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The Audio Lounge

  1. Dobrescu George
    I don't have much information, currently waiting on more information from the team, they don't seem quite that keen on beeing quick, so I assume they are making the commercial version of the OVC Headphones be as good as possible :)
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  2. Dobrescu George
    How about a video review about cables?! It is like 3/4 of it a disclaimer, and me rambling nonsense, so have fun :)

    I cannot make a cable video without a really long disclaimer about those, as I mentioned earlier, I will stay honest to what I believe and hear.

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  3. OldDude04
    Hey! As an admitted basshead I feel attacked here! :p

    But for the record, those amongst us who like massive bass don't mock Beats for having too much bass. We mock them for being overpriced, poorly constructed, having flabby bloated bass, and forgetting that mids and highs also matter.
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  4. Whazzzup
    True not tight like th900. Err or modded la900. Took it outside for portable Hugo use, wow I love those cans. It’s not on my main rig but they are fun. Not beats flab bass veiled sound tho. I do recommend fully as a compliment to a transparent well timbered can.
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  5. Whazzzup
    in defence of beats i use dr dre detox beats for my pearl electronic kit.
  6. groucho69
    Old is always 20 years older than I am now.
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  7. Karendar
    Good afternoon (Evening or night, depending)!

    Cringe song/video of the day, when Pamu, an IEM manufacturer, decides to release a HIT SONG:

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  8. Karendar
    Too much bass, no sub bass and recessed mids and highs. #Beats :D
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  9. groucho69
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  10. OldDude04
    I promise, I don't want any more....

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  11. HungryPanda
    You are never as old as you will be, never as young as you once were. But you are an accident of life which is totally meaningless in the vastness of the universe
  12. Midgetguy
    Maybe......maybe not......definitely tempted. I think I held my ground :grin:

    Perhaps you might have a heavy show up at your front door.......in all likelihood to say "please sign here. enjoy your purchase" :D

    I sometimes prepare for the lounge by pre-emptying my wallet. It tends to work out WAY better for me if I go to the grocery store first before coming to the Lounge rather than the other way around :joy:
  13. boblauer
    Well on the subject of keep or go. I sat down and made a list of not only my head phone stuff but 2 channel gear and HT setup too. I paired everything done to what I really want and need and found I can sell almost 80% of what I have, get a new 2 channel integrated with both analog and digital inputs and HP out and be thrilled. If I sold all the excess I'd get @$1500 total for everything and by replacing my amp, DAP and getting a good closed back full size it would cost me less than $2500 additional so that's the current route I'm going. I'm keeping about 5 IEM's and no computer desk top system as I never get a chance to listen in the office much. I totally understand those who collect, it's a hobby but for me I just want a good home setup and DAP for on go period.

    Anyone ever heard of Heaven 11 Audio, they are based in Montreal and I am absolutely obsessed with their integrated amp the Billie. Got everything I need except a network connection. Still trying to work around that, can stream via bluetooth but the office at home is too far away for a reliable connection(@23 feet which is on the edge of signal degrading)
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  14. OldDude04
    GLWS and moving up to what you want/need. Pairing down the excess has been great for me, hope the same happens for you. Don't forget to post a list here of what you're selling, we have been known to buy some stuff here in The Lounge, lol.
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