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The Audio Lounge

  1. Midgetguy
    Only a few things. Occasionally we buy things in here. Except you; you don't buy much of anything ever. Still only bought maybe 3 audio items this year right? :D
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  2. OldDude04
    At the very most. It may only be 2...

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  3. Layman1
    To start us off, crank up the volume and prepare to have your minds blown :D
    This one I use for testing separation and bass/drum performance on IEM's. I can only stomach about the first half of the song as it gets a bit overwhelmingly heavy for my tastes after that point, but the first half is just stunning!

    Bit of old melodic British Indie next, anyone remember this? :)

    One of my all-time favourite songs here. It just gives me such a warm and cosy feeling every time I hear it :)
  4. jerick70
    I've looked at this cable before but it's a bit pricey compared to a pure silver cable I purchased from Lunashops that is modular. I wonder what the sound difference is between the two.

    Here's a link to the Lunashops cable. http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=6256
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  5. Dobrescu George
    I haven't even heard before about lunashops, but it is an interesting option :)

    The Dunu cable is not Silver though, which I think is a good point, Silver cables are not entirely universal, they don't work very well with bright IEMs
  6. mbwilson111
    Whenever I have a choice, I choose copper.
  7. Whazzzup
    nothing wrong with a type six pure silver litz. Then again nothing wrong with pure cryogenic copper either. Just don't pass on silver cause someone says it's bright. there is a ton of pigeon holding going on in audiophile land. This amp is bright when its wire n gain flat response, or that dac is bright when its transparent or this cable offsets whatever is at either end of the rig.

    Just get an excellent server and your bright this or that are solved. IMO
  8. jerick70
    Lunashops is a great place to get cables because you know what you're getting. They advertise the exact makeup of the wire they use and the exact specs of the connectors. If you are a DIY cable guy like @majo123 and my self are Lunashops is like a candy shop. :ksc75smile: I just have no time to make my own cables....

    I use the Lunashops cable with a very bright pair of IEMS, Fearless Audio S8F, and the S8Fs sound fantastic with this cable. There is a 7K peak on the S8F that kills me on most other cables and this cable smooths it out nicely. Honestly, the pure silver cable that I've purchased recently sound smoother than the copper cables I have.

    This is speculation, but I think that a lot of pure silver cables are actually alloys and that is why they are so bright. It's a brilliant cable, and goes with just about everything I've thrown at it, you should give it a go and see what you think.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  9. majo123
    Yep,best place for DIY parts and cables for sure....cheap and some really nice parts too
  10. Karendar
    Oh hoho! Montreal! My hood :wink: I'll have to check that out
  11. Karendar
    Still haven't shaken off my f3's even though they're lower than preorder pricing. Kind of surprised.
  12. mbwilson111
    Too many choices plus others on the horizon. Too many people saying they don't like them...
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  13. Karendar
    Yeah, I get why people say they don't like em. Honestly, they're a tough cookie to drive. But honestly, they did impress me last time I amped them up.

    I'll give it some time
  14. jerick70
    Some people can sell and some people can't. I'm one that can't sell. I even try to lower the price way down and no one will even look..... :cry: What do you do????
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  15. Karendar
    Sometimes it's pure luck, to be honest. Patience is the key...

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