1. overhaze

    Comparably sized PC speakers to replace my Edifier E25HD?

    I've had my Edifier E25HD speakers for 5 years but unfortunately the left speaker has started to distort so I guess it's time to look for a replacement. I am space starved so I can't go much bigger (which rules out bookshelf speakers) and while I could import the often recommend Klipsch Promedia...
  2. E

    Most complete open back under 1000€ for music?

    I am evaluating the Hifiman Ananda Nano, which is worth about €650 in my country. The Focal Clear OG is at €799. I would also like to try the Sivga Sv023 which costs €499. Which is more complete? It would be to enjoy varied music but I mainly listen to ambient, soundtrack, electronic/dance and...
  3. TheDreamthinker

    The Godspeed You! Black Emperor Appreciation Thread

    Welcome to the Godspeed You! Black Emperor Appreciation Thread You likely would not have found your way here without knowing about Godspeed You! Black Emperor in the first place. But by way of summary, Godspeed You! Black Emperor (also known as GY!BE or simply Godspeed) are a Post-Rock and...
  4. MoonAudio

    4 Demo Tracks Every Audiophile Should Know | Moon Audio

    4 Demo Tracks Every Audiophile Should Know | Moon Audio
  5. dath

    which music tracks will be exposed for bad mixing with good headphones?

    Elaborate title there… What I mean is: I want to buy headphones for mixing, but I need to know that they will be unforgiving and expose a mix that’s lacking. What tracks do I play through them to make sure they will expose it when my mix needs work?
  6. sebaz

    What's the smart watch with the best audio quality?

    Looking for a smart watch that will allow me to go on long walks and bike rides. My wife has the Apple Watch Series 3, from 2017, and I paired my Soundcore Liberty 4 and they sound remarkably well, maybe not as good as when paired to my iPhone, but definitely much better than I thought...
  7. MRHiFiReviews

    MR HiFi Reviews Playlists and listening to this week!

    Hey friends I thought I would create a thread here of some of the music I use to review gear with as well as just stuff I have been listening to any given week that I will update and drop here. Feel free to share your playlists or music you think I should check out. Much love...
  8. Trihexagonal

    The Posting Music Should Be Fun With No Added Restrictions Zone

    Here the only rules for posting music are those the forums have in place to maintain order. Post the kind of music you like and post as many times as you like without a care in the World, as long as it stays within forum guidelines. So throw off the yoke of tyranny, cast off the...
  9. dcguy73

    LGBTQ Artists Music Sharing

    I’ve been on Head-Fi since 2004 (previously under a different username) and haven’t seen much visibility for my fellow LGBTQ audiophiles or artists. For this year’s Pride month, I thought I’d create a thread in which all Head-Fiers (and LGBTQ folks in particular) can share info on LGBTQ artists...
  10. 20220611 In Starbucks cafe, listening time shot

    20220611 In Starbucks cafe, listening time shot

    canon eos m5
  11. marcelzxc

    IEMS and Music

    Hello friends! I have something for who like to discover new music albums. I have a website that I review audio products and share some diversified music albums. The reviews are in portuguese language, my native language, then maybe you can't understand, but the music is universal, so you can...
  12. Arylic S10 Wireless Multiroom Music Streamer

    Arylic S10 Wireless Multiroom Music Streamer

    Arylic S10 Wireless Multiroom Music Streamer Add Wireless Capability To Your Home Audio System: Add WiFi, Direct Streaming, Airplay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless capability to your amplifiers, preamps and receivers Multiroom Audio System: Mix and match any combination of Arylic...
  13. N

    LCD-2C or Sundara for gaming/music

    Hey guys, I figured I would post here so you can help me make my decision regarding my new headphones. Excuse the long post, but I wanted to fit in most of my thoughts. I'm pretty new to the audiophile/HiFi moneysink, and I'm looking to purchase a new set of headphones to replace my old...
  14. lostone88

    Is there much point in using a DAC/AMP on a Samsung tab S7 plus for music (and movies)

    I have been eyeing the iBasso DC series or the E1DA series to use with my KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Earbuds, I am confused in what one to get iBasso has DC01-05. i listen to a lot of heavy metal and rock. E1DA has these...
  15. 9~ATOMS

    LOST IN MUSIC [Discover~Share~Discuss]

    Starting this thread as I love listening to & finding music that hits the sweet spot within, old or new. Music enhances life & is something to cherish. ...................... For Anyone that wants to Discover~Share~Discuss ‘Any’ Music that means something to you. Feel free to post anything...
  16. Evan McNaughton

    Is it just me or are Green Day songs mixed in a really interesting way?

    I was listening to Green Day and I noticed it was quite a bit quieter than some of the other rock bands I listen to. I think it's less of a volume thing and more of a loudness thing. I know mastering protocols have changed a lot over the years, and the loudness you aim for depends on the media...
  17. Evan McNaughton

    Where can I listen to original masters of old albums?

    Lately, I have been listening to a lot of older albums, namely a lot of The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra among others, and I've found That almost all of The Beatles albums on major streaming services (I tend to use apple music) are remastered versions. Don't get me wrong, I think they...
  18. W

    How much distortion is too much?

    Hi everyone! :beyersmile: As the thread says, can you please help me with my question: "How much distortion is too much?" You see, I love distorted music (yes) - but I'm starting to get quite worried about my headphones. I definitely do not have the sound-knowledge to be able to determine...
  19. Sennheiser

    Hi-Fi Friday

    Hello Head-Fi! We’ve started a new video short series to get us into the groove as the week winds down. “Hi-Fi Friday” sits at a more casual intersection of music and gear, and we hope it sparks some input from our friends at Head-Fi. While you may run across it on social media or YouTube, we...
  20. XioXsj

    LCD 2C Vs. ELEX - Yes, that question again - Endgame Headphone Suggestion

    Hi guys, I'm brand new on this forum from Tbilisi/Georgia. While I appreciate Music, I have had only HD238 Sennheiser's which I've bought in Japan and which are really very good for the size. Other than that I have Klipsch RP-600M's Bookshelf Speakers running on NAD D3020 V2, they sound ULTRA...
  21. V


    There you can discuss Yongse ys1 and see their measurements
  22. theaudiologist1

    Downmixing 5.1 to stereo reduces dynamic range?

    So I downmixed one of my albums that were 5.1 to stereo. The original 5.1 version had a dynamic range of 11-13 using TT Dynamic Range meter. However, when I downmixed them, the stereo versions had a dynamic range of only 6-8. Is this normal or is my downmixing software (foobar) bad at downmixing?
  23. O

    Can a Sony MHC-GZR5D support 600 ohm headphones in its stereo mini jack?

    I want to purchase an Audiophile Headphone, but I am confused about the right impedance value that would be compatible with my Sony HCD-GZR5D Mini HiFi Component System. The Sony service manual says that Headphones of impedance 8 ohms or higher ( no upper limit mentioned) can be plugged. Can a...
  24. jklimek

    Recommendation for AMP (and DAC?) for Beyer DT990 Pro (250 ohm) and DT770 (80 ohm) ?

    I've had beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 ohm) for a long time but I wanted to try an open-back so I also purchased DT990 Pro (250 ohm). I really like the DT990 and I think I might prefer open-back, but the high-pitch treble is a bit noticeable. Still, I got a great deal on the limited edition...
  25. Shabda

    Songs to loosen the glue

    Hi All i thought i’d be fun to pass around recs for very very low and tactile bass tracks that one would use to loosen the glue of the diaphrams for burn in (i think this is real enough, at least in theory). I may be using glue a little loosely here, forgive me :) Demons by Joanna (so tactile)