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The Audio Lounge

  1. mbwilson111
    A terrible story beginning with a loose screw rattling inside... video provided by iBasso on how to open it so we could fix it ourselves... back so tight it took forever to remove.... fixed... glass back cracked when trying to get it back on. New back sent.

    Round 2... all went well fitting the new back but volume buttons did not work. Connector on board broke when trying to attach. Possibly defective. New board sent.

    Round 3...all went well installing the new board.... but... power button did not work. Opened back up and discovered that a thingie ment to engage the power button was missing! Never there. At this point the screen connector was damaged.

    Told to send it to China... just as the winter darkness had set in here...holidays were coming... and went. Other stuff needed attention. Uncertainty set in as to whether or not it could go through Chinese customs in a disassembled state or if we should try to put it back together and risk wrecking it worse.

    So we decided I should contact Paul and find out EXACTLY how to package it. This has been hanging over me forever and every day the day just disappears. Never enough time for all the things I want to do much less the things I dread.

    Meanwhile, remember what I said about being OCD about packaging? I am terrified that once it is sent it will just end up lost in China somewhere. I have found out that even if we send with tracking, the tracking ends when it leaves the UK.

    I wonder if they would let us just exchange it at CanJam. I am not going but Panda is. I might suggest that.

    Obviously I am not dapless, but the DX120 really was my favorite. The pocket-able form factor, the UI, the sound, two card slots, balanced output. It had it all.
  2. Light - Man
    Well then, what are you waiting for! :ksc75smile:

    Just return it if you don't like it.......................:smile_phones:

    BTW, I will be returning my Ikko OH1 (IEM), very good build quality and ergonomics but a bit big for my ears and the sound was disappointing for its price with a big scoop-out in the mids..............
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  3. mbwilson111
    I was offered a choice of his Hiby R3 or the Paw when the DX120 was broken. I chose neither. No contest. I think it was the Paw that had a UI that was a dealbreaker for me. The sound of the R3 did not compete with the DX120 in my opinion. The magic I had felt was missing. But that is just me... I am an emotional listener.

    I have similar reasons for not going. I did something to my leg a few weeks ago. Some days are better than others. I would have been going just to see what it is like... I certainly am not in the market for any of that crazy expensive stuff. Also I think it has turned into a lounge guys meetup rather than a day out with my husband... lol. I will leave you all to it. Just don't buy stuff.
  4. OldDude04
    I don't think you'd be disappointed with the R3. It's a great little player, built well, snappy UI, balanced out. Both myself and @Richsvt love our R3's.
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  5. Richsvt
    I agree. The R3 is just a great little player. Love the sound. Size is perfect for travel. I take mine almost everywhere...
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  6. Light - Man
    Miss Panda, have you got one of these, I bought one for Her Lightness recently and it is very good. They are all the rage at the moment.

    Guess what, my wife went for the pink version: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B072HMLFB1

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  7. majo123
    the Hiby suits my needs more... Comparing 208 to R6pro I prefer the Hiby in every way.. Battery life, build, ui, sound.. I think the R3 sounds pretty good too.
    @Light - Man my knee is wear and tear.. Apart from partying hard I have always been quite active too, cycling, kayaking walking.. Just getting old I'm afraid.
    You should go to canjam you live very close compared to me be a nice day out.
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  8. majo123
    It's still just a thought but honestly after using the Hiby R6 Pro compared to DX200 and even x7ii well no comparison really and yes 220 has a good screen now but battery life is still awful in my opinion.. I have owned x7ii, Dx200, and now the R6pro and looking at it from a manufacturing point of view of which it really is my job then the Hiby is clearly the better built unit and I have heard the R3 is just as good.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  9. mbwilson111
    Thanks it does look interesting. I should get the purple one.
  10. mbwilson111
    Stop. Just stop. You are NOT old. When I was your age I did not think I was old and I also don't think I am old now. So, STOP! LOL

    Old is like 95. That is when you can say you are old.. .and be proud of it!
  11. majo123
    Older then lol.. No getting away from the fact my knee is a result
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  12. Light - Man
    Propper physio's who are also physical therapists use them. You can also learn to do it on your own. The one I refer to is made of a firm foam and not a hard rubber or plastic like some of the cheaper versions.
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  13. SpeakerBox
    No alcohol with me anymore either. Did enough damage when I was younger.
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  14. Whazzzup
    I fully recommend an rmt. Worked wonders for my tendencious...I’m a golfer so it’s important.
  15. mbwilson111
    My purple one will arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Might help my neck and shoulder which always ache if I am at my PC too much.
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