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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Erfan Elahi
    Aahh! The only reason I decided to buy ZX-300 over ZX100 so I can use it as a DAC. :-\
  2. Dizzle77
    I have a brand new, unused and boxed zx300 for sale in classifieds, For anyone interested please PM me.
  3. Erfan Elahi
    Anybody has any impression on Norma SR15? It is similar price to ZX-300. Comparison with sound quality...
  4. Teryon
    Amazon japan isn't seeling ZX300 no more, you can only buy it from marketplace.
    I was about to buy it, but now I can't.
    Is there a new DAP incoming ?
  5. pororom
    I am interested in this player but I have to clarify a fundamental doubt about the power output of headphone jacks (both unbalanced and balanced).
    I use the following Iems and headphones:
    JH Audio Michelle
    JH Audio Rosie
    Denon AH-D7200 (impedance of 32 but likes the loud volume)
    I'm a bit deaf and I like to listen at a high volume.
    I suppose that with JH there should be no problem but with the Denon I do not have anything clear.
    Any ideas?
    I would also like to know if there is a balanced output adapter of 4'4 to balanced cable of 2'5 which are the ones that come in the JH Audio.
    Thank you
  6. pororom
    The power of the Sony NW-WM1A is much higher to pay the difference in price or not worth it?
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  7. peteh
  8. knudsen
    I am using the straight one here, but I just wanted the cheapest one as I replace the jack with 4.4mm if I like the earbuds.

    There are many others on aliexpress

  9. Hinomotocho
    Usually if there are new models they release information first and you'd hear about it on here. Accessory Jack is a reputable online store with sometimes free shipping.
  10. Blommen
    My zx300 is caught in a restart loop and I can't seem to start it up :confounded:

    I have looked around but no one seems to have any solutions. Has anyone here had the same problem and figured it out? I feel like I am loosing my mind...

    How can the OS be so fragile? Makes me kinda wary to get a replacement... So sad, I loved that thing!
  11. Brice d’Oliveira
    I’ve two units with the same problem as you....
    i send them back to the seller and he gave them to Sony: they replaced the « Logic Board » as warranty and now problem solved but the only solution is to change the logic board if you are in constant bootloop :frowning2:
    Blommen likes this.
  12. Erfan Elahi
    Is this a regular problem? Those who has bought from Joybuy can't have warranty, right? Is there anyway to fix this with update? My one is being shipped. Let's see what I have in luck...
  13. kingdixon
    Well, i have the same problem with wm1a, i cant solve it.

    Some other guy with the problem had luck updating the firmware to an older version.

    Some other guy, sony told him no replacement for you since your out of warranty, send it to repair center, and repair center said sony doesnt want to give board programming software, so he was stuck in between.

    I got it used from japan, and sony wouldnt take it from me, sony japan said i must send it from within japan and i dont live there, i have no one there.

    Very frustrating given the money spent on them, very bad service, since it seems a fault with the device.

    On the other side alot are enjoying their devices with no problems :D
    Blommen and knudsen like this.
  14. Erfan Elahi
    probably thats the explanation of many second hand sales of ZX-300 and WM series. I saw almost 20+ pcs of ZX300 most are like new used on Taobao!

    Anyways, already bought it, it's being shipped, lets see...
  15. Blommen
    Thanks for replying :)

    Now wth is a logic board? I gave up android daps so I wouldn't have to play software engineer and now this....I just want to listen to my music dammit! This all happened because the unit was stuck deleting a folder and I restarted it. That is a extremely vulnerable system, if that is all it take to brick it.

    Mine is also from Joybuy and not only that, it is modded by Music-Sanctuary @Kozato in Singapore. Maybe They can do it for a fee?
    knudsen and Erfan Elahi like this.
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