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  1. HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    As of Novemember 2021 There are 2 versions for sale The wired version - RRP likely to be $319 Wireless version - RRP $329 Wired version does not have Bluemini R2R Bluetooth Dac/Amp Module Wireless version has the following : Twin 3.5 mm TRS Sockets with cable supplied Stealth Magnets NSD - neo...
  2. Avantree Aria Pro Aptx-HD Aptx-LL with Boom Mic

    Avantree Aria Pro Aptx-HD Aptx-LL with Boom Mic

    https://avantree.com/uk/as90p-hd-bluetooth-5-anc-headphones?___store=uk_sv&___from_store=default < Vendor Link Avantree Aria Pro Bluetooth 5.0 High Definition Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can provide you superior rich sound without distracting noises. Recommended: Works with ANY...
  3. OldDude04

    The Audio Lounge

    Welcome to the Audio Lounge! A thread to discuss any and all things audio related. Your newest purchase to an old favorite, disappointments to exciting finds, name brands to never heard of them before. Enjoy your stay. Thread Rules: 1. Don't be an asshat 2. Have fun 3. Protect your...