1. R

    Need Help Finding the best headphones under $75

    I got some extra money and have wanted a new pair of headphones for some time. I'm not very knowledgeable with headphone specs so I've come here for some help. I would like headphones that allow me to hear all the footsteps in Modern Warfare, Yet also listen to and enjoy my bassy punk rock music...
  2. Coolzo

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Fifth: POSTPONED

    LATEST UPDATE: Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified copy pasta below. IMPORTANT FOR ALL ATTENDEES: 1. We ask that you stop at the table at the room entrance to sign in. We'll issue you...
  3. L

    ATH AD900X or Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro for Gaming and Music

    Hello there! I'm looking for a new open back headphone to replace my Sennheiser Game Zero. I've never used an open back headphones before and would like to try because i heard good things about them having a wider sound stage and feels more natural. I'm looking towards these headphones mainly...
  4. C

    [WTS] Simphonio Xcited2 $110 US Dollars (brandnew and unopened)

    WTS(Want To Sell) Simphonio Xcited2 Never used, brandnew and unopened You can find out many reviews on the internet Buyer pays the cargo's cost I am in Istanbul, Turkey My price: $150 US Dollars Please DM for all your request and yes to negotiation. Thanks.
  5. W

    The Sound Card/DAC

    Hello. I need an advice about my first sound card/dac ( I should understand differences between them ). I will use that for music, movies, etc.
  6. xdeedledeedoo


    Hi, this is my first post on these forums and I'd like some help with my ATH M50X headphones. I was first using a bad "gaming headphone" that i got for like 30 euros and wanted to get better sound quality. I decided to go with the ATH M50X headphones and connected them to my pc. They sound...
  7. N

    HyperX Cloud Mix for quality gaming AND music/sound quality///long lasting?

    Here is a link to a post containing my criteria: For all the headphones in my criteria I like these the best. The big thing is the design, I love the simplistic yet stylish nature of it. I...
  8. JazzVinyl

    Music on CD for sale or Trade

    Have the following CD's for sale or trade (1 for 1) for New Age or Jazz Fusion or anything on the ECM label, let me know what you have: Sell: $3.00 ea plus actual Shipping Costs (Media Mail) USA Destinations in Lower 48 preferred, PM for other desitnations: ====================== Seal (II)...
  9. N

    Earphones, Custom-fit. What do YOU like ?

    Bonjour everyone, I'm looking for good advices and feedback about our product (design, techno, attraction): I'm part of a start-up located in Paris. We are creating custom-fit earphones. We have developped a new patent material which allow deformation. So we are...
  10. Pinkomeno

    New to remixing, any help?

    So I've been lately on doing some remixes, like 20 or so but never actually get to end them. Not until this last one:!Wbg03Yaa!7rYT_cwdllbQ7rOLW4rGppZ1R2oBpM3yrRyBW3j84l0 So my question is: what do you think of it? P.S.: I know I could just upload the file to Head-Fi but it...
  11. Coolzo

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Fourth: October 5th, 2019

    LATEST UPDATE: TOMORROW (SATURDAY) IS THE DAY!! We're currently locked in for October 5th at our usual spot (see address in bold). Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified copy pasta below...
  12. Collusion[FIN]

    Dangerous Music Convert-2

    Sale cancelled.
  13. S

    Real flac?

    Hello! So I found a website that sells flac but just wanted to ask if any of you are familiar with it. I mean are the flacs that it sells good bitrate? Is it gonna be better than compressed high quality music from Apple(256kbps)? Also is that a normal price for a flac song?I mean the price of a...
  14. Spoonerman

    Help picking headphones that isolate noise, and are good for music and gaming ($150-200)

    Hello Head-Fi community! This is my first post, and with that being said I'm a little scared to post here, but I've been in search of help on other forums and I haven't been able to get much help. To begin: I've owned a pair of HyperX Cloud I's for about 4 years now. They're not premium...
  15. J

    Upgrading from FiiO K3

    Hi everyone, I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 SR and a FiiO K3. Unfortunately, my K3 doesn't work properly anymore and so i was thinking about upgrading my DAC/AMP setup with something a little better. I looked into the Fulla 2 or the Modi/Magni combo as a replacement. I've gotta...
  16. Thenewbie76

    Closed back headphones for fun and gaming ?

    So as the title says I am looking for a close back headphone with a fun sound signature like a V or W sound signature. I would also say that even though I said gaming tbh it's more like a bonus if the headphone can be used for gaming but for me the music is a priority. I was thinking between the...
  17. EmojilessPsykop

    DAC for gaming and music

    I am looking for a DAC that I could use for gaming and music within 500EUR. The requirements for the DAC are that it can produce a big 3D soundstage and good imaging, and works well with my current gear: Meridian Explorer 2 -> Massdrop CTH -> HD6XX/K7XX and hopefully upcoming gear I've helped...
  18. N

    Need help finding a new headset ( old broke )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music ( all kinds, mostly...
  19. G

    Closed back headphones for gaming and music under 50$

    Hi, I'm looking for closed back headphones with good quality sound and isolation because i have a roommate and I would like to bring them to library from time to time. I listen to rock, pop and metal. I mostly play CS:GO and overwatch (so i need to hear footsteps). I have motherboard with...
  20. alexzogh

    Tidal playlist - share the songs you use to audition headphones

    I've spent a long time building large playlists of songs that have specific characteristics that are good for testing out new headphones, DAC's, amplifiers, etc... I have a master list of about 500 songs, that I then create a new playlist from (9 or 10 songs) for an audition. for example...
  21. nigelangelo

    Gaming Headphones that sound good

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive pair of gaming headphones that are decent for music and movies as well. Since I want to use these headphones on the train as well, I'd prefer if they have a subtle design. Also since I want to use them in transit, I was thinking a closed...
  22. Thenewbie76

    ZMF classic vs argon mk3

    From what I have seen on the internet there has only been 1 statement I saw that compared them both. Apparently the argon offers more bass but other than that , the rest are the same from the soundstage to treble and so on. I plan on using it to listen to music primarily with genres consisting...
  23. Thenewbie76

    Headphones like the audeze lcd2 but more lighter??

    So i just went to my local store and tried the audeze lcd2 and I really liked it. However the huge turn off for me was that it was really heavy. I usually use my headphones ALOT and after using the LCD2 for a few like 10-15 minutes my neck was starting to sore. Unless I start taking roids and...
  24. Collusion[FIN]

    BOUGHT: Dangerous Music Convert-2 [EU]

    If you have one for sale, contact me. You must be willing to ship the unit to Finland. Looking for units inside EU. UNIT BOUGHT.
  25. trevinthefionaapplefan

    Need portable headphone based on my weird tastes

    Hi Head-fiers, I first made a post like this a few months ago. I'm starting a new thread because I'm still looking for my dream headphone, but now I have more knowledge about what I want. I'm looking for a closed back headphone that can be driven by my phone, and under $400. I've tried lots...