1. k273

    Best price range on DAPs/amps/headphones/IEMs

    This question has been on my mind for some time; it's a broad question but I hope we can find some easier and helpful answers for people in the search for their endgame. Is there a best value-for-money/bang-for-buck/Goldilocks-zone price range for: 1) digital audio players 2) digital to audio...
  2. War Pig

    Any recommendations for a good headphone amplifier?

    Now let me start off with saying this, I'm not very well knowledged in this area, I'm kinda new to hifi, so yes I'm a noob, but i have looked around quite a lot, but many things i find on the internet are specifically about devices from this year, the year doesn't really matter to me, what does...
  3. M

    Recommendations wanted: amps for Arya SE

    Hello, I’ve been pursuing hifi for the past roughly 25 years, and focusing on my loudspeaker-based system for that time. I’ve dabbled with dynamic headphones and IEMs in the past, but recently took the leap into planars, and bought a pair of Hifiman Arya Stealth Edition. I also bought a...
  4. Fidelity King

    Stat Electrostatic Headphone Energizer

    This is an electrostatic energizer from Bottlehead that has hardly received any attention. Has anyone here tried one? Really interested in knowing how it performs against some of the more affordable amps from Stax.
  5. Fischer AMPs Rapture IEMs

    Fischer AMPs Rapture IEMs

    Driver Configuration: Three-way crossover, four balanced armature speakers (2 x bass, 1 x mid, 1 x high) Sound Characteristics Decent bass enhancement with defined overall mids, clear and detailed highs. Perfect for in ear monitoring on stage or for audiophiles for use with portable music...
  6. smite05

    New User Needing Advice! Amp Help!

    Hello Everyone, I am a digital listener which I listen to a wide range of audio in MP3 and Flac format. I also use my setup for gaming as it is all connected to my Desktop PC. My current setup is an Emotiva TA-100 paired with Klipsch RP600M's with a SVS SB1000 Sub. I am considering upgrading...
  7. mrrhett

    Balanced Portable Amps per the Newbie's Guide

    "[Currawong's Note: This was written prior to the introduction of balanced portable amps as well as some others that offer close to desktop-level capability.]" Yo, I'm curious as to what this author's note is referring to in the newbie's guide. For those of you that haven't read it, context is...
  8. Sound N00b

    Geshelli labs archel pro vs jds labs atom

    This is pretty much an offshoot of my previous thread but I was hoping a dedicated thread to this would get me more direct comparisons between the archel and atom. Let me know if I am breaking head-fi posting etiquette, I am not very experienced in that. I have pretty much narrowed my choices...
  9. pr0ggy


    Decided to attempt a reference thread where we compile a list of US-based audio companies and list them here as reference for anyone interested in supporting gear made in the USA. I'll monitor thread for replies containing new list entries and keep the second post updated. I did some digging...
  10. Fessy

    Which way is better when I connect both my Fiio A3 and A5 amp to my Cowon Plenue D??

    Hi there, So I want to know which way would give more sound, power etc: 1) Should I connect my A3 1st to my PD and then the A5 to my A3? Or 2) Should I connect my A5 1st to my PD and then the A3 to my A5? Because when I tried the number 2 way it "seemed" like I got more power but wasn't...
  11. TheSonicTruth

    Live Amp Attenuator Knobs Setting

    **Admins: If this is not correct sub-forum category, please feel free to notify and relocate :) ** For those who use Amps in Live Shows: Where you you set the Attenuator knobs(if present) or flat blade atten. pots for shows?
  12. me2621a

    In need of a Headphone Amplifier Recommendation

    Hello Head-fi, I am need of all of your collective wisdom. I have a Audeze LCD-3 and a Mr Speakers Ether flow that are in need of some serious amplification and I need a recommendation. Max price is $4500.00. Additional background: I originally order a Schiit Moljnir 2, but they have been...
  13. D

    Fiio e17's combination with k7xx

    I'm planning to buy a K7xx. I'm also planning to buy an fiio e17 for $50. Will the combination go well? The soundstage, mids, highs, lows, warmth.. I'm on budget and the maximum I can afford for an amp is $60. Any suggestions regarding other amps in my price point to use with my K7xx are also...
  14. Fessy

    How to put TWO Fiio A3s together for my Cowon Plenue D??

    Hi there, I just want to know: If there's a way to connect two Fiio A3 amps to my Cowon Plenue D? And is it possible to amplify the sound so that it uses both amps as one so the sounds louder/amplified even more? Sorry if the wording is wrong but I'm not an expert when it comes to these...
  15. D

    Does an ipod classic's amp output vary depending on headphone impedance?

    Hello! I have a great sounding pair of Klipsch earphones that have a strange quirk, namely that they don't seem to get recognized by any device as being high impedance, not my old LG V20 phone nor my PC. Thus they end up not being amped up properly and sound terrible which is a shame. I found a...
  16. OldDude04

    The Audio Lounge

    Welcome to the Audio Lounge! A thread to discuss any and all things audio related. Your newest purchase to an old favorite, disappointments to exciting finds, name brands to never heard of them before. Enjoy your stay. Thread Rules: 1. Don't be an asshat 2. Have fun 3. Protect your...
  17. Sad Panda

    Suggestions on how to use Creative X7

    Hey guys, I posted this on the X7 review thread but I figure it would get more visibility as a discrete post. ------------------- I've been having some really odd hissing/buzzing noises with my Schiit Asgard 2 paired with a X-Fi Fatal1ty internal card. It doesn't happen when I plug the...
  18. Napalmhardcore

    Schiit Magni too powerful for IEMs

    Hi, I currently have a Schiit Magni 2 Uber, a Little Dot Mkiii and a Sound Blaster Omni (USB sound card). My Upgrade path so far has been from a budget USB gaming headset, then the Sound Blaster with various headphones and most recently the Little Dot and Magni. While I'm finding the Little...