which would be in the fun category. Summat like that.

    But I will say hearing TOTL cans like Utopia, HEKv2, Z1R, etc etc, you learn few things like the gap isn't so much. Yet, in a way, due to psychological mental warfare (in terms of self on the self) the gap seems further.

    The $500 setup and $10 000 setup is closer than most would imagine for music listening pleasure, but also at same time, they can seem worlds apart.when critically listening like a madman


    Depends on the brain :p :D The top critical listening tool IMO is Utopia. HEKv2 for music pleasure. From the experiences I have had.But I don't worry too much even with 880 on my head. Moreso when I have Bluedio UFO + on my head.

    The lack of fidelity on 12 speakers can cause psychosis :D

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