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Suggestions on how to use Creative X7

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Fire8Fly, Jun 13, 2017.
  1. Fire8Fly
    Hey guys,

    I posted this on the X7 review thread but I figure it would get more visibility as a discrete post.
    I've been having some really odd hissing/buzzing noises with my Schiit Asgard 2 paired with a X-Fi Fatal1ty internal card. It doesn't happen when I plug the headphones directly into the soundcard and I suspect it might be somehow due to the power cable as I swapped it with a different one. (or the amp just be revealing the noise in my case, unsure yet)

    I never used the new creative stuff (on PC) but I've heard that CMSS-3D is still king. Is it possible (or even recommended) to use the X7 as an amp for my X-Fi soundcard? Would the DSP processing on the soundcard be better than whats in the X7?

    A thought I had was maybe only use the soundcard DSP for gaming and switch over to only the X7 when listening to music but I'm unsure how clunky that process is.

    I got a X7 laying around after a receiver replaced it but would need to rearrange my PC area significantly due to its shape and my layout so I haven't tried it yet. I would be using a pair of AKG 7XX with this setup.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  2. Digitalis
    You might have a ground loop on your hands. i'm using an internal creative X-FI Titanium soundcard connected to my X7 over optical - this completely sidesteps the ground loop issue. Sound quality is excellent. Though curiously I have heard reports that the frequency response over optical is flatter than through USB where there seems to be a slight enhancement of bass frequencies.

    I wouldn't use soundcard DSP with the X7, it has its own DSP, and IMO the surround sound features are superior to CMSS-3D, especially when combined with a good pair of open backed headphones with good imaging and a wide soundstage.

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